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by Starry

Aug 06 2021

The basic clothing for anyone starts with your underwear; hence it is extremely important to have comfortable underwear. All undergarments should be comfortable, durable, and stylish. Since it is the first fabric that touches your skin, it should be made of the finest fabric. Men’s underwear with high quality fabric are important. It has been observed that, like women, men are equally choosy while selecting their underwear. Some prefer style over durability, while others’ priority is comfort. Now, even your trainers guide you about the style and type of underwear that you should use.


Unlike women, one-stop-shops for men’s underwear and swimwear are rare. In 2014, Gabriel, the founder, came up with this concept of housing underwear and swimwear for men by all brands under one roof. It is to facilitate men in choosing their style within their budget. Despite going from shop to shop to find that pair which satisfies you the best, you now just have to go to one place to find your perfect pair.

This idea gained so much popularity that The Jock Shop soon opened up in other places. They now have a presence in Hong Kong through much demand, and from there, they opened up in the UK. Now they are successfully running online retail shops in three places.

Dealing in all sorts of men’s underwear, jockstraps, briefs, boxers, and swimwear, The Jock Shop deals with brands from all over the world. Some international brands include Addicted, Andrew Christian, Aussiebum, Breedwell, and Pump. 

Customer Service at The Jock Shop

The people behind The Jock Shop are dedicated to what they provide. Their variety ranges from casual everyday items to exclusive themed party items. They ensure that their package is in route within 24 hours of receiving the order. Their packaging is discreet, with just the TJS logo appearing on the statements. For orders within Singapore, they offer free delivery for purchases above SGD 75, and for overseas shipping, they offer free shipping for orders above $150. They offer many reward points for you to benefit from. 

They even offer an exchange policy. If you aren’t happy with the item sent across, you can drop in an email and let them know what you would like to get in exchange. However, the item should be returned within 14 days from the day of purchase in its original condition, unworn, with the tags attached, and the shipping cost is to be paid by the customer. 

In case of queries or problems, you can contact them via email, and they will return to you within 24 hours. This is because they are a customer-oriented shop. They believe in providing complete satisfaction to their customers. They even offer you the satisfaction of providing an article that you desire from the following brands.

  • 2Eros
  • Andrew Christian
  • AJ Party King
  • Addicted
  • Aussiebum
  • Breedwell
  • Cellblock13
  • ES Collection
  • Garcon Model
  • Gregg Homme
  • Marco Marco
  • Modus Vivendi
  • Pump
  • Pure for men
  • St33le
  • Stud
  • Supawear

 Why buy from The Jock Shop through Atome

Now you can buy your favorite men’s underwear from The Jock Shop without worrying about the finances. Atome has liaised up with The Jock Shop to make your shopping easier. Buy what you desire and select Atome as your payment option. If you are new to Atome, you will be asked to apply for an Atome account, approval of which is granted within minutes. If you are already an existing customer, you will be asked for your login information. This would provide you with the convenience that you will just be asked to pay a third of the total amount. The entire payment is broken up into three easy installments, the first of which you pay at the time of purchase. The other two installments are paid in the next two months. This payment plan is beneficial as it lightens your financial burden and doesn’t disturb your monthly budget. 

Atome is a payment method developed for your ease of shopping. It is one of the most famous “Buy now and pay later” brand for Asia. They have tried to empower a new generation of tech-savvy consumers by giving them smarter access to their aspirations.

Why Buy Men Underwear from THE JOCK SHOP through ATOME

Uncomfortable underwear can cause you unease and discomfort throughout an important event, or uncomfortable swimwear can take all the pleasure out of the swim. If you cannot buy your desired items because of the financial burden, it brings on, then Atome is the answer to your worries. Through the payment service Atome, you have the convenience of paying your bill in three easy installments. The payment is divided equally over three months, and you pay just a third of the total amount at the time of purchase. This payment is interest-free and comes with zero hidden charges.

So, now you can buy men’s underwear from The Jock Shop without worrying about upsetting your budget. Atome will help you out in buying what you desire within your reach. If you select Atome as your payment option, then you won’t have to worry about upsetting your budget unduly. We provide you this power of empowered shopping because at Atome, we know the value of passion and the importance of following it.

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