Different Types of Swimwear to Enjoy Some Quality Time

by Starry

Aug 12 2021

The days are long, the summers are hot, and the water feels great. Summers are a great reason to get the beautiful tan on and flaunt your bodies in amazing Swimwear Singapore. There is plenty of swimwear to choose from when it comes to Swimwear Singapore. The main aim of this swimwear is to provide everyone the chance to enjoy the summer fully and get refreshed.

The Swimwear Singapore is an amazing collection of beautiful and colorful swimwear. You do not have to worry about the size and shape. You can find it all in colors; these swimwear are available in different colors and hues.

Material to wear

When it comes to Swimwear Singapore, there are plenty of options to choose from as your basic swimwear. When it comes to fabric, many materials are used to make Swimwear Singapore. You can find;

1. Cotton

2. Nylon

3. Spandex/ LYCRA

4. Polyester

All these materials have their integrity and use when it comes to swimming or any other water activity. They are all swimming materials and have an excellent record of Swimwear Singapore’s history and trends throughout the decades.

Know-how of swimwear

All of these fabrics are designed to be light and airy. Though cotton swimwear is very popular as a fashion trend, their fitting is not that good; that is why at Swimwear Singapore, it is not preferred much. The other material, nylon, has always been famous for elastic outfits and bathing suits. Any Swimwear Singapore made in nylon has an amazing fitting and is very fast drying.

The most common and cheap swimming suit is made up of polyester. People do not prefer it because, in the hot summer sun, it can burn pretty bad. That is why being one of the popular materials is still other options out there that are now being preferred. Such as Spandex Swimwear Singapore, this is very flexible and has become the new star of all swimwear companies. Spandex is elastic like nylon and is very comfortable in all seasons.

Your choice of Swimwear Singapore

Thinking about enjoying the pool or the beach in the summer, do not consider where. Rather the thought should be put into what Swimwear Singapore? If you want to swim, you will be going to a swimming pool, which means the water there will be chlorinated, and you will need proper gears to protect your skin and your hair against the harsh waters.

For the same reason, there are full-body suits, wet suits, and even head caps used as Swimwear Singapore. These swimsuits are good quality spandex, as compared to cotton or nylon.

There are plenty of people out there who keep their Swimwear Singapore awaiting the summertime. Depending on your body and your preference, you can get different types of swimwear.

All these include

1. One-piece bathing suit

2. The fabulous bikini

3. Skirtini

4. Tankini set

5. Swim dress

6. Leg suit

7. Sling suit

8. Ruffle swimsuit

9. Bandeau swimsuit

10. Three-piece swimsuit

Swimwear Types

There are plenty of sizes and designs for swimwear because, let’s face it; everyone deserves to enjoy the water in the scorching heat. When it comes to Swimwear Singapore, it is for all; no one is left out. The collection of these Swimwear Singapore is vast and very diverse. You can choose it for the type of suits, their colors, lengths, and texture.

1. Burkini

A burkini is a type of Swimwear Singapore with a full-body suit, preferably a loose top, and has a head part as a hijab. Most Muslims use this type of swimming site to enjoy the beach and even community pools. Many women are now using burkini to save their skin and hair from saltwater, chlorine, and even the sun with emerging times and opportunities.

They are available in different colors and designs for women who want to add a little more color to their Swimwear Singapore. There are also plenty of prints available, but matte black is the most fashionable on the market.

2. Full bodysuits

The full-body suits in the Swimwear Singapore department are similar to burkinis, but they are body-hugging and have no headpiece. They are mostly for divers, professional swimmers, and even athletes. They can be found in plenty of colors and prints; mostly, they blend two colors with white strips. Most people who are surfing on the beach fear these so that their fall may not injure their skin.

3. Bikini

A bikini is one of the sexiest Swimwear Singapore available on the market. They are for women who want to flaunt off their summer curves and their sexy bodies. They are a very classical two-piece that has very sexy strings and knots that keep it in place. This beautiful swimwear is also worn for getting a summer tan.

Other types of bikinis are rubble suits and even bandeau swimwear. They are also available in two pieces and are slightly updated versions of bikini Swimwear Singapore. They are found in plenty of colors and designs. The most classic color was red with white polka dots. As the era updates, so did the colors and prints. The sexiest version of this bikini is a sling suit.

The best summer starts here

This summer, Atome has presented all the water lovers with the best Swimwear Singapore. Being the best online platform that has collaborated with all the top-notch brands. Similarly, Atome has collaborated with FUNFIT, and according to their amazing motto, “buy now and pay later,” you can now order your swimwear and pay later in three easy installments.


When the summers are near, you need your Swimwear Singapore to go out for the swim and cool down your heated minds. It is the best refreshment anyone can enjoy.

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