Japanese Card Games with Sanctuary Gaming 2021

by Starry

Jun 17 2021

Japan is one of the countries which is rich in cultural activities. They are proud of their culture. Japanese card games are one of them. There are wide varieties of different card games that are available to play. Each game has its criteria and rules to play. They are mainly the same as a simple card game, but yet it is different from it. There are various games and varieties available in it with other names. You can get each one of them from Sanctuary gaming. They are highly recommended for gaming accessories and gaming gears, including Japanese card games. 

Japanese card games have a very long history. It has changed with time, but still, it remains the same card games. It was then the 16th century when the card game was initially brought to Japan through trading and immigrants, especially Portugal. Since then, it is known as the Japanese card because they changed the game’s rules and played it. 

There are different variants of Japanese card game. Other types of Japanese card game have their ways of playing. The card looks different now. Many games arrived and got banned, but these games survived. Some of the famous Japanese card games are given below. Each one of them is available with a sanctuary gaming store. 


Hanafuda is a typical style of Japanese playing cards. They are notably smaller in size than the western playing cards. They are made up of paper and cardboard. There is a different design on each face of the card. Mainly they are the design of flowers, tanzaku, subjects, or culturally significant scenes.

They are based on cards with different cultural images of them. Once you start playing it, it will be straightforward for you.


Karuta is another Japanese playing card game. This was the game that arrived with Portuguese trades in Japan. Kurata was invented in the town of Miike in chikuwa. The Portuguese trader uses these games to trick their fellows. It originated around the 16th century. 

They are based on cards with different cultural images of them. Once you start playing it, it will be straightforward for you.

Pokémon Trading Card Game:

Pokemon is such a well-known name that we all watch its cartoons. But actually, it is a card game. It is abbreviated to PTCG. PTCG is a collective card game. Japan first published it in 1996. It has made an extraordinary impact on the whole world. 

They are based on cards with different cultural images of them. Once you start playing it, it will be effortless for you.

These are not the only games there., there are numerous types of more Japanese card games. Every Japanese game is available at sanctuary gaming and many other gaming types of equipment and accessories. Gaming makes everything perfect. It removes the stress and tiredness. You have a chance to make it more flawless with sanctuary gaming. They have everything you deemed for, from gaming accessories to top-class games. These are the thing waiting for you. 

About Sanctuary gaming:

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Gaming is always an amusement to entertain yourself. Playing card games make you more intelligent, plus it excites you a lot. There are many good advantages of playing card games. It makes your wisdom grow and grow. Japanese card games have made an extraordinary impact on gaming. They have introduced these games to entertain and to increase mental strength. Each game is exciting. Sanctuary gaming has each one of them alongside so many other games. You will be delighted with them. 

Research indicates that you might get a slight boost in your reading skills when kids play video games. This is true even for children who struggle with reading and playing and are packed in the game. 

The researchers believe that this could happen because children need to understand the instructions’ text to play the game. Another exciting aspect is the fact. The children are reluctant to open up. Traditional books will not rush to read the website or online forums to find out the latest news about their favourite games. 

Some children find it challenging to fit in with other friends in the real world. A video game can also be a shelter for them to connect positively with them. In our busy lives, the game is offering online games, real-life friends. 

Video games give kids the opportunity to talk about something at school. Nowadays, gaming is the main topic of conversation for kids, sports, and music. A passion for the game can help the children find it challenging to find issues to talk about.

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