Dog Bed by Boop- For The Love of Pups

by Starry

Aug 13 2021

Are you a pet lover? Would you do anything to care for your pet? Animals are innocent souls, and all they need is love and affection. They are loyal, and it is known that a dog is a man’s best friend. Then why wouldn’t they deserve love?

Here is a way for people who love their dogs to show them how much you love them by giving them a dog bed, for your dogs to be relaxed and comfortable. When you care for your pet, you would want them to have the best of everything. This dog bed aims to give your pet the chance to relax in their favorite spot.

My dog- my best friend

Imagine having a little pup coming to your home, and you want the best for this little pup. There is something beautiful about these furry little fellows. Even if you have a cat, they are furry and cute, but you will see the difference in the attention a cat gives you compared to a dog. A dog bed is the best way to show your pet that you care for them. This bed is a small round cloud-shaped floor cushion that helps your pet to lay low and relax. It also helps with arthritis if your dog or bed is older and does not have much energy left. This dog bed helps your pet have a good spot to relax, nap, or even get a good night’s sleep.

The battle with pet fur

It is a known fact that no matter how much you love your pet, their hair and fur can get anywhere. Like humans shedding millions of cells every day, similarly, a pet sheds hair daily no matter how much you brush them. The hair clumps are found everywhere if you do not yet understand where to use the dog bed in this situation.

When you set your dog bed in a corner for your pet, it will limit the scatter and spray of hair all over the house. It will limit the shed of hair and fur to the bed. This will also help clean it easily; rather than scrubbing every carpet and sofa, you will only have to clean the dog bed daily or twice a week.

Another reason for you to get a dog bed is to give your pet a place to sleep, so they do not snuggle in your bed. Even though there is no love compared to when it comes to pet parenting, your pet may cause you to have an allergy. As their hair is very fine and has mast cell inducing properties. It can cause you to develop severe allergies. Having a dog bed limits your contact with your pet. That is mainly the breathing and facial contact that may lead to you inhaling fine hair.

Trust the best

Having a choice to get the best dog bed online is a blessing in disguise. Atome is an amazing app that a Singaporean company creates. The app was launched back in 2019 but had been getting popularity and fame already. It is fully functional in Malaysia, Indonesia, and Singapore. Atome serves as a platform that collaborates with all the best brands on the market.

These brands include everything from fashion, home care, personal care, rents, and travel. It is like the world is easily accessible now. Atome has an amazing tagline, “buy now and pay later,” which ensures the customers to buy anything on the spot and have the liberty to pay back whenever they want. Now that Atome has collaborated with Boop, you can order the best dog bed online and payback in three easy installments.

Boop for the snoot

Your best friend needs to have a little extra space to stretch and relax. Though not many people understand the need for a dog bed, they see their pets stretching and lying on the carpets, the sofas, and even their beds. But as the pet grows older, they too require some private time to nap or just sit around for the day.  

We think that animals do not understand much, but that is not entirely true, animals and specifically dogs, are very smart species; they understand emotions, and they even appreciate love.

So do not take them for granted and show them the love they deserve by getting them a small dog bed. It is not getting them a separate room but just a floor cushion designated as their bed, their couch, and their safe spot where they can sleep, nap, play, and just relaxes. They cannot say thank you, but there is so much more that will show you how grateful they are for your little gift.

Types of dog beds

There are many types of dog beds on the market designed for different dogs depending on their fur coat, size, and species. The classic dog bed that you may find on boop is the cloud-shaped floor mat with inner depression and floofy sides. It helps the dog’s spine relax, and if they are in pain, it helps soothe their pain. Other types of dog beds are;

1. Flat mats or padded mats are inexpensive dog beds that are very easily available almost everywhere.

2. Snuggle beds or nesting beds are a more luxurious type. They are like bean bag chairs.

3. Bolsters are dog beds for larger dogs; they are long and slender one-sided built-in pillows

4. Rounded or donut shaped dog beds are cute little cushions on the floor for all kinds of pets

5. Waterproof dog bed

6. DIY homemade beds are just a little foaming, some towels, and a basket.


Actions speak louder than words, which is true for a fact. You can say that you love your pet, but only your actions will show that you do. Apart from feeding and rubbing your pup’s belly, you can buy them a dog bed from Boop online.

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