Dining tables in Singapore – Look at what Urban Mood has to offer!

by Starry

Jan 24 2022

Dining tables in your living room or your dining room can make or break the entire aesthetics of your home. Dining table sets are a must-have if you want to have quality time with your friends or family and bond with them over breakfast, lunch, dinner, or any other meal in the day.

Importance of having food on a dining table in your home

Dining tables are perhaps the most important piece of furniture in your home.

People make weighted food choices over the dining table.

Having quick meals or meals on the go can lead you to have more junk food. Whereas, when sitting at a dining table, people are more than likely to have a balanced diet as the dining table provides a pivotal platform for everyone in your family. Having food at a dining table motivates people to pay more attention to the nutritional benefits of certain foods, and in turn, pay more attention to their diet.

Provides a great bonding time

According to researchers, people who eat together at a dining table tend to be closer to one another. Plus, eating together at a dining table proves great for children who are trying to develop healthy communication and eating habits. People talk over the dining table and pour over their grievances; this helps combat anxiety and stress.

Having food on a dining table set is what people look forward to

Having food with their loved ones is what people look forward to all day. Having food at a dining table provides the perfect ending to an otherwise chaotic day. A dining table is where you can forget about all of the things that are bugging you at work and have an anxiety-free time with your dear ones. Furthermore, dining tables pull you away from your smartphones, laptops, and other screens to focus on something that is much more important: family.

Urban Mood’s collection of dining table sets in Singapore

If you’re looking for dining tables in Singapore, we suggest you choose one from Urban Mood. Urban Mood is very proud of its range of trendy and exquisite dining tables and dining table sets. You’ll also find round dining tables on Urban Mood’s online store. Let’s have a look at some of the best dining tables and dining table sets available at Urban Mood.

  • Urban Mood WESTON Dining Table Rustic Solid Wood

Uplift the vibe of your living room with this rustic wood dining table. Table Dimensions (cm)

  • 120L x 60W x 75H
  • 140L x 70W x 75H
  • 160L x 70W x 75H
  • 180L x 80W x 75H
  • 200L x 80W x 75H
  • 220L x 90W x 75H
  • 240L x 100W x 75H
  • 260L x 100W x 75H
  • 280L x 100W x 75H
  • 300L x 100W x 75H

Bench Dimensions (cm)

  • 120L x 30W x 45H
  • 140L x 30W x 45H
  • 160L x 30W x 45H
  • 180L x 30W x 45H
  • 200L x 30W x 45H
  • 220L x 30W x 45H
  • 240L x 30W x 45H
  • 260L x 30W x 45H
  • 280L x 30W x 45H


  • New Zealand pine wood

Interior themes

  • Modern/Contemporary
  • Rustic
  • Cottage
  • Vintage
  • Scandinavian
  • Minimalist
  • Farmhouse
  • Urban Mood SPHERE Modern Glass Dining Table Set with Chairs

Contemporary dining table set that is sure to be the envy of your guests. Table Dimensions (cm):

  • 120L x 60W x 80H $690
  • 140L x 80W x 80H $790
  • 160L x 90W x 80H $890

Chair Dimensions (cm):

  • 51L x 53W x 45:92H


  • 120L table + 4 chairs
  • 120L table + 6 chairs
  • 140L table + 4 chairs
  • 140L table + 6 chairs
  • 160L table + 4 chairs
  • 160L table + 6 chairs


  • Whitetop
  • Blacktop


  • Tempered glass
  • Stainless steel

Interior themes:

  • Modern/Contemporary
  • Minimalist
  • Classic
  • Victorian
  • French
  • Showroom
  • Penthouse
  • Urban Mood Living THEODORE Rustic Solid Wood Dining Table Bench

A rustic solid wood dining table with a bench to add a contemporary touch to your dining rooms. Matching bench (cm)

  • 60L x 30W x 45H
  • 80L x 30W x 45H
  • 100L x 30W x 45H
  • 120L x 30W x 45H
  • 140L x 30W x 45H
  • 150L x 30W x 45H
  • Urban Mood VOLD Dining Table Solid Wood Round

This is a round dining table that is just brilliant for throwing parties, gatherings, and café settings. Dimensions (cm)

  • 80L x 75H
  • 100L x 75H
  • 120L x 75H
  • 130L x 75H
  • 150L x 75H
  • 180L x 75H
  • 200L x 75H


  • Solid pine wood.
  • Powder-coated iron.

What is Urban Mood?

Urban Mood is a store in Singapore that has a variety of contemporary, reminiscent, and trendy furniture for people who are extremely style-specific. Urban Mood also has furniture that’s fit for commercial settings and designer firms. If any one of the dining tables or dining table sets from Urban Mood (from above or from their website) appealed to you, we suggest you purchase them now!

Atome and Urban Mood

Urban Mood is one of Atome’s partnered merchants. By using the Atome app, you can break your dining table purchase from Urban Mood into three flexible monthly payments. Atome is a modern application (get the app) that provides you flexible payment options if you purchase from any of Atome’s merchants. There is no interest or service fee involved, and using the Atome app, you can split your bill from Atome’s merchant into three interest-free monthly payments. Atome is headquartered in Singapore and operates in nine locations around the world. Atome helps you better manage your finances, and the log-in procedure hardly takes a minute. How to pay for your dining table purchase from Urban Mood using Atome?

  • Download the app.
  • When checking out at Urban Mood, choose Atome as your payment partner.
  • Sign in to Atome.
  • Pay only one-third of the total bill and the rest of the bill later.
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First Order Up To $10 Off! Download Atome!


If you don’t have a dining table, it’s time you get a dining table or a whole dining table set from Urban Mood now. And even if you already have a dining table, it’s time you get to replace your old one with a more contemporary design. While making the purchase, make sure you choose Atome as your payment option to manage your finances better!

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