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by Starry

Jul 08 2021

If you are looking for a corset in Singapore for your vacation, Cia Maritima may become your first choice. It is a Brazilian brand well known for its luxury beachwear collection. Operational since 1990, this is an in-house establishment. In the fabric business for the last 70 years, all their products are made under one roof. All laces, yarns, and fabric are made within the same factory. It is why their designs and styles are all unique. The style all types of beachwear, which includes not only swimsuits but also cover-ups, sarongs, and summer dresses. They have started their workout line as well. Thirty years into the business, they know how to make you enjoy your summer!!


ATOME is a payment method. If you buy through ATOME, your payment shall be divided into three equal monthly installments. At ATOME we know you need to enjoy your summers and what is a summer without a swim-out!! Go ahead, picnic looking your best in the designer swimsuits that CIA Maritima has to offer. The brand claims the best quality there is to offer. Have fun looking chic and stylish. CIA Maritima has something to offer to everyone. Whether you want to wear a stylish bikini or want to remain modest, there are styles you can choose from. So go ahead and buy the swimsuit that brings the best out in you without worrying about your payment. We have liaised up with ATOME to ease your payment into three installments.

Fabric Used for The Swimsuit: 

While making a swimsuit, it is necessary to ensure that you use the right fabric. Some fabrics are heavy and can drag or slow down the swimmer. CIA Maritima uses Microfiber, which uses FPU. It gives buoyance to the fabric. Another important factor is to block the UV rays, which are very harmful and at the fullest at the beach. This fabric blocks up to 97.5% of the UV rays. 


CIA Maritima offers complete beachwear. It’s not just the swimsuits they offer but also the wrap-away, sarongs, and matching workout outfits.  

  • Swimsuits: A comfortable but complimenting swimsuit is a must for summer. The swimsuit should be flattering, so choose them wisely. Decide between a bikini or one piece. We even have more modest, two-piece swimsuits. 
  • Crop tops: These are versatile tops paired with jeans or any other bottom to give a smart look. 
  • Beach dress: These come matching with your swimsuits. They have tie-up necks and backs, so they are completely adjustable. They cover you up after your swim. You can enjoy them after the swim.
  • Sarongs: Just tie them at your waist, and you are covered. Stylish and airy, use at your will.
  • Jumpers: You can get matching jumpers so that you can wrap them and not feel cold when you come out of the water. There are matching jumpers and hoodies to enjoy yourself.
  • Tees: some beautiful tees can be used for their styles or simply to pull over your swimsuits.
  • Workout Clothes: Since this is a beachwear brand, they even have workout outfits if you want to work out at the beach. These have been thoughtfully styled to ensure you get maximum comfort while working out. The leggings are available in short and full-lengths. They are active high waist and have an elastic band on the top, which lies flat to ensure it neither digs in nor slides down. The matching tops are wired to ensure maximum support. The workout clothes are available in colors that are vibrant and will bring out the best in you. The fabric is breathable, and sweat wicking. It has LYCRA fiber stretch, which provides optimal compression during workouts for muscle recovery and freedom for movement.


Corsets were an important part of a woman’s wardrobe. They lost their importance when women adapted to modern times, but they have gained importance again in recent years due to the benefits. Corsets are good for body postures. It helps in weight loss and keeping the body in shape. There are many shops for corsets in Singapore, but a few offer them incorporated in a swimsuit. CIA Maritima offers swimsuits that have been styled like corsets to enhance your curves. Some are even styled with smoking to give it a softer look.

CIA Maritima has a collection of swimsuits and tops that have been styled like corsets. Wear them as a swimsuit, or you can even use them as a top. Corsets Singapore has gained a lot of popularity in recent years. The Nila Collection available at our outlets supports the style Corsets Singapore in various styles. You can wrap a sarong as a bottom to the corset top, and you are all set for your summer day out.

Few outlets for corset Singapore will show you the swimwear variety that CIA Maritima has. So, if you like this style then definitely this outlet is for you.


Summers are a time to relax and enjoy nature. Winters are appreciated indoors, while to relish summers, you need to be out in the open. The best way to relax is to enjoy the beach. Use CIA Maritima to enjoy the complete beach experience. It is important to look your best to enjoy your best!!! The complete range of summer clothes will make you look and feel the best. 

ATOME will help you out by helping with the payments. Order all the dresses and your swimsuits you like and pay through ATOME. This way, your initial payment will be just a third of your actual payment. The rest you can pay in the next two months. This way, it will ease your financial burden. Remember, this is an interest-free service. We have no hidden charges!!!

Enjoy the summers and let ATOME help you because we care for you.

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