Master the Art of Best Rewards Credit Card Singapore with These Tips

by Starry

Apr 02 2021

In Asia, Singapore flaunts the best rewards credit cards and the biggest spending in the world, with some allowing you to get a free card in exchange for your existing one and others giving you a cashback bonus for using certain online services. You can honestly say that the banks’ rewards s system has replaced the old shopping style of lining up in queues.

All of the different types of best reward credit cards in Singapore have their pros and cons, which you should be aware of before you consider getting one for yourself!

We’ve compiled a collection of world credit cards in Singapore to assist you in making the right decision.

Disclaimer alert: Non-residents are not eligible for many rewards cards in Singapore.

This begs the question, which rewards cards are available for Singaporeans?

A Singapore credit card is essential if you’re planning a big purchase. While thousands of the highest reward credit cards are available, Singaporeans can use a premium credit card with a certain spending requirement. Since they need to be of a certain income to qualify for the rewards, it is best to stick to a particular type of reward that can be spent only on certain things. Some of them are mentioned below:

Citibank Rewards Card

With an inclusive of the first year waived, the Citi bank reward plays a major role in proving itself as an elite rewards credit card for Singaporeans. On the off chance that you have spent a minimum of S$3,000 for three consecutive months, you are eligible to receive an equivalent of 30,000 points. The Citi bank credit card is genuine and supplies you with a certificate of purchase.

Moreover, the issuance is genuine, and all these are pre-filled at the comfort of their customers. You will make the selection for the reward points. Another reason for Citibank’s best rewards credit card in Singapore is that there’s no threshold for minimum usage. You can expect a rebate of up to 10% on a diverse range of stores like Amazon and Starbucks.

Standard Chartered Unlimited Cashback Card

Those who enjoy flights are not left behind in earning their miles; they get the overstretched benefit of obtaining the interest of overseas spending at encouraging rates. The good news to all of its consumers is the cashback of 1.5%, which ensures everyone has some little bucks as they conduct every transaction. Unlike the other top rewards of bank cards in Singapore that gives a waiver for one year alone, the Standard Chartered fees can be waived for up to 2 years. Take this offer and enjoy amazing deals from the credit card. Another advantage of Standard Chartered is that it will give you a higher rebate in the form of rewards when you have a huge balance on your card. The card has a 0% balance transfer policy and a 1-year introductory period to receive more benefits.

How to redeem Standard Chartered reward points in Singapore?

If you’re looking for ways to redeem Standard Chartered rewards points in Singapore, you’ve come to the right place. Standard Chartered’s 360° reward points are calculated based on your spending via the Standard Chartered Visa/MasterCard.

The points (including those you gain through the Standard Chartered reward program) can seamlessly be redeemed in the form of a cash rebate which is credited to your account on your next credit card statement. Here’s how you can redeem your SC points to attain Standard Chartered unlimited cashback exclusion:

  1. Go to ‘Standard Chartered 360° Rewards Program through the bank’s app.’
  2. Tap on the ‘Cashback’ tab and select ‘Get Cash.’
  3. Input your login details and transfer the amount to your account!

HSBC Platinum Card

The HSBC Platinum Card from HSBC is Singapore’s most comprehensive and finest reward credit card, if for nothing else than its annual fee. At S$999, it’s reasonable to say this card has the best features. You can use it for anything you want, anywhere you want (within Visa’s networks), for as long as you like.

At the same time, you also get free access to the HSBC Gold Rewards point scheme. This scheme allows you to earn points for everyday spending that can be used towards gift cards or redeemed for cash. You can also get 5x rewards on the multifaceted expenditure you make; you can earn frequent flier miles, meal coupons, consumer goods, including much more. Perhaps this is the reason it’s more enjoyable for the family guy.

American Express Rewards Card

A big bonus for those who like to shine in travelling, from its commonly known Kris Flyer as well as the Asia Miles, you’ll get your travel insurance ready. This American Express card gives you 100 points for each dollar you spend on dining and entertainment – plus the value of each point increases by 2.5 percent with every $1 you spend on eligible purchases. However, to receive all the rewards points, you need to spend a minimum of $3,000 a year or $7,500 across all your cards each year. Points can be redeemed for flights or transfers from the smartest gift credit card in Singapore to anywhere in the world and are redeemable in many hotels.

Why should you apply for a rewards credit card?

Well, this is the right path for Singaporeans who would like to enjoy a degree of leeway for the best compensation credit card in Singapore. All you need is to be patient to earn enough points, and you’ll be able to choose your reward. Another reason why people love rewards credit cards is to be able to build points towards bigger, longer-lasting rewards. Another other good news is the wide variety of conversion choices, from a mile to cashback and so forth.

Get ready for mega savings on your next shopping spree with Atome+

Meet the Atome+ rewards program, which rewards your smart spending. It is the loyalty program offered by Atome. Their motto is to enable you to own finer things in life. From travelling to exploring the eateries and shopping from luxury brands, Atome+ rewards you for buying the things you love.

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First Order Up To $10 Off! Download Atome!

How to redeem Atome+ reward points?

Here’s how Atome+ points are the best thing for your shopping spree:

  1. You might have heard that time is money! Well, Atome+ points are money too! For every 100 points you earn, you can offset the cost of your next purchase by $1. Now isn’t that mind-blowing?
  2. Atome+ points can also be used to redeem rewards from many of their partner brands on the Atome app. So not only do you get money off on your purchases but also exclusive discounts! Visit the Atome+ Rewards Center on the Atome app today to find out more.
  3. Last but not least, you can use Atome+ points to play exciting games like Spin and Win and score sure-win prizes on the Atome app to win some exclusive prizes.

You can redeem your Atome+ points by just clicking on the Atome+ button on the partnered merchants’ websites, and your Atome+ points will be automatically used to pay for your items.

How to win Atome+ points?

Having seen the amazing benefits of the Atome+ reward points, you must be wondering how you can also benefit from this amazing service. Here’s how you can earn Atome+ reward points:

  1. Buy more to earn more. For every $1 you spend through Atome, you get 1 point. Using Atome is not only convenient but also rewarding.
  2. There is always one campaign or another going on where you get to earn extra Atome+ points. Keep looking for these upsized points campaigns by downloading the Atome app now!
  3. Finally, earn a mega bundle of 1,000 Atome+ points when you refer your friend to use the Atome app. Helping out your friend to try the best BNPL service has never been more rewarding!

With all these perks, Atome wants you to reward yourself with finer things in life. Now isn’t that amazing?


Paying off all your credit card debt is a very difficult and painful process, but if you are willing to stay the course, it will pay off exponentially in the end. You should reconsider if you have never contemplated taking out a perfect reward financial card in Singapore. Credit cards are the modern world’s friend; they will help you through tough times.

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