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by Starry

Jul 21 2021

Style has no boundaries. Today, this blog is the guide towards vegan leather. Leather that we have known. We wear it every time, and we love to wear it. Leather is a styling cloth that is made up of skin. This is obvious to everyone. But the case in vegan leather is different. It is made up of plastic and plant materials. Isn’t that fascinating? A simple leather with animal and then vegan leather with plastic and plant materials. Vegan leather looks exact like standard leather.

Vegan leather is one of the parts of the leather but is a lot different from it. The most common material used in it is PVC and PU, which is a plastic material. This leather cloth is used in vast styling and valuable materials, like jackets, bags, sheets and many more. Vegan Leather is most exciting for those people who don’t like to wear animal skin. As such this is the ideal choice for them. Vegan is also known as faux leather. It is more nature friendly than regular leather, as no animal will be sacrificed for vegan leather. 

When you touch or see vegan leather for the first time, you would actually not believe it is not pure leather. The quality, color and the vinyl look make it convincing. Moreover, for jackets, bags and many other items, vegan leather is used daily. They are cheaper and more reliable in a way that does not need any animal skin. Right now, this type of leather is used widely in shoes, because it is cheaper than the regular leather shoes. Today we have brought the best vegan leather provider in Singapore by Jo Kilda. Jo Kilda makes this type of leather more valuable due to their high-quality raw products in the product. 

How vegan Leather smell like:

PVC and PU are common chemicals that are used in vegan leather. The smell of this leather is originally not very good for some people. This is because of the PVC. But the worry will not be there once you buy it. Right now, they make it smell entirely like a meadow. They mix high-quality fragrances, which makes them smell fresher than the regular leather. 

Types of Vegan Leather:

There are mainly two types of vegan leather. The types are based on the raw materials used in them. The types are

  • Natural vegan leather
  • Synthetic vegan leather

Natural Vegan Leather:

As refer from the name. These are the leather which is made from plants or plant-based materials. These plant-based materials include corks, pineapple walnuts. Moreover, all these are sometimes known as plant leather. So this type is natural and nature friendly. 

Synthetic Vegan Leather:

Synthetic vegan leather is made from chemicals such as Pu, which is known as polythene. Not only that, PVC plastic and other alternative plastic materials are used in this type of leather. Well, basically they are not very friends of nature. Still, it is peculiar, especially in the styling industry. Different stylish jacket outfits, bags and shoes are being made from this type of leather.

Advantages of Vegan Leather:

The most significant advantage of vegan leather is that there is no use of animal skin in this type of leather. There are many more crucial advantages that you will get from this leather. These are the following types of leather.

No Animal will sacrifice:

On a daily basis, thousands of animal is being sacrificed for only to use their leather. Using vegan leather, there are many chances to save these thousands of animals for the sacrifice. So if you really care about them, then try to use the vegan type of leather. 

Less Carbon Dioxide Emission:

The carbon emission in cattle farming is often how it is demolishing the natural air and making the environmental pollutant. Vegan leather is made from natural ingredients such as pineapple and all plant leather. They are entirely nature free. There is no harm to the environment from vegan types of leather.

Less usage of water:

Water is another valuable natural resource that we are losing on a daily basis. In vegan leather, there is very little water used during the making process. The preparation of animal skin ready to make leather is totally based on water. The tanning of skin remains white until it gets enough water. On the other hand, vegan leather doesn’t need much water while making it.

About Jo Kilda:

Jo Kilda is a women’s outfit outlet in Singapore. They have a collection of vast materials. Jo Kilda is all about lifestyle experience. Apart from just fashion marketing, we want to introduce a platform where women feel modern and stylish but modest as a symbol of their daily life of self-confidence, fun and forward-thinking.

Jo Kilda is working to protect the planet and take care of the people involved in our plans. They develop honest and transparent relationships with all suppliers, manufacturers, agents, and within the Jo Kilda team.

Accountability is a pillar of their product and how they see it with our eyes and our future. For Jo Kilda, it is about making decisions with love and consideration for the planet and its inhabitants.

Jo Kilda is at the beginning of our sustainability journey, but they will always be committed to doing better and growing into a reliable and sustainable brand.


Vegan leather may not be familiar to some people, but there is no difference between pure leather. Moreover, they are cheaper than pure leather. There are different types of vegan leather available, so make your choice. We have presented the best outlet in Singapore, Jo Kilda, which provides one of the best women outfits made up from vegan leather.

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