Ikea Roller Blinds Singapore- Upgrading the aesthetics and appeal of your spaces

by Starry

Mar 31 2021

Do you want to transform your room into a luxurious-looking place? It would be best to combine roller blinds with curtains, making your rooms look luxurious and elegant. The silent and smooth operation will give you accurate, efficient, and quick control over your roller blinds. Besides, roller blinds are the practical solution for small windows in bathrooms and kitchens. Do you want this solution for your home? It would be best if you checked Ikea roller blinds Singapore, providing your rooms with a stylish and trendy look.

Let’s scroll down to this blog and see what is best and unique about Ikea roller blinds Singapore.

Role of Roller Blinds

Often people are tired of seeing the same sights of their homes and exploring new ways to change their everyday surroundings. Before you feel bored by your home or office look, consider transforming the décor with Ikea roller blinds Singapore. Apart from being stylish and affordable, you can find them easily over Ikea’s online shopping platform.

The role and benefits of using these modern window covering are the following:

  • You can operate your roller blinds effortlessly.
  • They are durable and functions perfectly even after many years of use.
  • They work on a simple mechanism.
  • You can remove and wipe your roller blinds effortlessly.
  • They offer great value and are ranking top among other blinds, such as vertical or Venetian blinds.
  • You can get roller blinds in many colors and materials.

Besides, roller blinds are the perfect option for protection from sunlight and keeping your privacy and sleep intact.

Ikea Roller Blinds Singapore

Contact Number: +65 6786 6868

Ikea Singapore will make your everyday life look better with its roller blinds, giving them the place of their own. Discover the massive range of roller blinds through its in-store or online shopping platform and adjust the sunlight softly with these window coverings. A few inspiring Ikea roller blinds Singapore are the following:


Price: S$335.43

Size in cm: 140 x 195

The Fyrtur remote control roller blind from Ikea Singapore will make you adjust them while you are on your bed. It is made with 100% polyester fabric that are recycled completely. Besides, its wall brackets are made with polycarbonate, ABS plastic, and steel with powder coating. This roller blind will help block outside lights completely to make you feel more relaxed and comfortable. Set up the best conditions and amount of light to get a good night’s sleep and wake up gently the following day.


Price: S$93.06

Size in cm: 105 x 195

You can buy Tretur block-out roller blinds from Ikea in light grey and light blue colors. The top and bottom rail are aluminum and anodized with 100% polyester, including 90% recycled material. Its inner fabric is polyethylene plastic and a cover panel of ABS plastic. Get this color blind to sleep undisturbed by street lights or moonlight. These blinds will help you stay asleep for long by blocking street lights in the night and sunlight in the morning.


Price: S$79.57

Size in cm: 120 x 195

The discrete Skogsklover roller blind will feel comfort and relaxation with its soothing green and grey colors. The wall brackets of Skogsklover roller binds from Ikea are crafted with, ABS plastic, steel, and polycarbonate with powder coating. The fabric of Skogsklover comprises of 83% polyester of 100% recycled material and 17% nylon material, and the top rail of aluminum and anodized. The cordless feature of this roller blind is best for your child’s safety. Get home this roller blind and feel the comfort while it filters the outside light.


Price: S$47.15

Size in cm: 100 x 195

Get these roller blinds fixed on your balcony doors or tall windows, blending in any setting to make your home airy and help filter out unwanted lights and glares. This 100% polyester made is 60% recycled with a bottom rail of polystyrene plastic and tinted clear acrylic lacquer, while wall brackets are made of ABS plastic. Buy this Ikea roller blinds Singapore today and lower the general light level of your rooms.

Roller blinds are versatile and can enhance and suit any décor. Besides, they are functional as you can block or control light to come inside your rooms, providing good insulation and privacy. You can also check Langdans, Hoppvals, Kadrilz, Trippevals, and many more. Also, buy rods and battery packs when you need to replace them.

Care Instructions of Roller Blinds from Ikea Singapore

You can wipe it with a cloth, cleaning in a mild cleaner. Besides, avoid washing, bleaching, tumble drying, ironing, or dry cleaning these roller blinds.

Physical Stores Of Ikea In Singapore

Ikea @ Alexandra

Alexandra Road-317

159965 Singapore

Contact Number: +65 6786 6868

Ikea @ Tampines

Sixty- Tampines

North Drive- Two

528764 Singapore

Contact Number +65 6786 6868

These are Ikea’s decent shopping stores at Alexandra road and Tampines Singapore. It would be best to visit this store while you are hunting for office and home roller blinds. It provides quality and decent-priced products. Shop your desired roller blinds from Ikea’s online and shopping stores and feel the comfort and difference.

Besides, Ikea produces affordable, functional, and well-designed accessories and furniture pieces to provide home solutions for its customers. Explore the wide range of products and make your dream home a reality with ideas and inspiration from Ikea Singapore.

Ikea’s Finance Options

You can buy roller blinds for your spaces by flexible payment options from Ikea. It also provides a zero percent installment payment option from six to twenty-four months if your Ikea purchase is from S$336.92 to S$2695.36.


Are you designing your new home? Don’t let any details of your new home be left. Roller blinds will complement the theme and style of your rooms and spaces. Besides, roller blinds are the space-efficient solution for compact spaces and feel less enclosed when you put them in your larger rooms. When you don’t want to make your room feel more claustrophobic with curtains, go for Ikea roller blinds Singapore and make them fit with any décor with its sleek modern design.

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