Creating a capsule wardrobe

by Starry

May 01 2020

For all those working from home, I’m sure we’ve forgotten about the rush we feel when we’re staring at our closet and panicking because we’re running out of time to pick an outfit for the day (Unless you’re one of those people who plans their outfit the night before to avoid this, then I only have one question: What’s it like to have your life all figured out?)

If, like me, you stare at the closet for a good 10 minutes, and wind up picking the same dress you wore last Tuesday, that shall be your life no 👏🏻 more 👏🏻 Because I would rather like to spend my mornings stress-free and relaxed, I’ve done PLENTY of research about Capsule Wardrobes and why it’s the way forward.

Before we start, let’s establish what a capsule wardrobe is. A capsule wardrobe features quality essential items of clothes – and although our essentials currently are sweatpants and pyjamas, we will be building our list beyond that. Let’s face it, a closet full of solid staples are forever, and this will help you adapt back to society once this Circuit Breaker period passes.

So let’s get started by establishing what are defined as essentials. Most of us have been exposed to media, so we know that a classic plain white tee, little black dress, ballet flats, a pair of jeans, are items that we should already have in our wardrobe. We’re looking to elevate this with more classic items that will stand the test of time, and can be easily matched with other items in our wardrobe. Choose clothes that you not only like, but will wear for time to come – which also means that they need to be made with quality materials.

We’ve narrowed them a list of items that we think you should add to your capsule wardrobe, from a few of our favourite brands. Feel free to browse their online store too, they’ve got plenty of cute pieces that can suit your preference and style. Plus, when you use Atome to check out, you get to pay later and split your bill into three hassle-free instalments (with 0% interest!).

Fiig Journal: Gabrielle (Blazer)

Every closet needs a good blazer, it takes your outfit from 0 to 100 in a matter of seconds. Need to dress up an outfit without going too over the top? Blazer. Sudden work video call while you’re in a tee? Blazer. We love this white blazer from Fiig Journal, throw it over a simple outfit or layer it over slip dresses, and you’re ready to face the day!H2 Hub: Aries Gold Prestige Edition

H2 Hub: Aries Gold Prestige Edition

Every wardrobe needs a reliable watch that is versatile and classic enough to match any task, whether you’re heading back to the office, going out for dinner or just heading out to run some errands (once this Circuit Breaker period is over). Plus, watches are a form of self-expression, and helps to accentuate and complement your outfit. This classic watch from H2 Hub is an artisanal and classic item that will stand the test of time. Fiig Journal: Ithaka Bamboo Fan Clutch

Fiig Journal: Ithaka Bamboo Fan Clutch

Besides a formal work bag, invest in a bag with an unexpected silhouette to breathe life into a simple outfit. This Bamboo Fan Clutch makes a statement, and is perfect for a weekend date, or a day-trip to the beach. It’s versatile and super roomy too, so it can hold your wallet, keys, and even a book!
Figg Journal: Beyond The Clouds Dress

Figg Journal: Beyond The Clouds Dress

We love a classic white dress, something that you can slip on without a second thought. This dress from Fiig Journal is made with lightweight linen, and features adorable flutter sleeves, and frill detailing. Throw it on without a second thought, and you’re ready to face the day! Fiig Journal: Gabrielle (Shorts)

Fiig Journal: Gabrielle (Shorts)

Singapore’s hot and humid weather definitely calls for shorts. With scallop trimmings at the waist and pockets, these little details spice up and adds more flair to your outfit. These shorts are also tailored to fit, so it’ll enhance your curves. It’s easy to match with any colour in your wardrobe, and classic and modern to suit any occasion.

Of course, this list is not exhaustive. A capsule wardrobe is all about you and your style. Feel free to add a sweater, accessories and other garments that you feel are essential to you to your wardrobe, but ensure that these pieces can be easy to match, and suited for your lifestyle!

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