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by Starry

Feb 17 2022

There is no doubt that benches can be a very elegant and efficient way of solving any storage problems, and this way, you can have more seating at home. Normally used to anchor the heavy tables in dining areas or make a low focal point, these chair alternatives are great for adding space for the guests without any problems. Although several furniture stores and companies are working in Singapore, a dining bench from LOFT HOME will be more comfortable and appealing and make the entire space look stunning.

LOFT HOME is a Singapore-based furniture brand that offers you some of the most amazing furniture designs for the home as well as the business requirements. Here, you can find different products based on other rooms of your home. Apart from furniture, LOFT HOME is also famous for its wall art and home décor products. The LOFT HOME dining bench is an ideal choice for those looking for refined seating arrangements in indoor and outdoor dining quarters.

What are the different types of dining benches available at LOFT HOME?

  • Backless Dining Bench

This type of dining bench can be superb for opening your dining space. As this type of dining bench Singapore doesn’t come with a back; therefore, it may have a less visual impact on the room. It is a great space saver, and if you choose a smaller bench size than the inside leg length of the table, it can be tucked away when you are not using it. A backless bench is also lighter in weight and easy to move.

  • Dining Bench with a Back

This dining bench is simple and clean-lined and offers you support for leaning back when seated. This type of bench can make a visual impact in the kitchen and is perfect for you if you want space and style in the dining interior. With the help of a dining bench with a back, it is possible for you to squeeze a bit, even if the seating becomes snug.

  • Full-length Dining Bench

This is a bench that does what it says, and it can be found at a good variety at LOFT HOME. This bench style can work very well with the pedestal dining table or if the legs of the table are not set at the four corners. A full-length dining bench may not look good alongside a table that has legs. This set is the best example of having some extra space, while you can also pop up a few chairs at the end.

  • Extendable Dining Bench

This is another form of dining bench that is capable of seating more people, especially when there are some occasions. The extensions can be removed and stored if you don’t need them. There are a number of extendable dining benches that come with a few storage cases for the leaves.

How to choose an ideal dining bench?

  • Dining bench measurements

It is very important that the length of your dining bench Singapore be equal to the dining table’s size. The seat’s height has equal importance because this will allow room for your legs to rest between your bench and the tabletop. It is worth mentioning that design preferences can play a huge role in choosing the right bench for the dining room.

  • Height

From the floor seat, the height of the majority of dining benches is around 18” to 20”. It is necessary for you to have a bench seat 12” lower than the tabletop so that you can have enough leg room between both the bench and the table.

  • Dining Space

It is always recommended for you to know the space that you can work with. The depth of any dining bench includes its back, the seating area as well as if there is any cushioning. Bench depths always vary, and therefore, you need to choose the one according to your requirements. You would also like to account for the space that you may require for pulling the bench out of the table. By doing this, you will be able to sit down in a comfortable manner, and that is why at least 48″ is recommended.

  • Length

If you want to decide on the length of the dining bench Singapore, the length of the dining table has to be considered first. You will be required to look at a few things. This includes the number of people that you would like to be seated. Other than that, you also have to think about whether you would like the bench to be tucked underneath the bench or not.

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