Classy, Elegant, and Trendy Gold Bracelets are the Perfect Choice for You

by Starry

Nov 29 2021

Jewellery trends change with time, but an ornament of the gold bracelet will never be out of fashion. Modern girls used to wear stylish bracelets for their day-to-day routine. It is becoming a more popular item day by day, replacing many old-fashioned bangles, handmade bracelets, and other accessories. However, the bracelets are available in every metal, whether gold, silver, or platinum, but most love to wear gold bracelets to enhance their charm. 

ORN Singapore

ORN SG started its journey back in September 2020. They provide a huge range of jewelry items like earrings, necklaces, rings, gold bracelets, bangles, apparel, hair, bags, and other accessories. They take personal interest while choosing every item. They have something for everyone. 

ORN SG feels that jewellery should be distinguished as well as affordable. So, no women deprive off from such unique accessories. ORN has amazing jewellery products which are more captive than just a piece of jewellery. They are masterpieces. ORN aims to provide the best and beautiful jewellery pieces, so every woman enjoys their way of beauty

Gold Bracelet 

the beautiful circle-shaped gold bracelet is available on ORN SG online store. The bracelet is studded with high-quality zircons. It looks simple, classy, and elegant. The total length of the bracelet is around 20cm and is adjustable.

Another 18k gold coated bracelet you can choose from ORN store is the snake chain-style bracelet. The bracelet is adjustable with a total length of 22 cm. The hanging style tassel makes the gold bracelet more sophisticated and chicer.

Some main features of the gold bracelets are:

Casual wear: The gold bracelets are very simple and stylish, and one can wear them easily for their casual routine, or they can be worn 24/7. However, they are perfectly made for daily routine life.

Perfect for every occasion. Whether it is a birthday, anniversary, friendship day, Mother’s Day, or whatever, you can choose it as the best gift choice ever. 


ORN SG doesn’t only have gold bracelets but also has amazing bangles in their jewellery collection. The bangle is 18k coated. These are ultra-modern and majestic pieces of bangles. It is the latest version in bangles. The classy, Haute and refined bangles are perfect for everyone. Some exciting features of gold bangles are:

Day-to-day wear: The bangles are perfect for everyday wear. They look dashing and luxurious. No matter you’re a teenager, a school going or a mother. The aesthetic bangles are for everyone. 

Elegant and classy: The bangle is not just a simple round bangle with old cuts. The bangle is all about classy, trendy, and smart. Even you can wear anytime at home or easily wear at parties or even in your offices. 

Perfect for: The bangles are the perfect present for your loved ones. If you’re confused about gift selection for your friend’s birthday or nothing, have it for your Mother’s Day. Then go for the gold bangle from ORN SG. The ideal gift for anniversaries, Christmas, and big days. 


ORN SG has a huge range of distinguished quality necklaces. They have silver, gold, double shell, linked chain, and many chunky-styled necklaces in their list. It is very hard to choose a single necklace. The necklace is for everyone. Some of them are elegant and classy, which are must-have items for daily wear. However, some of them are loaded necklace that is ideal for parties and wedding functions. So choose accordingly. We’ll discuss some of the necklaces here:


Bony is a very modern and fashionable silver necklace that is available on the online ORN SG store. The necklace is not a simple and old-trend necklace. It is designer-styled neckwear. This necklace is 35.3cm long for those girls who want to look mismatched and distinctive. The classy style necklace is also for your friends and family who deserve the beautiful present from your side. 

Paper Clip necklace: 

The paper clip exclusive necklace is available in gold tone. The chain is available in both options like thick and thin. So, one can choose a smart or thick chain according to its choice, or you can wear both simultaneously to be a true fashion statement. The neck chain is about 42cm long. It can be worn in daily routine, as well as at parties. 


The Eclipse necklace is a gem of sensational necklaces. A true treasure of the modern era. On one side, it looks classy and elegant. On the other hand, it is just a masterstroke. The measurement of the necklace is around 30cm. However, it is one of the ideal and perfect necklaces for you and your loved ones.

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