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by Starry

Jun 09 2021

The right kind of clothes has the power to boost your mood and eventually elevate happiness. Clothes make you feel secure and confident. The key is to find the right types of dresses. Clothes should enhance your style but should be comfortable too. Where your outfit must boost your confidence, it should also be satisfied.

Ember Collective is a clothing line developed in Singapore that combines style with comfort. Their main focus is on providing comfortable clothes for women and mothers. They specialize in identifying the need of the occasion, combining it with style, to give you that special feel that boosts your confidence and morale in your everyday life.

Your attitude says it all, and clothing yourself perfectly for it plays a major role. Being stylish and comfortable for that confidence should not come at the expense of finances, so we offer you the payment mode of ATOME. ATOME is a payment service that breaks your payment into three simple installments to make it easy for you to carry on with style and comfort. 

Ember Collectives provides you with stylish clothes with timeless and affordable designs, comfortable and effortless designs for all occasions and all times. From cropped tank tops to maternity dresses, we have it all.

Formal Wear

Whether it’s a family engagement, job interview, promotion Dinner, or a date with your special one, you need to be dressed up with perfection. At Ember Collective, we have various outfits that would style with your mood and your need. Fashion doesn’t necessarily mean having to wear loud and uncomfortable clothes. We make your occasion special by combining subtle cuts and colors into your dress, redefining elegance coupled with comfortable clothes. If you are unsure of what to wear, try our black collection that has elegance and style. Or, if you are in a celebratory mood, you should use our lace tops, coupled with smart skirts, in whatever length you are comfortable with.

Casual Wear

It’s not necessary to dress up only for special events; you can try our casual range for just hanging out with your friends, spending a day with your loved ones, or dressing up just because you want to. We have the perfect variety for your everyday clothing range, from short shorts to full-length skirts you can choose from according to your mood. If you are just relaxing, then you should try on our baby doll shirtdress, which not only gives you a trendy look but is also very comfortable. We have a huge variety of cropped tank tops that would give you your desired attitude. 

Summer Dresses

Wearing long flowy dresses is a major attraction for summers. A flowery print or just a loose comfy clothing in pastel shades makes you want to dress up for yourself during this carefree weather. Ember Collective has a wide range of dresses that are perfect for the summer season. We offer small prints, pastel shades, short skirts, long dresses, everything that would enable you to enjoy the spirit of the summer. While ensuring that the dress of your choice doesn’t go beyond your comfort level and affordability as Ember Clothing is all about comfortable clothing.

Winter Wear

Winter is a season that is all about being cozy. And coziness means warm clothes. Ember Collectives the only place which combines class with coziness, comfort with affordability. You can try our black knotted full-length dress for the special occasion, or just pull on a cardigan during a chilly evening. Winter dressing gives you so many comfortable choices. You can snuggle up in our Seraphine Ribbed Maxi. We have a range of sweaters that would glamorize your dress while keeping you warm and cozy. Our new Cardiff High Neck Top would look good with any trousers. 


One material that everyone feels comfortable in is Denim. It never goes either out of fashion or style. It’s the most comfortable material for both sexes. You can adapt any style in it, from leisure casual to party formal; you can dress up in style with Denim. This is why we have a separate denim range in which we offer denim shorts for your leisure outings, denim pants to wear with any top, and denim jackets to throw on top of any dress to give you that comfortable formal style. 

Maternity Dresses

A time period when all women feel low because of being out of shape, we, at Ember Clothing, want to pamper our mothers-to-be by giving them the security of feeling good through our well-designed and comfortable clothes. Under the hashtag of maternity dresses, we offer you to embrace maternity with style and comfort. You no longer have to feel like a whale; in fact, you can have fun experimenting with our designs for your special time. We have dresses, tops, and pants all to make you look and feel great. After all, Ember is all about Comfortable Clothes.

Tee Shirts

Tee shirts are a must in every wardrobe. When unable to decide what to wear, a tee over a smart trouser or a skirt solves the problem. We have a huge variety of these. You can find one that would be perfect for your off-duty days, one that would make you confident because of the fitting, or one that would nicely drape your baby bump. We have something for all occasions. That is why we say our designs are timeless. 

Maxis And Medi Dress

We have a huge range of long dresses; we have maxis and medis that go perfectly in all seasons. The long flowy dresses are perfect for a fashionable yet modest look. They are perfect to go for a day out or a tea party.

Skirts And Sarongs

Skirts and sarongs are the most versatile clothing items. You just can’t have enough of them. They can be used with style or just casually. They are the most comfortable clothes in a woman’s wardrobe. We have a variety of both. We have long and short skirts, ones that you can couple up with a nice jacket for a formal look or ones that go nicely with tank tops. We have sarongs that you can use as a wrap-up on a beach or the nice tussled ones that would give you a nice hot look!


No woman is complete without her accessories. We offer a range of accessories for you to choose from. We have headbands and scrunches to match your dress. We have a range of perfect but subtle earrings that give you your ideal look.

Ember Kids

If the mama looks gorgeous, how can we forget her precious baby? We have the perfect baby wraps that are soft and comfortable but stylish and will complement the perfectly dressed Ember Mom.

At Ember Collectives, we give special attention to the comfort of women. We want our women to feel stylish with being comfortable. Which is why we design comfortable clothes!!  Partnering with ATOME, you can carry on with your life in style and comfort. Ember will help you with style and ATOME with your finances because women are special.

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