Furniture Wood Type Guide for Furniture Making – Solo Furniture!

by Starry

Sep 07 2021

What could be a better material for making furniture than wood? Wood is indeed diverse, dynamic and durable. Therefore, it is super important to use the best kinds wood for your furniture, be it for solo furniture like a coffee table, a desk, a cabinet or a floating tv console.

Fortunately, there seems to be a wide range of options. Numerous wonderful and different varieties of wood may be found throughout the world. Aside from the kind and quality of wood utilized in any piece of furniture, the production system does indeed have a considerable bearing on the performance of the wood furniture you are purchasing. Do you want to know more about wood types and production methods? Great! Let’s get into it.

What Type of Wood Would Be the Best for Your Furniture?

The answer to this question is very simple. It depends on the kind of finish and smoothness you want to see on your piece of solo furniture or a furniture set.

The other aspects to consider are your budget and the amount of damage you expect your solo furniture or furniture set to get over time. Here are listed some of the best wood for making furniture.

1. Oak

Oakwood is very magnificent looking, traditional, and extremely durable. It works the best whether you use it to make any solo furniture pieces or full furniture sets or even a floating tv console in Singapore.

Oakwood is very thick and dense, which adds up to its durability and makes it an ideal choice for furniture making. The golden-brown European Oak, as well as its relatively milder companion, the American White Oak.

These are two significant sub-variants of oak wood, but there are also red oaks. Oak is an undeniable traditional furniture wood that performs well enough in pale, airy Scandinavian-style decor and trendy, eccentric, and urban styles, rendering it great for manufacturing solo furniture.

It provides valuable machined outputs and could also be used in steam bends, laminating, painting, and polishing. Oak’s remarkable strength, along with its resilience to fungi infestations, makes it a very attractive and trustworthy choice for any furnishing construction. Last but not least, with these many qualities, Oak remains relatively budget-friendly than all other types of woods.

2. Walnut

If you are into dark-colored furniture and dark house interiors, American black walnut is just the right choice for your desire. It will bring about the sleekest and glamorous looking solo furniture pieces for your house and would also look amazing if used for floating tv console Singapore.

This American dark wood is a great choice in furniture making due to its outstanding shade and texture. It performs well for the prominent furniture pieces in your house. The rich browns and purple tones of this wood complement deeper rustic and industrial themes. It’s also popular in contemporary settings with a clean, contrasting color scheme.

The chocolate-brown color of Walnut wood is ideal for classic furniture and perhaps Scandi decor as a contrast to the primarily airy, white interiors. Solo furniture pieces made out of walnut would look just perfect in a contemporary interior.

3. Maple

Forms such as the American Hard Maple is only one of several vibrant pale kinds of wood which, according to the creamy white shade and warm golden undertones, form excellent solo furniture.

Maple combines very well with the soft, open urban style, particularly Scandinavian interiors, and works amazingly for floating tv consoles in Singapore when it comes to furniture components.

Maple trees are indeed cold-climate trees, which renders them extraordinarily resilient and remarkably robust. Another best part is that maple wood is nontoxic. Although Maple works and finishes well in general, the high density can make things a little more difficult at times.

4. Cherry

The most prominent and remarkable feature of cherry wood is that it is resistant to scratches which keeps the solo furniture made out of cherry timber wood less vulnerable to damage caused by minor inconveniences.

With light exposure, its lush, pinkish-red chestnut hues will progressively deepen, making it an ideal choice for solo furniture in a countryside farmhouse style or cottage-style decor. This dark, intensifying shade could also be used to build a beautiful contrast in any modernist or Scandinavian theme.

It’s known as one of the greatest all-rounded timber because of its firm, straight grain that processes excellently. Cherry is ideal for curvilinear compositions in solo furniture or furniture sets. However, coloring can sometimes produce blotchy results, so use a sanding sealer beforehand.

5. Zebrano

If you want to add bold and distinctive solo furniture items to your apartment, here is the way to be. A touch of Zebrano might well be exactly the kind of thing.

This variety, also referred to as Zebrawood, originates from its black stripes and unusual patterns, which occur in an attractive combination of dark brown and creamy colors.

This tropical African timber might well be employed as either a mirror frame, coffee table, desk, countertop, floating tv console Singapore, or side table to make a central focus or make a dramatic impression in a home. As a consequence, it accommodates a huge spectrum of interior decorating trends.

The timber cuts, glues, and polishes effectively for its interlocked grain, even though it can be challenging to smooth. Zebrano can be more expensive than other more readily accessible species, such as Cedar, Oak, Cherry, or Maple because it is a slow-growing, alien species.

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