Extendable Dining Table Perfect for Your Family 

Oct 26 2021

We human beings are social creatures. We build connections with other people by doing activities together. One of the most significant activities is eating together. When we dine together with our friends, it increases our bonding. The love for food is something that unites us all. This is human nature. For this reason, families tend to take every meal together. And for a similar reason, to celebrate something we prepare a delicious dinner or eat out.

The place where you choose to have a meal is as important as the food itself. Eating in an untidy place will not only have an unpleasant impact on your health, but also it will create a poor impression in the mind of your guests. That is why you need to pay special attention to decorating your dining area.

As you know, a dining table is the heart of an eating area. Therefore, you must choose it wisely. An extendable dining table is always a safe option.

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If you live in Singapore, you must have heard about Loft Home Furniture. And you might be wondering why everyone who shops from this outlet keeps singing its praises? Let us tell you the reason why Loft Home Furniture has become a beloved brand for every home décor enthusiast.

First of all, this brand equates to exceptional quality. It hires the most talented artisans to makes all of its products. You will certainly find something that suits your aesthetic sense.

Marble Dining Table 

Marble is an exquisite glowing stone. You may have seen many statues and sculptures made of marble. Today, contemporary artists introduced dining tables with marble tops. This combination is not only very pleasant to look at, but also it is practical. Although marble shines like glass, it is incredibly resistant and shatter-proof.

A marble dining table will give your dinette an elegant and sophisticated look.

Wooden Dining Table 

If you want to go for a classier look, wooden dining tables will be ideal for you. These will give off welcoming and homely vibes. One of the best things about wooden dining tables is that they can fit in any type of aesthetic. Whether you want a picnic table for outdoor dining or an extravagant one to invite people over, a versatile wooden table is a fit for all these occasions.

Glass Dining Table 

These days, a dining table with a glass top is all the rage. Unlike wooden tables, they will not suffer any kind of natural damage over time. It will give your house a cool and clean look. With its mere presence, it will make a place brighter. It does so by making the light flow more easily.

The best part is that cleaning and maintenance of glass dining tables are simpler and more convenient.

Round Dining Table 

Dining tables, like love, come in all shapes and sizes. Rather than choosing the typical rectangular type, we suggest you go for a round one. A round dining table comes with its set of distinctive advantages.

Firstly, you will be adding a unique element to your dining room. Secondly, there is no limit to the number of people to be seated. As these tables have no corners, you can always add another chair. Many people also consider round dining tables ideal for group meet-ups and discussions.

Loft Home Furniture has the best collection of round dining tables in Singapore.

Extendable Dining Table 

Do you love to host house parties? Or do you often invite your loved ones for festive dinners? If so, then you may have faced the issue of a small seating area. It is because the size of a typical dining table is optimal for a medium-sized family. Hence, it may not be able to fit a good number of your guests.

If you have faced a similar issue then what you need is an extendable dining table. You can fold them up when you invite people over.

Foldable Dining Table 

One of the most renowned types of extendable tables is a foldable dining table. You may often find them in schools or other places of public gatherings. These are also often seen in restaurants.

Did you prepare a lot of dishes? Just fold this table out and you get extra space to place your food. This type of table is more moveable and convenient. Hence, it will make shifting easier when getting to a new place. 

Dining Table with Bench 

This is another kind of extendable dining table. People know a dining table with a bench as a picnic table. They prefer this kind of table when having a meal outdoors. For picnic tables, the bench is usually attached to them.

Furthermore, you can replace your chairs with a bench for indoor tables. By doing this, you will save space in addition to accommodating more people.

Loft Furniture Singapore Dining Table 

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