How To Find Discount Office Furniture Stores Near Me?

by Starry

May 18 2021

Are you looking for discount office furniture stores near me too? Investing a tremendous amount of money in substandard furniture and home decor is truly annoying and trouble for everyone. It’s a one in a hundred chances to find long-lasting, adaptable and affordable quality wood furniture.

 Are you extremely tired of exploring and trying various wood stores and spending an abundant amount on maintaining your lifestyle after each year? Well, you are in the exact place to resolve this issue. LIMS Legacy represents an international brand. It serves in various furniture collections from three generations to provide you with the quality wood and expressive creativity in every piece for fifty years.

The LIMS’ History You Should Know!

The legendary founder of LIMS Legacy, C.P.Lim, was only twelve years old when he voluntarily left his home town eagerly searching for a heartfelt passion for his life.

During his teenage, he used to sell eggs in the local streets of Singapore. In his later adulthood, he acquired extraordinary skills in wood carving at C.K.Tang. This local workplace typically served as an ideal platform for his fine wood carving skills and the first step to his international recognition. He sufficiently learnt the noble art of wood chest carvings, proved his precisional skills, expertise in Chinese antiques and learnt about Asian art and craft.

In 1959, he invested wisely in several local businesses throughout Singapore with his potential savings. With outstanding entrepreneurship qualities and financial intelligence, Mr Lim launched his private workshops for wood carvings in various areas around Singapore. In late 1970, the first shopping centre at Holland Road was properly established, named after Lim as Lim’s Arts and Crafts. Since then, LIMS lagecay has befitted a household name among Singaporean locals for ethnic and luxurious lifestyle products.

Lim has sufficiently established his loyal customer’s sacred trust who genuinely enjoy the cultural treasure of decorative art by the Lim Legacy for more than fifty years. For more than three generations, the name of C.P.Lim continues as LIMS legacy.

LIMS legacy includes a comprehensive range of modern furniture with stylish accessories reflecting the practical hint of the ancient culture of Asia. With the logical understanding that two homes can never be similar, the company graciously offers a legacy that adapts itself in various settings ensuring a graceful lifestyle.

What The Brand’s Name Says To You?

The brand name delivers a message to you; LIMS represents the official name of its Founder; C.P.Lim and Legacy refer to the brand’s motto to ensure the customers positively embrace culture and creativity with artisanal crafts into their lifestyle.


The fifty-nine-year-old store named Lim’s arts and crafts has recently rebranded to mark its handover to the next generation of the Lim family. The store is best known for its outstanding collection of handcrafted, artisanal products such as ceramic wild animals like elephants, Japanese lacquerware and figurines from culturally rich countries like Thailand, Nepal and Indonesia.

Discount Office Furniture Stores Near Me: LIMS LEGACY

Lim’s Legacy is at four locations now with established discount offices in the furniture stores. You can equally enjoy the online services with ease and comfort. You can consider the following items in their stores.

  • Preserved bone inlay
  • Standard cabinet
  • Chair
  • Console
  • Handmade shoe cabinet
  • Sideboard
  • Stool
  • Polished table
  • Standard TV Console
  • Fortified wine bar

Other Exceptions Services of LIMS LEGACY

Pre Order your favourite design with discount office furniture stores near me.

With preorder services, you can make any of your furniture design a modern reality with the renowned brand, all at an affordable price.

The exchange service is equally available for post 24 hours of receipt.

If damaged or defective furniture is delivered to your doorstep, you can contact the company’s staff member at any time. They will carefully review, advise an appropriate action to replace, exchange, return or refund the item.

You can find more about delivery and exchange policies on their official website.


Furniture stores come and go traditionally, but only a few have secured the landmarks for homeowners. LIMS legacy has undoubtedly remained a favourite furniture shopping destination for Singapore locals for the last three decades. It genuinely covers the climate changing trends to maintain the wood quality of elegant furniture over the test of time. It, in addition, offers ‘discount office furniture stores near me’ services to make you feel comfortable with your budget. For this economic reason, the brand generously provides financial feasibility from atome stores. Suppose you purchase an item of furniture from LIMS legacy via the atome. In that case, you will choose a payment method of an easy three instalment payment plan.Grace your room with ideal artwork. Learn more about LIMS legacy with atome

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