Eyewear for All- Trendy Sunglasses with UV Protection

by Starry

Aug 02 2021

Looking for trendy wear with UV protection? A complete look requires every accessory to be perfect and matching to your personality. Has anyone told you about the eyewear that is UV protection by Apesman? They have the best and the most amazing eyewear you can ever find.

Eyewear with UV protection by Apesman is an exclusive product. They can be worn for daily use, party use, travel use, and even for UV protection.

Eyewear completing a look

It is known that no look is complete without your eyewear. Many people prefer eyewear such as trendy sunglasses which have UV protection. Because the main aim of any eyewear is to protect your eyes from stressful effects and UV light, the UV protection glasses by Apesman are made for people who love adventure.

The glasses that features UV protection by Apesman are for bikers, adventurists, and people who want to live their lives to the fullest. You can find plenty of eyewear with UV protection as their best feature on the site and not only complete your style but also protect your eyes against the harmful effect of the sunlight.

Atome providing the best of best

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It is all because of its amazing tagline, “buy now and pay later” that allows customers to buy what they want instantaneously and payback in three easy installments.

Now that Atome has collaborated with Apesman, you can buy the best UV protection eyewear at a very fair price.

UV protection and the need for it

UV rays are of two types, UVA and UVB. These rays are known to damage the eye and the tissues around the eye. The UV protection eyewear helps change these UVA and UVB rays to the head, which are then released by the skin. It also does affect the skin, which reacts by releasing melanin; in other words, it tans the skin. The UV rays are a part of sunlight. But as the ozone layer is damaged and the sunlight reaching us is direct and unfiltered, UV protection is much more needed now.

It has been known through lab research and cases that more than one hour of direct sunlight to eyes without any UV protection can cause many eye conditions and diseases that are only connected to the eye and sunlight. The eyewear, which has a UV protection layer on it, filters the sunlight by blocking the UV rays and changing 99-100% of the UV ray into heat which does not harm the eye and its structure.

Eyewear at Apesman

At the Apesman site, you can find amazing eyewear; all of these glasses have UV protection because your health and eye care are more important.

1. X-Series

Under the heading of sunglasses, you will find the exclusive X-series eyewear, which is specially made for adventure lovers. These trendy UV protection glasses are trendy and durable. You can scroll among different eyepieces;ff

a. X 48

b. X 47

c. X 2 (best sellers)

d. X 2u

e. X 13

f. X 49

g. X 4

h. X 51

i. X 55

j. X 3

k. X 45

l. X 1

m. X zero

You can find plenty of X series eyewear on the site under the category. They are all lightweight, durable, and have UV protection.

2. M Series

This eyewear is M series as they are known as Mazzucchelli. There are beautiful artistic glasses. The frames are highly durable and have very beautiful colors and designs, all blended. The eyepiece is durable, scratch-resistant, and is all UV protection. Unlike the X series, they are a little more expensive and of premium quality.

If you are looking for the best eyewear and what to do as a one-time investment, this is what you should buy. It covers aesthetics and eye care by providing full UV protection against UVA and UVB rays.

The M-series is made from Mazzucchelli biodegradable acetate and has UV protection Zeiss polarized optical lens. These glasses are very comfortable, lightweight, and highly fashionable.

3. Lens

If you have a frame that suits you well and has exactly all the features you like, getting a polarized lens would be more suitable. There are three types of lenses that are all under UV protection.

You can look into;

a. TAC (triacetate cellulose)

b. CR-39

c. Zeiss lens

You can choose exactly what you like or ask the specialist at Apesmen for the best consultation. Getting the best lens with UV protection is a guarantee at this amazing eyewear brand.

Choosing the right eyewear

Getting the right eyewear is essential for many. When looking for something as necessary when it is eyesight related, never go for low quality or cheap quality, or damage your eyesight even more. The same goes for sunglasses which has cheap quality glass or plastic. It does not give you UV protection, nor does it protect your eye focus. Instead, it damages your retina and your ciliary muscles.

If you want to have a good quality lens or any eyewear, never put your eyes at risk at the cost of saving a few dollars. The UV protection glasses at Apesman are premium quality glasses both for eyesight and for sun wear. They will not damage your eyes, they will not dent your nose bridge, nor will they hurt your ears as they are lightweight and very comfortable to wear.


Eyewear is crucial to choose for both your eyes and your personality. Trust the UV protection glasses by Apesman. They are high-quality lenses and have amazingly comfortable frames.

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