4 shops to help you do good while shopping

by Starry

Jun 15 2020

As we grow older and become more aware of our actions, we often take the time to think about the consequence of our actions. Especially since Covid-19, most of us have started ordering in more or having more food to go, which means the use of single-use plastic has unfortunately gone up (unless you’ve been bringing your own containers which is great!).

If you’re looking to do some good while shopping, whether it means supporting businesses that gives back to the community or buying products that are environmentally friendly, we’ve rounded up a list of shops that you can start shopping at.

If you’re looking for a gift for a loved one, these four shops are committed to helping communities or the environment. When you use Atome at checkout, you split the bill into three equal parts and can pay later for the things you love today. mori vegan leather small pouch

mori: Vegan Leather Small Pouch

Mori was founded by two women who shared a common dream to reduce poverty through fair employment and product value creation and innovation. They joined hands to work together with youths, mothers and volunteers to increase demand and work for mothers in the Philippines to help provide for their family. This way, they can continue to take care of the children while at home. Mori helps to train mums to sew the products with good quality, and they pay them per piece. Through this they are able to cover living expenses and save up for college for their children. Shop on mori for beautiful handcrafted products, you know you won’t regret it!


Another Sole: Metallics Collection

The good folks behind Another Sole is committed to helping the greater cause and have partnered up with World Vision to help children in Cambodia. After extensive research, and heading down to Cambodia to witness the cause itself, Another Sole will be donating 10% of all the profits from the shoes to World Vision’s Buy1Feed1 Programme. Which means that for every shoe that you buy, you’re helping them buy food supplies and funding sustainability for underfunded orphanages, building sustainable communities for children to thrive and supporting their future. Another Sole’s shoes are made of high quality, are lightweight and super comfortable, so you’re not only getting a great product, you’re helping out kids too – isn’t that a win-win situation! KeepCup Thermal Series

Miss Hosay: KeepCup Thermal Series

I know, there’s just something about coffee made by others that just somehow always tastes better than the ones we can make at home. If you’ve been heading out to get your daily dose of coffee or tea, grab a KeepCup along with you and cut down your single-use plastic consumption. This reusable cups are made from sustainable materials and can be used over and over again, so you can do away with those disposable cups that are bad for the environment. Plus, they come in so many different sizes and colors! Mother's CornGureumi Suction Platter 2 IN 1 Set

Mother’s Corn: Gureumi Suction Platter 2 IN 1 Set

Speaking about doing good for the environment, Mother’s Corn tableware are made of plant-based materials such as corn and potatoes. These materials help to reduce carbon dioxide and minimize the use of petrochemical substance so that the environment is not harmed. This also ensures that there is no toxic materials detected in Mother’s Corn products, ensuring the safety of your little ones. If that’s not enough, the tableware come in all kinds of adorable designs and are all made with love. Plus, they are all biodegradable in nature, building a better and more sustainable future for your kids.

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