Get The Best Bespoke Suits from C. ARMANI TAILORS

by Starry

Aug 18 2021

Dressing up well is important to both men and women. In today’s fast-paced life, everything needs to be painstakingly perfect for you to succeed over others. In such an environment, your appearance matters a lot. A groomed look is not possible without a perfect suit.

These days, ready-to-wear garments are available everywhere, which causes great convenience; however, they cannot match the perfection and quality of the old-fashioned bespoke suits. The classy look attained by wearing the perfect fit is not possible by these ready-to-wear dresses and suits.


C. Armani Tailors has been catering to the needs of Singaporeans for 20 years. They have been crafting meticulous trousers, suits, and dresses, both for men and women. They have the best fabrics in town for your bespoke suit and the best master tailors who do it the old-fashioned way in a time-honored traditional workshop process. This sets them apart from the rest of the tailors. Care is taken from the time your measurements are taken till the delivery of the suit to ensure it is up to your satisfaction. The created garment is unique because they ensure that it is made to your form and postures and highlights your best features. 

Combining trustworthiness, professionalism, and excellence, C. Armani creates masterpieces for you that will leave you the best-dressed person in the room.


Being the best-dressed person is sometimes important in life. It boosts your self-confidence like nothing else. Knowing you look your best helps in actually achieving your best. Apart from this, dressing up comes as a passion for many. However, this is often not possible because of the high cost of the clothes and their bespoke tailoring. This is why Atome has liaised up with C. Armani to make this possible for you. Now, whether you are looking for the perfect bespoke suit to impress someone, or may it be because you want to change your entire wardrobe, Atome has solved all your worries by liaising up with C. Armani. Now you can pursue your passion without worrying about your finances. All you have to do is buy the bespoke garments you desire and select Atome as your payment option. 


You will find the perfect variety of men’s wear at C. Armani. Their professional tailoring services range from complete suits to alterations. You can order your perfect bespoke tuxedo, bespoke suits, shirts, vests, and trousers. You need to book an appointment to ensure that the master tailor is present to access you for the measurements and other details that would help craft the perfect suit. 

Apart from the tailoring services, C. Armani also offers the facility of alterations. If you have an old suit that needs to be altered or remade, the master tailors will give you their professional advice in reconstructing the suit. The results will be meticulous no matter it is a new suit/ garment or a reconstructed one.


Women are always considered to be more demanding/ fussy about their clothes. They always want perfection in every cut of their garments. C. Armani has specialized tailors that deal in women’s clothes only. 

You will find the perfect variety of women’s wear at C. Armani. Their professional tailoring services range from complete suits to alterations, and even in those, you will find diversity. You can order your perfect bespoke suits ranging from dress suits to pantsuits, shirts ranging from office blouses, half sleeves blouses to silk blouses, bespoke dresses that range from an office dress to a cocktail dress, and trousers and skirts. You need to book an appointment to ensure that the master tailor is present to access you for the measurements and other details that would help craft the perfect suit. 

Women often like to have their older suits or dresses to be reconstructed. C. Armani provides this facility. Our expert master tailors would access your garments before advising you on the feasibility of the reconstruction. The reconstructed dress or suit would be as good as new. They also offer the service of alterations, something few tailoring establishments do. The master tailors ensure that your bespoke suits and dresses are up to your satisfaction before delivering them to you.


C. Armani has extensive experience in making bespoke suits. They have been serving for more than 20 years and know the exact cuts and measurements that would flatter your profile. When you go to a tailor, it is necessary that they know how to cut a good suit. There is much more to cutting a suit than just tailoring it. The tailor should be able to understand the fabric and its fall and should have the knowledge of what fabric will suit the persona of their customer. 

C. Armani has tailors that understand their fabrics and guide their customers accordingly. They will advise you upon your requirements and create what you need keeping the restraints of the fabric and physique of the customer in mind. They even guide you upon the need of recreating an old suit. They will alter your old dresses and suits; they will even tell you whether it’s wise to alter them at all. 

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