Improve Your Posture with Office Chairs

by Starry

Nov 02 2021

ErgoEdge is a top-quality ergonomic office chair and moving desks manufacturer in Singapore. The business believes that a chair is not only to let people sit; its other important function is to improve body posture.

An ergonomic office chair provides proper lumbar and pelvic support, which results in your back muscles being less stressed. If your pelvic and lumber is less stressed, it means you get a good posture. Besides, you get less tired, because you feel comfortable while doing your work, watching television or reading a book.  An ergonomic office chair is designed with deeper depth and is wider, which comes with a height adjustment controller to give maximum support to the back of the person sitting on it. 

How would you know if the chair is comfortable for work? 

Your work chair is very important because this is the place where you spend most of the time, and you are stressed while doing something. You need a chair that gives you maximum comfortable and maximum room for productivity. 

Most employers or even the general office-going public do not know what features they should look for when investing in an office chair- they usually go for style or the wrong brand name.

The perfect selection of the right office chair is dependent on the following features:  

  • Its height can be adjusted according to the requirement of a person sitting on it for work. Imagine a tall heightened person sitting on a small chair- how uncomfortable he would be? The adjustment controls of an office chair shall be easily accessible. 
  • It shall have armrests. The armrests give supports to the forearms and minimize strain on the shoulders and wrist. 
  • It should have a built-in backrest that can be adjusted. A backrest minimizes the pressure on the lower back by shifting more of the weight from the upper body to the floor. 
  • It shall be built with lumbar support. The lumbar support of the ErgoEdge office chairs fit right into the natural curve of your spine,
  • A good office chair shall be designed with enough seat depth and width.
  • Choose a chair that has maximum padding, but the material shall be breathable. A chair made with breathable material lets you work in summers too. Select from the wider range of ErgoEdge office equipment. 
  • It shall have a swivel and casters that allow easy movement across your office room. 

All these features in office chairs make it possible for people to perform their tasks quickly and efficiently while taking care of the body’s posture. Considering these features, ErgoEdge has developed excellent ergonomic office furniture in Singapore and has soon acquired the market with its excellent quality. 

ErgoEdge has all categories of ergonomic office furniture that include office chairs, office courts chairs, movable desks, and sit-stand desks. The quality of the furniture is guaranteed and comes with a warranty that can be claimed in case of any reasonable complaints.

Most of the businesses and offices trust ErgoEdge for providing them with the best office furniture that could make their staff more productive while being at work.

Use Atome at ErgoEdge SG to purchase office chairs and desks with easy, interest-free payments. You are required to scan ErgoEdge’s in-store QR code or pay with the Atome App at the time of checkout. All the first-time users of the Atome app would receive a welcome voucher of up.

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Our verdict

The ergonomics office furniture, especially the ergonomic office chairs, have replaced the traditional wooden or plastic chairs. In Singapore, ErgoEdge is a top-quality manufacturer of ergonomic office furniture at the most competitive prices in the market.

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