How to buy a Nintendo Switch in Singapore without emptying the Pocket

by Starry

Mar 08 2021

Just in terms of how accessible it is, or its portability, the Nintendo Switch is leaps and bounds ahead of the way gaming consoles normally work. With unlimited options for players to discover, Nintendo switch has fast amassed a dedicated fan base around the world. It is safe to say at this point that the Nintendo switch has revamped the gaming industry. However, given the high demand, the pricing of these consoles have gone through the roof. The pricing has reached a point now that it is becoming a headache for anyone who is trying to buy Nintendo switch, especially, is quite an expensive place to buy the Nintendo switch or any electronic product for that matter.

This is where platforms such as Lazada come into the picture. The arrival of e-commerce players like Lazada is providing customers with various pricing options, allowing them to buy gaming consoles such as Nintendo switch. There are various reasons for allowing Lazada to make gaming consoles affordable for their customers. Below are some of the major ones.

Nintendo Switch is in high demand

There is a reason why despite high prices, people are ready to buy Nintendo switch in Singapore, as well, has a thriving gaming console market. It is because, when it comes to gaming consoles, the Nintendo switch is truly one of the most convenient devices. Essentially, it is a gaming tablet that you can enjoy playing whenever you have time to spare. You can play before leaving for the office and start right where you left off after returning home. All you have to do is plug it into a dock to continue playing on a larger screen. Nintendo switch provides incredible ease and convenience to players because of this unique portability.

Astronomical high pricing

But this convenience has a cost. All over the world, there is a significant difference in the pricing of the Nintendo switch in comparison to the other run-of-the-mill gaming consoles. However, by being the costliest place to buy Nintendo Switch, Singapore has made it especially difficult for customers to get their favourite gaming console.

If you are a gaming enthusiast in Singapore, you might have to shell out up to $700 to enjoy playing your favourite game with a friend. This is not an exaggeration. In fact, according to reports from the Hardware Zone, Singapore video game retailers have been charging between $619 to $699 for bundle pre-orders of various configurations, from those who want to buy Nintendo switch in Singapore is truly proving a costly market to purchase games and related devices.

Why is Lazada the place to buy Nintendo switches in Singapore?

1. Accessible on both online as well as offline markets

Often while searching for the cheapest places to buy, the conversation starts from separating the online and offline markets. This is where the problem partially lies. Lazada has overcome this hurdle of limiting the accessibility to the only online or offline market. By collaborating with several merchants, both online and offline, Lazada has allowed consumers to buy their favourite gaming consoles, wherever they seem fit. Hence, instead of searching separately on online platforms and physical stores, all you have to do is go on Lazada, where you would get cohesive pricing across the board.

2. Innovative and convenient payment options

When it comes to pricing, much difference can be made by introducing flexible payment options to consumers. And this is exactly what Lazada has done for those trying to buy Nintendo switch. Singapore is witnessing a rise in the acceptance and usage of alternative payment methods, just like several other countries. And Lazada is making good use of this innovation.

By introducing the ‘buy first pay later’ payment option and EMI facilities, Lazada is simplifying the process of making payments for the buyers. If you are someone who is trying to buy Nintendo switch, Singapore being the costliest place to buy, you would probably like the idea to pay through four instalments without any interest.

3. Attractive discounts and offers

If you decide to purchase from Lazada, you may be able to manage despite the astronomical prices that gaming consoles in Singapore tend to have. It is because the platform offers numerous exclusive offers and deals to its customers. 

4. Safe and secure payment Gateway

Lazada, in its platform, has integrated highly safe and secure payment gateways. This ensures that unsuspecting customers are not getting tricked into making payments without them having received their product. With the presence of a strong payment infrastructure, you would be able to buy Nintendo switches at the best prices, using the safest possible methods. Want to buy Nintendo Swtich with installment plan? Here comes the best solution!

Aside from Lazada, you can shop for Nintendo Switch products at Novelship, one of the popular participating merchants of Atome.

Get Nintendo Switch at Lazada or Novelship right now!

Despite the sky-high prices that Singapore is usually associated with, Lazada is offering ways in which gaming enthusiasts can buy Nintendo switch. Singapore is a highly saturated market when it comes to the availability of brand new gaming consoles, but it also means that you would always find the high-quality product you are looking for without any hassle. At Lazada Singapore, you will be getting services that are worth your hard-earned money!

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