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by Starry

Nov 29 2021

History has stood witness to the fact that fashion has never been stable. Things have gained popularity and craze through fashion and then disappeared. Ornaments have taken different shapes in different fashion periods. But time has never been out of fashion. Yes, the stately timepieces have withstood all the trends and fashions. Timepieces have been worn and used at all times by all sorts of people. They have been used as a necessity and as an ornament, both. As a jewelry item, a timepiece has been used by both men and women. These timepieces have even been passed on as family heirlooms.

Nat spent a lifetime watching these watches and learned the trade of watchmaking. She combined the family skill of expert watchmaking with her love of fashionable watches and came up with the brand “Nat by J.” The J in the brand name represents her family that dedicated their lives to maintaining watches and extending their lives. Nat combined the trends in fashion with these stately pieces and turned them into statement jewelry items.

Today, you can get the best variety of watches in Singapore at “Nat by J.” These watches are made with the finest craftsmanship that Nat learned from her ancestors. These fine specimens are then designed according to the latest fashions. These watches can come adorned with wrist straps, and at other times, combined with metals bands, these timepieces are fit for any occasion.

Buy Your Fashion Accessory from “Nat by J”

 These watches are made with expertise using the best craftsmanship for the perfect functionality. They are designed most attractively to appeal to the eye.


The thought behind this section of watches is simply marvelous. Launched in 2020 as a new year brand, the Dazzle collection of watches by “Nat by J” is to make a new year resolution of positive thinking so that your personality will be dazzling. These, Dazzle watches have a touch of stardust across the dial so that every time you look at your watch, you remember to dazzle with your positive thinking.


Dreaming big is the fundamental right of every human. The Dream Collection of “NatbyJ” is to inspire every woman to dream big. These dreams are like the intricately embroidered leather dial, the web of embroidery reflecting the web of your dreams. Delicate leather straps accompany these watches to decorate delicate wrists.

First love

First love is something that everyone experiences. The intoxication of first love is unmatchable. It is powerful enough to be seen by all yet delicate beyond measures. Its strength can hold you fast, but its vulnerability can break you in moments. All these emotions are captured in this bold collection embedded by the pearls that symbolize the purity of love and the bold colors of the leather straps to remind you of that awesome feeling.


Freedom is the best gift to mankind. The Freedom collection by “Nat by J” is a unique timepiece with a marble effect dial that symbolizes the strength of each individual. She has added a lightweight feather to each dial to remind every woman who wears it that she has a strong inner-self that she can rely upon and her freedom to enjoy it.


The stars in the sky guide us through the nights. We use them to navigate the darkness for lighter skies. The Stargaze collection by “Nat by J” is a tribute to all those people who guided us through the darkest periods of our lives. People who became our stars in the darkness of our bleak events. These watches have tiny, free-flowing crystals that symbolize such people in our lives.


The unity collection by “Nat b yJ” represents the unity of friends. Friends that remain united through the tides of times, friends that remain together through thick and thin, friends that no matter how far and wide destiny separates, always find time for each other. This watch is double-layered, like friendship. Held together with a leather strap, I have daffodils around the rim.


Life can be enjoyed to its fullest if you go through it with an unpretentious air. It can get as complicated as the many layers you put around it. Live simply has been the mantra of the most successful people in the world. This is why “NatbyJ” came up with the Unpretentious Collection, which just has the hour markers embossed on a leather dial and has leather straps with detailed stitching. This collection is for people who enjoy the minimalist approach to life.

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