Discover The Best Home Decor Shops in Singapore

by Starry

Apr 15 2021

A ton of strenuous effort, mixed with creativity and patience, is what it takes to build the house of your dreams. But no matter how much blood, sweat, tears you have invested in building your sweet haven, its beauty and elegance still largely depends on how well you are able to furnish and decorate the house. This is where you would need a place like Singapore, where options never exhaust, and there are always new choices to explore. Particularly, when it comes to home decor shops, Singapore should be your go-to destination.

There are numerous home decor shops in Singapore, that are operating online, offline, and on both. Irrespective of your needs, you can find the complete spectrum of choices by navigating these stores. Whether you are waiting to find the right kind of sofa to liven up your living room, or you have yet to come across a truly outstanding set of homeware, don’t worry. You will surely find some aesthetic pieces of home decor, at unbelievably competitive prices, on any of the stores mentioned below.

  • FortyTwo

Let’s start the list with an online store. FortyTwo is one of the biggest online retailers in Singapore for home decor and furniture. You have over 10,000 different pieces of home decor to choose from, all of which you can look at the website of FortyTwo. In comparison to average home decor shops in Singapore, you will find the prices to be extremely competitive. Therefore, you can easily afford to complete your home decor shopping, without worrying about overspending. The store follows a 100-day free returns policy, hence, you don’t have to fret about not seeing the items in person before ordering them online.

  • Masons Home Décor

If you are looking for home decor pieces from popular designers and craftsmen, we would recommend you to visit Masons Home Decor in Singapore. Perfect for buying items such as carpets, wall hangers, paintings, clocks, rugs, lamps, cushions, towels, and terrariums, you will find pretty much everything you need to fulfill your home decor requirements. Among the oldest and most trusted home decor shops in Singapore, Masons Home Decor has been offering quality and durability in its products. Not only do the stores work with some of the widely known names in the space, but also bring some of their best works to Singapore. The store is pro-environment in its approach towards choosing materials, and therefore, in comparison to other stores, you will find all products on Masons Home Decor to be environment-friendly. The materials used are completely toxic-free, hence, you can use them without worrying about toxic chemicals impacting you and your family. The store also offers free-of-cost delivery of home decor items. So instead of fretting about the carriage and transportation of home decor items, you can get your selected home accessory right at your doorstep.

  • Affordable Style Files

If you have elaborate plans about how you will decorate your house, then you should definitely take a turn to Affordable Style Files. All the items that you would see within the store, are specifically chosen by Australian Stylish Hong Henwood. Anyone who takes one look at the pieces of home decor at Affordable Style Files is instantly impressed by the marvelous collection she has curated. The store presents its customers with such lavish home decor options that seem as if they have just jumped out from the pages of an Inspo magazine. The enormously broad collection of items at Affordable Style Files, incorporate the entire spectrum of styles out there. Regardless of your preference, you are sure to find beautiful accessories here that would give your house a complete makeover, turning it into your precise vision of perfection.

  • Hock Siong & Co

When it comes to the best home decor shops, Singapore emerges as one of the premier spots that have an abundance of those. In all of Asia, Singapore offers some of the most stunning pieces of home decor one can find. But despite the emergence of so many home decor stores in recent years, Hock Siong & Co has managed to build a unique identity of its own. The store has managed to do that by incorporating the spirit of local Karang Guni or the rag-and-bone man. Singaporean millennials can probably recall how these men used to make peculiar sounds to catch people’s attention, as they went door-to-door, and collected discarded household items. By imbibing the same essence, Hock Siong & Co is proud to present its customer with an endearing range of second-hand furnishings and home decor items. If you are someone who has an affinity for imperfect beauty, then this is the store for you. You will get everything from original art pieces to traditional Chinese woodwork at this lovely store.


Do not make the same mistake that many make of spending huge amounts on bricks and mortar, while not keeping even a penny aside for home decor. It is not something you should ignore, as home decor reveals volumes about the taste and personality of the homeowner. Getting home decor accessories is one of the most crucial steps of turning your newly constructed house into a true home that reflects the chicness and aesthetic preferences of its owners.

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