Best ways to arrange L-shape/Sectional in Small Rooms

by Starry

Jan 30 2022

In 2022, L shape sofa, often known as sectional sofas, will be a popular seating option in living rooms. They’re quite comfortable, have enough seats, and come in a variety of designs, colours, and materials. However, there are a few things you should be aware of in order to make the best decision possible!

Buckle up, because we’re going to blow your mind with a slew of small-space sectional ideas. You’ll be persuaded that at least one of these tiny living room sectional arrangement ideas is your ticket to the perfect living room by the conclusion of this article. Check out our tips for setting up a sectional/ L-shape sofa in a compact space.

Tape Measurement

A tape measure is typically used by homeowners or interior designers to guarantee that a piece of furniture will fit into their living space. However, one of our finest recommendations is to indicate the location of the sofa with tape on the floor. You’ll be able to obtain a far better notion of where to put your new buy as well as its overall measures and depth by drawing the contour of the sofa onto the floor or noting its height on a wall.

Split up the layout

What if your living room is so cramped that your sectional won’t even fit against the walls? Maybe you were a touch too hasty and purchased a couch that was a little too big or wide for your living room. However, you might be able to make it work.

You can attempt splitting up the layout if your sectional can be broken into two or three sections. Place one piece on one side of the room and the second piece parallels to it on the opposite side. This creates a super-comfy sitting configuration that may even outperform the typical L-shape.

Extend your sofa to the next room

The other option is to flip the sectional over so that the L-shape extends into the next room. If you live in an open-concept home or a studio apartment and want to create more of a separation between rooms, this is the solution for you. This layout won’t be as open as the previous one, but maybe that’s the goal?

Positioning in the Corner

Pushing an L-shaped sofa straight up into the far corner of the room, facing the TV or fireplace, is the most apparent layout for a sectional in a small space. This solution allows the space to expand out and maximise seats without obstructing the flow of traffic from the next room.

Mistakes to avoid while placing your L shape sofa

Not Taking Proper Measurements

Few people would make the mistake of not measuring their living area before purchasing a new couch to ensure that it would fit comfortably. Many individuals, on the other hand, fail to measure their front door, living room doors, and hallway.  To prevent having to return your purchase or possibly harming your property, make sure to measure the height and breadth of any openings your couch will need to pass through before bringing it inside.

Your sofa doesn’t always require you to sit in the corner

Another typical blunder when purchasing an L-shaped couch is believing that it must fit against a wall or into a room’s corner.

If the area is very compact or square-shaped, this may be a possibility; nevertheless, it isn’t usually the ideal choice for bigger living rooms.  Placing a sectional couch in a huge room’s corner would simply emphasise the room’s empty space. Instead, place the sofa in the centre of the room, creating a distinct space with the L-shape.

This neatly divides the living room into pieces and ensures that there are no major gaps that make the space appear empty.

Choosing the Wrong Living Room Dimensions

L-shaped couches come in a variety of sizes, ranging from little 3 seaters and corner seats to large 10-12 seaters. Of course, a 10-seater sectional sofa will not fit into a tiny living room. When it comes to selecting a sofa for a bigger room, though, many individuals err on the tiny side.

Keep in mind that your couch will be the centrepiece of your living room and the primary seating space. In addition, you want to make the most of the space you have without overcrowding it. So, if you have a greater room, don’t be scared to go with a larger model.

Something that complements your home’s decor

When purchasing a couch, consider the style of the room in which it will be placed. In order to maintain a consistent theme, make sure it matches the rest of your designs.

If you’re trying for simplicity, for example, you generally won’t want to buy a patterned sofa. Furthermore, if you’re creating an industrial-style area, a leather or damaged sofa would be ideal. Other elements in the space, such as wall art, existing tables, and decorations, should all be taken into account. If you have a lot of plants in your space, a green or earth-tone sofa will go nicely with them.

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