Foptics Singapore- Honest Review

by Starry

Nov 16 2021

Ray (the founder) began Foptics while still a university student in his last year. Excessive studying (more like gaming and late-night YouTube) caused his flawless eyesight to degrade, and he decided it was finally time to acquire a pair of prescription specs.

After doing some research, he discovered that there are no optical stores that sell attractive but truly inexpensive spectacles! He questioned the product’s price, and after some investigation, he launched Foptics to fill that void in Singapore and worldwide.

Spectacles are normally sold at a 300 percent margin on the market, whereas lenses are offered at a whopping 950 percent margin, according to Ray.

As a result, Ray decided to launch his own line of inexpensive, fashionable glasses, and Foptics was created! Foptics allows clients to acquire many pairs of glasses to fit their various fashion demands without burning a hole in their purse, thanks to their affordability.

Foptics Store in Singapore

The Foptics store is bright and joyful, with summery touches like pink leaf walls and artificial grass decor. Customers are welcome to try on Foptics’ vast choice of frame styles at their leisure, which are neatly displayed on white tables. Foptics is a favorite with adolescents and millennials since it’s undoubtedly an Instagram-friendly store.

Address information of Foptics stores and Foptics opening hours

Foptics Singapore has three main stores divided into western, central, and eastern parts of Singapore. Foptics ensures that customers living on either side of Singapore can have equal access to Foptics outlets. Following are the Foptics store addresses and its Foptics opening hours to guide people looking for the cheapest prescription glasses.

· West

The people from the west side of Singapore can reach here.

Foptics Address

115A Commonwealth Drive


Singapore 149596

(Commonwealth Exit B)

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Foptics Opening Hours

Monday: 12pm-9pm

Tuesday: 12pm-9pm

Wednesday*: 1.00pm – 9pm

Thursday: 12pm-9pm

Friday: 12pm-9pm

Saturday: 12pm – 9pm

Sunday: Closed

12 pm – 9 pm on Public Holidays except for Sundays

· Central

The people from the central side of Singapore can reach here.

Foptics Address

58B Pagoda Street


Singapore 059217

(Chinatown Exit A, two stores after Guardian)

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Foptics Opening Hours

Monday: 12pm – 9pm

Tuesday: 12pm – 9pm

Wednesday*: 1pm – 9pm

Thursday: 12pm – 9pm

Friday: 12pm – 9pm

Saturday: 12pm – 9pm

Sunday: 12pm – 9pm

12 pm – 9 pm on Public Holidays

· East

The people from the east side of Singapore can reach here.

Foptics Address

Changi City Point


Singapore 486038

MRT Blue and Green Line (Expo)

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Foptics Opening Hours

Monday: 12pm-9pm

Tuesday: 12pm-9pm

Wednesday: 12pm-9pm

Thursday: 12pm-9pm

Friday: 12pm-9pm

Saturday: 12pm – 9pm

Sunday: 12pm – 9pm

What collections does Foptics possess?

Foptics Singapore offers highly affordable and fashionable prescription glasses. With collections catering to both adults and kids, Foptics’ wide range of spectacles will leave consumers aching for more. The eyeglasses are available in multiple varieties of categories that showcase:

  • Signature
  • Office Sharp
  • Weekend Ready
  • Hybrid
  • Kids
  • Wear at Home

You also have a selection of: 

  • clear frame glasses
  • half frame glasses
  • progressive lenses glasses
  • blue light glasses

Foptics has a Huge Range of Unique Glasses

There are a variety of styles available, ranging from ultra-thin metal frames to frames inspired by Tony Stark, aka Ironman. The eyewear comes in multiple different categories; Signature, Office Sharp, Weekend Ready, Hybrid, Kids, and Wear at Home. You can choose from clear frame glasses and half frame glasses.


Signature eyewear comes in multiple styles: the Esther clip-on, the Syaf clip-on, Esther Max, and Syaf Max. You have multiple colors to choose from, ranging from Black- Gold, Forest- Green, Rose- Gold Black- Silver, Matte Black, etc. Signature frames are made with sturdy stainless-steel frame that is intricately electroplated for 48 hours, resulting in phenomenal colors while maintaining integrity and affordability.

Office Sharp

Office Sharp frames are chiseled and sleek with the ultimate formal look for the perfect workplace ensemble. They’re offered in multiple different styles, such as Jasper, Cura, Merlin, and Turtle. Office Sharp series is offered in more disciplined and darker hues to go with the official attire. These color ranges are Silver, Autumn, Black- Gold, Gunmetal, Black, and Black- Silver.

Weekend Ready

The Weekend Ready frames are offered in a plethora of styles to give you as much liberty as possible in choosing the trendiest, funkiest of frames while being relevant to the fashion prevailing. These styles include Aie, Blaire, Angora, Wanda, Chartreux, Lucinda, Odd, Cat, Gladys, Eagle, Prof, Sunshine, Kay, and many more. As there are so many styles, it’s intuitive to infer that they’re offered in myriad color ranges.


Hybrid frames are an engineering marvel as they’re designed to change their color and opacity according to the sunlight that’s present. They’re called photochromic lenses, which have a special layer of silver halide and chloride embedded in them, which makes them change their color when exposed to UV light. This makes them perfect eyewear for indoors and outdoors. Hybrid frames are offered in many different styles; La Perm, Cactus, Lebb, Gordon, Hex, Kai, Marshall, and Shaun.


Kids’ frames are smaller, sturdier, and more youthful in appearance. They’re designed to withstand the recklessness that comes with childhood while maintaining the naivety and innocence of childhood. They’re offered in the following styles; Ace, Active, Adapt, Agile, Dedication, Flow, Innovation, Passion, Steady, and Flex (which, as the name implies, is a very flexible frame for children of much younger age). They’re offered in childish bright colors like pink, light blue, green, yellow, etc.

The Syaf (Arabic name for the Sword)

The Syaf in Egypt was one of the most unique frames Foptics has. If you are tired of wearing rectangular frames, it’s high time to experiment with rounder frames as a fashion statement. The Syaf is available in a variety of colors, including full gold, and full silver, it will draw you to the “Egypt” colorway right away.

The frame’s front is black, while the sides are gold for a splash of color. It has personality, yet it’s more adaptable and understated than the full gold version. You can try it in front of the Foptics mirror which is made to seem like one seen in a dressing room, or order online and try it in your luxury dressing room. It’s a worthy investment both ways.

The Syaf is the brand’s most recent design and one of its best-selling styles, particularly among young people.

The Game

The Game is also one of Foptics’ latest frames. It’s so new that it hasn’t even been added to their internet shop, but now they are adding it. The game was designed with professional gamers in mind, and it had two major aspects. To begin with, the frame is totally flexible, which means that users will not have to worry about the frame breaking if they are a little rough with it. Second, there are built-in eye hooks that the wearer may adjust to his or her preference. The Game is available in chic black color.

Free Eyesight Check-up by a Certified Optician

Eyesight testing is free at Foptics. Every day, a certified optician comes into the store to provide eyesight test for clients, so you can rest easy knowing you’re in excellent hands. The optician utilizes the machine to acquire a basic idea of the customer’s degree, making the subsequent tests easier. The optician now has a rough gauge to assist her/him install lenses of approximate degrees into the test glasses, according to the findings of the machine’s earlier vision test.

After completing the whole process Foptics prepare the frame with lenses and make it available for the clients in three days. Along with new glasses, you’ll get a wooden eyeglasses box and a cleaning cloth, all made of superlative material.

How often should a person change their glasses?

Quite often, Foptic reviews reveal that customers tend to change glasses when they want a new feel to their looks or are in need of updated prescription spectacles. According to most optometrists around the globe, it recommends doing so around every one to three years. If your vision has not altered and your eyewear is in slick condition, one may be able to keep the same pair of Foptics Singapore glasses for a longer period of time.

It is not strictly recommended to change glasses under a fixed same schedule for everyone. When considering the average lifespan of a pair of glasses, it is worth noting that there are several factors at play that contribute to how long a pair of spectacles will endure. The longevity varies from the lens, frame, customers’ carefulness towards the product, vision, and so forth.

These include the following factors for when to change glasses:

Damaged Spectacle

Any scratches or cracks on the lens can have an impact on the clarity of sight and can be straight-up tedious as well. So broken frames, disjointed nose rubber, or corrupted lenses are reasons for the change in glasses.

Eye vision

The primary reason would be a change in eyesight. Compromised vision leads to blurriness and headaches if the user wears the wrong numbered lens. Foptics provides eye tests with absolutely zero charging fee before the purchase of Foptics Singapore glasses

New lens technology

Technology is constantly ever-evolving in every industry and field, including the world of optics. There are excellent bi-focal progressive lenses that are both far-sighted, and short-sighted rolled into one. There are blue light technology lenses that shield users’ eyeballs against harmful blue light emitting from computer and mobile screens.

Thus, such advancements warrant changing an old set of glasses with Foptics eyewear.

How to choose a frame?

There are multiple factors that should be considered before buying a frame; Choosing an eyewear that complements your face structure so that it adds to your beauty and not the other way around; Check the trending designs and opt for something that’s more versatile so that you don’t need multiple different frames for different occasions; and most importantly, don’t forget your budget while choosing a frame.

As for guidance on how to buy the frame through Foptics, it’s quite simple:

First, you have to select the frame you want for yourself (from Signature, Office Sharp, Weekend Ready, Hybrids, or Kids). Next, you have to select the lens option. You have to be super careful in this, as a bad lens can have dire consequences for your eyes. Try choosing a lens that offers UV light protection, especially if you have a decent amount of outdoor exposure. Foptics offers the amazing feature of wear at home, so you can virtually try out the frames and check out how they look on you without even visiting the store! After that, you have to select your prescription and then proceed to purchase. You will have your spectacles prepared in three working days and then have them delivered to your doorstep in a couple more days, depending on your choice of delivery at the checkout.

Shop Foptics Glasses and Lenses Online and Pay Via Atome

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