Perfect guide to floor lamps selection in Singapore

by Starry

Feb 08 2022

Floor lamps are the newest trend in interior design, and there are a variety of interesting variations available. These unique additions can not only complement the current arrangement of your home but also offer much-needed accent lighting. When it comes to setting a vibe in your bedroom, ceiling, wall, or living room lighting aren’t always sufficient. You have more room to explore with floor lamps, and the effect they generate is nothing short of amazing.

 So, if you’re seeking an appealing choice, you’ve come to the right location. Let’s explore some OTT floor standing lamp trends in 2022 together!

1. Traditional floor lamp

A standard or club floor lamp is another name for a traditional lamp. It’s just a tall, slender column with a light on top. There are many different types of club lamps available. Some have a beautiful column, while others have a single, plain pole that connects to a simple lampshade at the top of the lamp.

2. Torchiere lamps

These lights appear to be as magnificent as their French name indicates, with a torch-like illumination source placed on a straight column pointing skyward.

Torchieres give a beautiful uplight that streams out from the top of the lamp, improving the ambient lighting in the room. Torchieres provide a magnificent uplight that spills out of the top of the lamp, enhancing the ambient lighting in the space. Torchieres come with an inconspicuous design and a small footprint—two features that contribute significantly to their appeal. Furthermore, light streams out and diffuses in a very beautiful manner, enveloping the entire area, owing to their design. Torchiere lamps are excellent accent lights and are ideal if you’re searching for a lamp that will improve the overall brightness in a space!

3. Tiffany glass lamp

Tiffany glass is a type of ornate stained glass made by Louis Comfort Tiffany in the nineteenth century. Tiffany lamps may range in price from hundreds of dollars to over a million dollars. There is a large assortment of “Tiffany style” floor lamps available for the more budget-conscious buyer. These lamps have ornate glass shades and are usually a fraction of the cost of a genuine Tiffany lamp.

4. Swingarm floor lamp

A swing arm floor lamp, as the name implies, has a swinging arm that allows you to alter the lamp’s position to meet your lighting needs without having to take it up and relocate it. Swingarm floor lamps are one of the handiest and most practical floor lights available, especially if your ceiling won’t support a fan and light combination.

5. Tower floor lamp

‘Less is more’ has recently been the mantra of urban interior design. If you like this style, the tower floor lamp will be a fantastic fit for you.

The best aspect is that the tower can also be used as a décor item during the day since it gives your room more depth and clarity. This style offers several alternatives, not only in terms of appearance but also in terms of shape. Lanterns of Oriental design, as well as contemporary, structural lanterns, are available. Basically, you can utilise them as decorative accents in your living room or bedroom.

6. Bohemian floor lamp

When it comes to décor, the bohemian style favours a more is more approach. Pattern, texture, and brilliant colours aren’t a problem for it. A boho house would often have a range of mixed and matched patterns, giving it an eclectic, disorganised air. Boho style lamps usually have a pattern on the lampshade or a textural element, such as a beaded shade, when it comes to floor lamps.

7. Floor table lamp

A floor table lamp is not the same as a regular table lamp, but if you’re not sure what the difference is, start there. The first is a multi-functional light fixture with a tiny table connected to the pole.

It’s one of the most recent home décor breakthroughs, and we’re confident you’ll be thrilled with the concept. Simply defined, the item combines light and a table into one unit that serves both purposes. Appliances and furniture components that take up the least amount of room are required in modern homes. As a result, this is a great solution for homeowners who want greater utility without taking up a lot of space on their floors.

8. Ceramic lamp

The base of a floor lamp is frequently made of ceramic coupled with a lower weight material. Instead of serving as the lamp’s complete foundation, the ceramic might be used as an accent. Some lamps, on the other hand, have a completely ceramic base. These lights have a greater footprint than other types of lighting.

9. Multi-floor lamp/tree lamp  

A tree floor lamp is nothing more than a multi-bulb lighting fixture. This type, also known as a multi-way lamp, has a distinctive design and a sophisticated appearance. You may select sleek, elegant ones for your modern house, even if they are primarily utilised in dorm rooms and other communal places. The nicest thing is that you can alter the angle and move the lamps as needed. This way, you can play around with your light and use it in a variety of ways to add depth to your interiors.

10. Stone lamp

Since stone is heavy and costly, it is frequently utilised as a part of the base of a floor lamp, rather than as the complete base. The stone is usually paired with a lighter-weight or less costly material.

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