Masks to match every outfit

by Starry

Oct 13 2020

As we all step out of our house, the face mask is the accessory that we’ll always have to remember to have on. While disposable masks are available now, it’d be best to invest in reusable cloths face masks that will be less wasteful and environmentally devastating. The reality is that face masks are going to be a staple in our wardrobes to come, so it’s no surprise that masks are coming in all colours and designs to cater to different outfits, with style trailblazers and fashion-forward individuals making it a point to match their face masks to their outfits.

We’ve rounded up our favourite face masks that are breathable and comfortable, while being super stylish. And since fashion is a way of self-expression, why not pick a mask that lets you be creative and escape the mundane life. Shop away and pay later with Atome to pay later in three interest-free payments over a period of three months. It’s a simple checkout, with no hidden cost or processing fees.

Herschel: Classic Fitted Face Mask

Herschel has launched face masks that are available in stores in Singapore across the island. Inject some colours into your outfit and find one that suits your everyday look (or buy one of every colour to match your different outfits!). Head over to any Herschel Store (or Bratpack at Bugis Junction)  and pay later with Atome to split your bill into three easy parts.

Miss Hosay: Fabric Mask Loop – Daisy

We love this set of daisy print that are made with 100% Organic Quilter’s Cotton – a material that has a tight weave and thick thread that’s super effective at blocking respiratory droplets, while remaining breathable and comfortable to wear. The super fun daisy print is a great print that will bring a smile to everyone’s face (even if it’s hidden behind their mask!)

Jo Kilda: Chantilly Lace Black Mask

Jo Kilda has launched a series of masks, and they’re made with 100% raw silk and satin silk lining (both of these fabrics have been repurposed from their fabric archive!). This makes the masks super gentle on the skin, and aids in achieving smoother and hydrated skin over time.

Mori Official: Adult Reusable Face Mask

Why not have some fun with prints with these super adorable masks from Mori Official that will sure bring a smile to your face. Each mask is handmade and has three layers of fabric filters, with the inner lining made of cotton for comfort!  Plus it has a pocket for an optional filter, and it comes with adjustable garter cords! When you purchase this mask, Mori will donate another 1 mask to elderly/low-income families in Singapore through Singapore Red Cross and Contribute.SG. These masks are also made by mothers in the Philippines, so you’ll be contributing to their livelihood as well.

Purpur: Haru Sustainable Floral Mask

This comfortable and beautiful mask features Purpur’s in-house floral print. It comes with adjustable ear loops (yes!) and a filter insert. It’s such a stunning mask that we know that it’ll be something that you’re reaching for over and over again. The best part is that you can get this floral blouse from Purpur to match!

Dr. TWL: Anti-Ageing + Anti-Acne Copper Silk Face Mask

Lastly, this mask from Dr.TWL is perfect for those suffering from Maskne. This copper silk face mask contains contain copper nanoparticle impregnated fabric, which has been clinically proven to be more hygienic than the standard face mask, plus it promotes collagen production and reduce pigmentation. If that’s not enough, you’ll be glad ot know that, 25% of the sales proceeds from this mask goes to Bartley Community Care Services for their Support Love Care Connect (LCC) Project #SGUnited.

Love it. Own it. Pay later.

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