How to Take Care of Your Eyes – A Step By Step Guide

by Starry

Jun 08 2021

Taking care of your eyes has become a hassle in today’s era. With different kinds of radiation, screens and games always inform the eyes. Not only does the retina and conjunctiva get irritated, but with excessive use, the ciliary muscles of the eyes start to lose their elasticity, and that may cause different problems.

For the same reason, a routine eye health examination is very important in keeping track of your eyesight and possible risks. Consider contacting Tiong Bahru Eyecare.

Eyecare is as important as general health care. For the same reason, you should schedule an eye health examination and your general health care every three months apart. It helps analyze what condition you might develop, or if you have one, you can start your eye care regime and treat it.

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Eye care step by step

Here are some easy steps to clear your eye care examination where you can personally help prevent your eyes from getting damaged and even irritated.

1. Wash your eye

Regular outings and external environment exposure can make dust, irritants, pores, etc., enter your eye and cause irritation and infection. In such a situation, do not rub your eyes, or it can damage your conjunctiva. Rather wash with cold water so that whatever it is can be removed. An eye health examination at Tiong Bahru Eyecare will be a better option if a situation occurs.

2. Wear protective goggles

When you go out in the sun or on a bright day, wear sunglasses or, better, UV glasses so the sun glare cannot damage your eye. UV radiation can weaken your eyesight and can even cause blindness. You can find such eyewear at Tiong Bahru Eyecare, where they will check your eyesight for you as well.

3. Massage

It is very helpful to give your eyes a massage. Just keep your index fingers at the inner corners of your eyes and circle the orbit a few times. While you massage your eyes, keep your eyelids close. You can use essential oil for the massage as well. The massage helps the levator and ciliary muscles of the eye to have good blood circulation and release stress from overuse.

4. Rest your eyes

After 40 minutes of continuous eye use, it is better to rest your eyes for a few minutes. This means watching tv, working on a laptop, reading a book, or even just looking at the sky cloud gazing. After a while, close your eyes for a few minutes so your muscles can rest, your retina can rest, your conjunctiva can rest, and even your brain can rest because the Optic nerve arises directly from the brain. If you keep practicing this, it is guaranteed that your eye health examination will always be clear.

5. Avoid smoking

Smoking may cause glaucoma and increase the thickness of your retina. That can cause you pain and pressure in your eye. Weak eyesight is just a mild symptom of cigarette smoking. It is better to avoid both direct and passive smoking, and you can ask your ophthalmologist about the risks of smoking when you go for your eye health examination next time.  

6. Diet

Your daily diet affects your eyesight a lot. This means the food you take is a direct analysis of the nutrition you are getting. Such as vitamin A is required for your retina to maintain your eyesight so that when you go for your eye health examination, you will easily see those far-off letters and the tiny letters.

Other than that, eating a good quantity of greens and lean meat can also impact your eye health and overall health. Most of the vitamins are found in onions and beetroots. That is why it is better to eat such fruits and veggies raw. What can be added to your daily diet;

1. Eggs

2. Fish

3. Nuts

4. Beetroot

5. Onions

6. Kiwi

7. Avocado

8. Broccoli

9. Spinach etc

7. Exercise

Your daily hours of exercise directly influence your eye health and your eyesight. When it comes to exercise, even your ophthalmologist doing your eye health examination will suggest you do at least 25 minutes of cardio every day to get your heart racing. It helps promote increased blood flow towards the eye, releases hormones, and revitalizing cells of the eye.

8. Drugs

Medicines are to be taken with a doctor’s prescription and should never be self-prescribed. If your doctor asks to start a medication, you should listen to the professional, but if you are self-treating yourself, you might ruin your health. Many medications have adverse effects on the eyeballs, eye muscles, eye arteries, and even the retina. Eyes are very delicate organs; you should not stress and expose them to different chemicals.

9. Checkup

Get your eyes checked for your regular eye health examination to conclude any issues, complications, or even allergies of the eye and get quick treatment for it. It is not logical to miss out on your eye checkups because you do not have any pain or redness in the eye. Why wait for a problem to arise? It is always better to have prophylactic measures rather than treat a painful and irritating condition.

10. Hydration

Our eyes are filled with aqueous humor. If the body dehydrates, the aqueous humor thickens and may cause pain and even burning of the eye. It is better to keep your body hydrated and replenished with water; taking almost eight glasses of water every day is highly suggested. It not only helps your eyes but helps your body to function normally as well. It is also suggested to drink water before your eye health examination.


Eye health is very important. Eyes are the most important and most delicate organs; it blesses us with the blessing of sight. Getting regular eye health examinations can help you keep a check on your eye health and encounter any conditions you might have.

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