Do You Need a Doorbell in Singapore?

by Starry

Oct 28 2021

The doorbell is not something new, but it is always neglected. Near to the door of a building’s entrance, you find a doorbell. The purpose is to allow the visitor to inform the occupant of the building know about his presence outside.  

In comparison to modern gadgets, a doorbell is quite boring. But the fact is that this small boring gadget has made our lives easier than ever. With just a single push, the visitor outside your building can let you know about their presence.

Next question, have you ever wondered how does a doorbell works? It is a small electrical device that works with the flow of current. It works on the principle of electromagnetism- a scientific principle. When a doorbell is pressed, it completes a circuit and makes a sound.  

As mentioned above, a doorbell works on the principle of electromagnetism. The basic component of a doorbell is an electromagnet. An electromagnet is a coil of wire wrapped around a little piece of magnetic metal. When the current passes through the wire, it makes a magnetic field around the wire.  

When the button is pressed, the electric current circuits complete by passing through the internal electromagnet of the doorbell. A doorbell is a low voltage small gadget. This means that even if there is a low voltage of electricity, it can operate. A transformer is an important part of a doorbell that transforms the traditional household voltage of 120 V into a lower voltage.  

Today a doorbell in Singapore comes in a wide range of sizes, colors, and features.

Wired doorbells

Wired doorbells in Singapore  come with a hardwire and are directly connected to the electrical system. It consists of a switch that is placed inside a button. 

Wireless doorbells

Wireless doorbells in Singapore use radio waves to link a transmitter switch to the sound mechanism.

If you want to install a wireless doorbell, you need to be in the range of the transmitter. Otherwise, you will not get to know if someone is ringing. The maximum distance from the transmitter depends on the type of wireless doorbell in Singapore.  

What are some unique features of doorbells?

Types of sound

The most common doorbells have either ringing, chiming, or buzzing sounds. Different types of doorbells have unique kinds of sounds, even ones featuring melodies or songs.

Materials, shape, and color 

Whatever kind of doorbell you choose, either a wired doorbell or a wireless doorbell, these all come in different shapes, colors, and sizes. Most of the doorbells in Singapore are made of ceramic, glass, wood, or metal like bronze or aluminum. 

A doorbell can either be a square, rectangle, or in any other shape. You can choose one that would go well with your exterior décor. 

Other features

You can choose a doorbell on the features it comes with. Both wired and wireless doorbells in Singapore come with various additional features that make them unique from each other.  

For instance, some doorbells are built with motion sensors, or some doorbells come with a camera to give you a view of the outside.  

When you are clear about what kind of doorbell you want for your home, the next step is to buy the best doorbell in Singapore. You can consider shopping with Smart Digital Solutions via Atome.

Smart Digital Solutions

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Our verdict 

Modern doorbells are designed with motion sensors and cameras, going above the features of traditional models. Get yours today at Smart Digital Solutions via Atome.

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