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by Starry

Aug 31 2021

SHEIN started as a women’s wear brand in 2008. Their mission is “everyone can enjoy the beauty of fashion,” they have worked hard towards delivering their promise. From just a woman’s wear, they have now expanded to men and children apparel and dealing in bags, shoes, accessories, and other fashion items. Their main target market is America, Europe, Australia, and the Middle East; however, their business now covers more than 220 countries and regions worldwide.  

Few brands are as committed to value, service, and quality the way SHEIN is. They work hard towards providing women quality wear. They remain on top of the fashion trends and rapidly bring these styles to the market. They have central warehouses that help in timely delivery to many of its places. From chic swimwear to boho dresses, they serve everything in-between. One of the reasons for it thriving so well is the commitment of the SHEIN staff to provide quality fashion wear.

They closely follow the fashion trends in the regions they serve and quickly update their stocks for their customers. Their product becomes important as soon as the idea is conceived in the designers’ minds. Everything is made on the machine for precision. From the idea conceived to delivery, everything is followed by quality assurance.

Product Range Available at SHEIN

At SHEIN, you will find every possible item for your perfect wardrobe. There are flowy dresses for the demure look, printed tee shirts for your casual outfits, and sheer dresses for a sexy look. The product range varies as per the likes and dislikes of their customers.

  • Be the SHEIN Fashion Gal! Check the SHEIN’s Women Tab on the homepage to find a whole variety of exciting clothes. They offer Swimwear, Lingerie, Tank tops, Tee shirts, Denim, Pants, Shorts, Skirts, Midis, Maxis, Blouses, in short, everything that a woman would require to complete her looks for the perfect fashion fiesta. 
  • No need to be ashamed of your plus size. People have made zero sizes a new trend. However, SHEIN doesn’t agree with anything that makes others uncomfortable. Hence, they have a huge variety in the plus sizes as well. Just browse through their collection and find what you like, because SHEIN is about fashion for all.
  • Let your man rock the SHEIN Style! Why let the men in your life stand back in the fashion world? SHEIN has started their new line for men’s clothes to make you and him the perfect trendy couple. There are also the perfect clothes for teenaged boys who can be very fussy about their clothes. We have the perfect tee shirts that would make them look stylish and comfortable for them to relax.
  • SHEIN has the perfect clothes for your kids. Yes, SHEIN has started a new venture by SHEIN Kids because we know that no woman can ignore her children. Let your kids look striking in the SHEIN Clothes.
  • Try the SHEIN accessories to complete the perfect look. There, you will find a complete variety of accessories to complete your trendy look. From socks for men to bags for women and everything in between, there is a huge range of stuff that you would like. There’s jewelry for men and women, wallets for him, and bags for her; you would like browsing through our collection.


Following fashion is considered to be a drain in the pocket. Generally, women do not follow the latest trends simply because of the price it comes with. That should not be the case, as dressing up is a passion for most women. It makes them more confident and gives pleasure. 

ATOME has solved all your worries by liaising up with SHEIN. 

Top Reason Why You Should Be Utilizing ATOME to Buy From SHEIN

Do you get excited when you hear about the latest clothing or accessory items trending? Do you feel elevated when you are the best-dressed person in the room?

For many people, clothes and accessories are important to make them feel comfortable in the toughest environment. Being well-dressed brings on an element of confidence in them. Following the latest trends gives them immense pleasure. But because of the financial troubles it brings on, they are unable to follow the trends. This is why ATOME has devised an easy payment plan. ATOME makes your payments easier through installments


Do not let small things like finances stand in your way from following your passions. Stay trendy. SHEIN will provide you the best in the fashion world. No matter what your day plan is, SHEIN has a dressing solution for every activity you have in mind. Be the fashion fiesta you have always wanted to be. SHEIN is your style partner, while Atome will remain your finance partner. Fill your cart with SHEIN products, and paying through Atome is all you need to do to stay on top of the fashion. 

Enjoy your fashionable journey.

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