Colors That Help You Express Your Mood- Choose the Dress That Helps Express You

by Starry

Apr 29 2021

Have you ever felt gloomy in the rain for no apparent reason? Does the bright yellow sun bring out your childish personality? Well, that is because colors have a big impact on us. Our brain perceives colors and expressions of emotion and reacts towards them as a reciprocating stimulus. That is why when you wear a brighter color, you feel good on the inside, and people who look at you feel the positive vibes.

Color is an important aspect of fashion. IF the world would be white and black, there would only be style and no fashion. The Atome app has brought all the colors together for you to choose the best fashion. It is a Singaporean website that helps you get all the fashion now and give you the option to pay in 3 easy installments. They have collaborated with the hollyhoque dress, where colors meet style.

Colors expressing you

As a child, you are given colors and paints to enjoy yourself. But that is also for the parent to keep track of what is going inside their child’s mind. Similarly, the hollyhoque dress has merged the concept of emotional expression with fashion.

Their bright and light color dresses are for the days you feel energetic and make the most of the day. Because scientifically, that has been proved to be effective, colors do enhance energy. On the other hand, a darker and higher hue dress is for the days where you like to relax, take a day off, and have a little me time.

Colors are the first thing your mind perceives and helps to analyze them. Also, the colors you choose to wear are actually how you feel about yourself. It could be a personality trait, cultural influence, or even a past that your mind has perceived as a color; hollyhoque dress is where you fulfill your color desires.

Where colors meet fashion

The hollyhoque dress is a beautiful idea named after the hollyhock flower. The beauty and pride of the flower are captured in these frocks. The vibrant colors are a fashion statement that allows every unique client to choose from what they think expresses them the most.

According to color psychology, certain colors help to stimulate the mind and different receptors. Such as the color red. While other colors such as black and white,

or other light colors help to lower the stimulation and give a very mellow cool effect.

Therefore at the hollyhoque dress, you will find various light colors such as yellow, light blue, light green, faded blue, white, etc.

Choosing the color red

While you are in the store feeling confident as you have your eyes on the red frock, it gives a general say regarding your personality that you are a strong, vibrant, and headstrong female. Red is a very overpowering color, and wearing red makes you look intimidating.

At the hollyhoque dress, you can choose their red frock; they are in various hues. The darker maroon color is a subtle and cozy feeling which can be worn at a close family event. At the same time, a bright red can be worn for a date night. Or an office party for making a clear and intimidating statement.

Choosing the color Yellow

Yellow is a very fresh and spring color. To the eye, it looks appealing and happy. Yellow is a unisex color, and many women prefer to wear yellow because of its positive feels while wearing it.

Yellow is mostly worn in the summers and spring. It adds up to the ambiance of light breezes, bright sun, beach fun, and fresh floral fragrance. Wearing a little yellow frock gives you a very jolly perceived personality. You look more approachable and friendly to talk to. It is more of a birthday color or if you would want to go for a picnic.

Wearing the color black

Black is a beautiful color, even though it absorbs all the other colors around it. But that is why it always stands out. No matter what even it is or what season. Black is always in style. When you choose a subtle black frock at hollyhoque dress, it shows that you are a strong woman; it represents power, elegance, discipline, and mystery altogether. But many women perceive it as evil and grim.

But colors are all about you, not about how others feel about your choice. It brings out the best in you. They are giving you the confidence to stand up in a crowd and stand out. That is the power of black dresses.

Choosing the color white

While the color white is the mark of purity and comfort, it shows that you are innocent and pure at heart. When you wear white, it shows you are friendly, approachable, open

to opinions and understanding. It is a statement you should be wearing to an office meetup or a daylight coffee.

Understanding the depth insignificance of white, hollyhoque dress tries to replicate the innocence of a bride, the care of a doctor, and into a frock that gives the safe, calming vibe when you wear it.

Choosing your color

When you log on to the hollyhoque dress before choosing the color of your linking, look closely at your undertone. Every skin has an undertone, and our fashion sense should match that when you do not wear a color that goes with your undertone. It brings out your impurities and gives a very off-putting look.

For choosing your color, you should know yourself and what color speaks volumes for you. Many women cannot wear yellow as they look too grey in it. That is because their undertone is peachish and cannot carry yellow. The same is the case with pink; not many women can carry it.


When shopping for your outfits, you must think about the colors because these colors speak volumes about you. Hollyhoque dress is an easily accessible color frenzy site for you to select your color and style.

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