Handmade Men’s Clothing at Rugged Gentlemen Shop—Buy Through ATOME to Have Discounts

by Starry

Jun 22 2021

Male accessories are hard to find, and then finding quality products is even harder. Rugged Gentlemen Shoppe strives hard to deliver quality products for you to enjoy. 


Rugged Gentlemen Shoppe is a retail store. They deal in handmade men’s clothing and believe in providing genuine stuff for their prestigious customers. They deal not only in apparel but also in the best quality accessories. 


If you decide upon shopping from Rugged Gentlemen Clothing, you will only get the best quality products as they do not cater to sub-quality components. And then they are a handmade men’s clothing brand. Hence their pricing is accordingly; however, that is not for you to worry about as at ATOME we have promised to help you out in your payments. We assist you by breaking your payments into three easy installments, so you just have to pay a third of the price as the initial payment. We have collaborated with this brand to ensure that you get your desired clothing items at your convenience.


Here are a few items listed for your convenience. For a complete list, kindly visit the merchant’s site.

  • THE DENIM SHOP: Denim is a must-have item and is included in almost every male wardrobe. It’s comfortable to wear and looks chic for all occasions. Because of the immense reusability capacity of Denim’s, Rugged Gentlemen Shoppe even offers a repair shop for it since all its products are about handmade men’s clothing. 
  • THE DENIM REPAIR SHOP handles all sorts of repairs. We offer the traditional chain stitching through Union Special 43200G at our repair shop, which is a rare machine customized to do heavy loads with precision. Its stitch has the precision that is required to hold denim in place. You can take your frayed jeans, and they will repair them with the machine to make them look new. They even have the skill and machinery to fill out the holes in a well-worn pair of jeans. Then there are places a machine can’t reach, for that they have skilled workmen who stitch up the fabric like new. Their motto at the repair shop is to extend the life of denim. After all, it’s all about handmade men’s clothing. Shoe Resole: Rugged Gentlemen Shoppe believes in restoring things to extend their lives; hence they even resolve old shoes to new ones. They change the soles and repair the face of the shoe so that you can enjoy your favorite shoe a bit longer.
  • HAND HAMMERED HAND DYED LEATHER BELT:Belts are an important part of men’s clothing; hence, they have various belts. These belts have not been treated through machines; in fact, they have been hand-hammered and even hand-dyed like the “Tea-Core” belt, made of cowhide leather and vegetable-tanned. If you are looking for something different to enhance your handmade men’s clothing look, try the Scout 125 Grain Belt, which is black with a grainy surface. The special thing about this belt is that it is hand-stitched at the buckle end. And if you are still not satisfied, then try their special denim collection belts because, as they say, they make their belts to match their denim’s. A few of these are Double Prong, Red-Cloud, Iron heart, or Swenson overall.
  • REFLECTOR SUMMER TEES: Summers are incomplete without the tee shirts. Recognizing this need, Rugged Gentlemen Clothing a line of Tee Shirts with the OGL logo. It has a Stargazer graphic in reflector print. These tees are made for outdoor activities. Hence, they have used bold and bright colors. The reflective prints allow safety during the nighttime, and the vibrant colors enhance vitality and energy. These are available in all colors and sizes for all of you to enjoy your summers. Find your spirit in these vivacious tee shirts.
  • MARINE NATIONALE WATCH STRAPS: Watches have always been an essential part of Men’s clothing. They complete the look of sophistication. Rugged Gentlemen Clothing finishes your look by giving your watch your special touch. They offer superbly made, uniquely finished watch straps to give your watch your distinctive identity. Again, there is a variety of these watches for you to choose from. There’s the hand-stitched Zulu watch strap or the military strap. There are many for you to choose from.
  • WALLETS: A compulsory part of your attire is your wallet. It defines your personality. Keep a good wallet, and you shall feel good. Rugged Gentlemen Shoppe offers a small but classy range of wallets, both in bi-fold and outer bi-fold wallets. The wallets are done in Natural cowhide leather and vegetable-tanned. 

They also have a mid-sized wallet with a concho button. Rugged Gentlemen Clothing provides you the facility of matching your belt, wallet, and your watch straps.


Rugged gentlemen’s clothing provides their valuable customers with handmade silver jewelry as well. The most significant are:

HANDMADE SIGNET RING: This is a 925-sterling silver ring. A signet ring, also called a gentleman’s ring, has traditionally been worn by men, earlier to show heritage and later to show style. Being a handmade men’s clothing, Rugged Gentlemen Shop offers its customized touch by making this ring complete their customers’ apparel. 

THE GOOD LUCK RING: Originally known as OGL Horseshoe good luck ring, this ring is believed to ward off evil and bring positivity to the wearer.


These form an integral part of your personality if you use glasses. Your frames should match the shape of your face, and the shape should be in accordance with your disposition. Rugged Gentlemen Shoppe has a new range for you to choose from. They also have shades for you to match your clothes and style. Have fun choosing what you like.

Rugged Gentlemen Shoppe is a retail store that concentrates on handmade gentlemen’s clothing and tries to satisfy their customers’ requirements and demands by customizing it according to their needs. If you are looking for quality stuff with style, you should stop by; they also have a web presence. Don’t worry about the payment because we at ATOME have your back for that. Shop and pay in three easy interest-free installments, with no hidden charges. We know your style is important.

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