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by Starry

Jun 22 2021

Established in 2018 as a business concept, MISS HOSAY quickly became a thriving gift shop business. A lifestyle-oriented concept, MISS HOSAY now deals in wellness and gift ideas. They deal in curated, thoughtful, well-made items for the modern sustainable Lifestyle. Though brands worldwide are available here, they encourage, support, and advertise Singaporean brands.


A gift is a gesture that shows you care. You extend your love and emotions through gifts, which is why we at ATOME would like to help you out. We have liaised up with MISS HOSAY for your convenience. Now you can get meaningful well-curated gifts and send or gift them to your loved ones. Gifts have no value, which is why we don’t want you to worry about the payment amount. If you pay through ATOME, we break up the payment into three equal installments. You buy the gift and pay just a third of the amount initially. You can pay the other two installments later. So, browse through and find the gift that is as special as the one you are gifting it to.


The biggest dilemma nowadays is the issue of pollution through polyester. Polyester is used in most disposable items like reusable plates and cups. We need to reduce the use of these items if we want to preserve our environment. Since MISS HOSAY is all about Lifestyle and wellness, this brand encourages the use of reusable coffee mugs. They have with them the brand, KeepCup from Australia.


Originating from a café in Melbourne, Australia, KeepCup quickly gained popularity when the concern about the growing volume of disposable cups started raising the alarm. Abigail and Jamie Forsyth, owners of a café in Melbourne, were distressed to see the increasing volume of disposable cups from their café; hence they started manufacturing these cups that people or customers can use on the go: KeepCup!!

They didn’t want their customers to lose their coffee drinking pleasure. Hence, they didn’t compromise on any of the main features of their reusable coffee mugs.

  • Barista Cups: When drinking coffee, you do not want to lose the taste and essence of coffee. The Keep cups have been designed to maintain the barista standard for the coffee maker. They fit perfectly under the coffee machine. The size has been replicated according to the single-use cup volumes.
  • Durability: These cups have been manufactured keeping the highest standards in mind. They have been made to last. You buy the right one now and remain stress-free ever. They have been designed to ensure that you just have to replace the part and not the cup in case of damage. Separate parts are also available.
  • Hygienic: Using only the best materials, these cups are meant for the highest standards only. They are easy to wash and maintain. There is a plug over the mouthpiece to ensure complete hygiene. These cups are tested to ensure they are BPS, BPA, Lead, and cadmium-free.
  • Designed for the drinking on the go: To provide convenience to the consumers, the cups were designed to ensure that you drink your coffee as and when you like. Whether it’s while sitting down or while on the go, the design is splash-free; the drinking spout has been designed to ensure maximum nose space with enough space for the coffee to flow through; all designs can fit in any cup holder. They are lightweight and easy to carry. You can drink with the lid on or off.


At MISS HOSAY, there is a big range of KeepCup for you to choose from for your loved ones. Or maybe you want to treat yourself. Here is a list of these wonderful reusable coffee mugs:

  • KeepCup Brew 12 oz: This is a tempered glass cup that is microwave and dishwasher safe.
  • KeepCup Longplay 16 oz: This is a twin-walled cup for insulating your drinks for a longer period. Ideal for both cold and hot beverages.
  • KeepCup Original: This is the original reusable coffee mugs made from lightweight plastic. It’s colorful and unbreakable. Available in 8oz, 12 oz, and 16 oz.
  • KeepCup Starwars: Being a Starwar fan, the KeepCup team launched this line to celebrate the battle between dark and light. These cups are pleasing to the eye.
  • KeepCup Starwars Collectors Box set: if you are a Starwar fan, then this is for you.  These sets include six hero editions, including BB8, R2D2, Chewbacca, Darth Vader, and many others. You can gift it to your Starwars fan family and have a Starwar coffee break!!
  • KeepCup Thermal: these are stainless steel cups and use the vacuum technique to elongate the insulation period. You can keep your coffee for a longer period. Available in 6oz, 12oz, and 16oz.
  • KeepCup Clear Addition: This Cup has a clear glass and is lightweight. 
  • Personalized KeepCups: You can have any of the above cups personalized with your name using our calligraphy service. We use permanent vinyl.

KeepCup is a milestone in this world of plastic waste. Through their hindsight, they have saved the world from approximately 8 million plastic cups from landfills every year. Their reusable coffee mugs have been a major step towards encouraging people towards the reusability of things. They have been number 1 for reusability by GQ.

The brand MISS HOSAY has been established as a lifestyle brand. The items in their shops have organic brands. KeepCup is also about saving the environment. It’s a step towards public awareness that we all need to take. This is why ATOME has liaised up with MISS HOSAY to encourage recycling and avoid plastic throwaways. If you buy through ATOME, you pay a third of the price. This service is interest-free and has no hidden charges. This is because we love our mother earth.

So, you get environment friendly and enjoy your cup of coffee.

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