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by Starry

Mar 01 2021

Is Nintendo Switch available in Singapore? Where can I buy a Nintendo Switch for the regular price? This post takes you through top game console shops that allow you to buy Nintendo Switch at affordable prices.

Nintendo Switch, a gaming console, is one of the most loved gaming consoles by children. When you want to watch your favorite TV show or a movie, you can hand off the Nintendo Switch to your kids. Your children will love to enjoy playing games on it. Many online platforms provide the option to buy Nintendo Switch in Singapore.

This is a guide to help you where and how to get the right one.

A brief intro to Nintendo Switch Gaming Console

Gaming consoles have always been one of the most preferred choices for children, teenagers, and youngsters. Whether you want to play at home or plan to travel, it is always great if you can carry your Switch gaming console along and play on the go.

Although Nintendo was well-known for its gaming console, like 3DS, Nintendo Wii, and Gameboy Advance, the Nintendo switch rises above all. It merges 3DS, Wii, and Nintendo Wii U’s features with both TV and handheld modes. It has two controllers that you can detach from both sides of the switch for two players. There are two versions of Nintendo Switch, Nintendo Switch Lite, Nintendo Switch, and Nintendo Switch V2.

You can choose your favorite game from its more extensive game library and get the accessories you want for your console.

What to consider when buying a Nintendo Switch Singapore?

Now that you know where to buy a Nintendo Switch in Singapore, there are certain factors that must be considered before making the purchase.

  1. Assess the battery life and charging time. Longer battery life and shorter charging time will let you have maximum fun with your video game.
  1. Decent internal storage. More storage space means that you will be able to save more new game data without having to delete the old one.
  1. Size of the video game. Hold each device in your hand to get a feel for it and decide if it’s the right fit for you.
  1. Is the display any good? Compare the colors and quality of the display to ensure that your gaming experience is immersive.

Value for money. Are you getting great features and a fantastic video game for your money?

where to buy Nintendo Switch

Where to buy Nintendo Switch Singapore

It is the best time to get yourself a Nintendo as many online platforms offer deals and plans on this gaming console. It is now larger than ever, and with the launch of the Nintendo V2, you will get a better device.

Today we are informing you about some of the best ways to buy Nintendo Switch Singapore.

Buy Nintendo Switch from Games Home

Nintendo Switch OLED Console

Here’s what you need to know about this console available at Games Home:

  • The console retails at $699, with and without the warranty.
  • The export version does not come with a warranty and has the
  • There’s a variant that comes with a local warranty.
  • This Nintendo Switch is available in white and a beautiful combination of neon red and blue on Games Home’s website.

Nintendo Switch Console Gen 2

  • The price of this Nintendo Switch in Singapore is $699.
  • The video game is cheaper in neon red and blue.
  • The cost of the European version is the same as the one that comes with a local warranty.
  • Game Home also has it in grey, but the price is steeper.

Buy Nintendo Switch from Game Shop

Another store that sells the Nintendo Switch in Singapore is Game Shop.

Nintendo Switch OLED Console

  • The gaming console is available at Game Shop for $499, so you get a relatively cheap Nintendo Switch.
  • It is only available in white color.
  • There is no mention of a warranty.

Nintendo Switch Gen 2 Console

  • The Gen 2 Console can be bought in S449 at Game Shop.
  • The price is the same for the grey and the neon red and blue variant.
  • No warranty has been mentioned.

Nintendo Switch Lite

  • Nintendo Switch Lite Console Pokemon Dialga and Palkia Edition is worth $339 on Game Shop.
  • On the other hand, the regular Nintendo Switch Lite costs $324.
  • It is available in turquoise, yellow, grey, coral, and blue.

Buy Nintendo Switch From Qoo10

China Tencent-  2nd Gen Nintendo Switch

You can buy Nintendo Switch Singapore from China Tencent on Qoo10.

  • This Gen 2 gaming console comes with a one-year local warranty by China Tencent.
  • Its price is $509SGD on Qoo10.

China Tencent- Nintendo Switch Lite

  • The price of the Nintendo Switch Lite gaming system on Qoo10 is S$379.
  • Check Qoo10 for the available colors from Grey, yellow, teal, and an extraordinary “Pokemon Edition Colors.”

The store also offers accessories and games for Nintendo Switch, such as Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3, Super Bomberman R, The Witcher 3, etc. Want to know more about Qoo10 Singapore? Read on now.

nintendo switch price singapore

Buy Nintendo Switch From Qisahn

You can find this online store in Lazada Singapore. It provides products specifically for gaming consoles. Qisahn is a premium retailer for Nintendo Switch. You can buy Nintendo Switches in Singapore through Qisahn in both neon and grey colors. Qisahn also provides Nintendo Switch Lite in Grey, Turquoise, and Yellow colors. It also offers a one-year Singapore Warranty on both Switch and Lite. If you ever face any problems or defects within this period, the warranty covers them.

Qisahn- Nintendo Switch Gen 2

The Nintendo Switch Gen 2 gaming console system from Qisahn has the following specifications:

  • It is a Gen 2 gaming console.
  • The price of this model on Lazada is $479
  • The limited-edition is available in Blue and Mario Red color with a one-year Singapore Warranty, to be availed in its stores.
  • Qisahn offers a Zero percent installment plan for up to twelve months. You can pay a minimum of $39.92 per month with its installment plan.

Qisahn- Nintendo Switch Lite

The Nintendo Switch Lite gaming console system from Qisahn has the following specifications:

  • This Lite console is offered with a tempered screen protector.
  • The price of this model on Lazada is $299
  • Qisahn offers a Zero percent installment plan for up to twelve months. You can pay a minimum of $24.92 per month with its installment plan.
  • This model is available in Grey color with a one-year local warranty covered by Qisahn.

Qisahn has a wonderful selection of games at the best prices, like Super Mario Party, Yoshi’s Crafted World, Shield, Pokemon Sword, and many more. You can check Qisahn’s store for the latest offerings and accessories for your Nintendo Switch.

Buy Nintendo Switch from Lazada

Lazada offers its customers attractive prices from various sellers. You can get Nintendo switches through its online shopping platform. Some of the Nintendo Switch models with their prices and offers from the sellers are as follows:

Mumber- Nintendo Switch Gen 2 on Lazada

The Nintendo Switch gaming console system from Mumber has the following specifications:

  • The new model of Gen 2 with the game bundle.
  • Its price on Lazada is $444.50 with one year warranty.
  • It is available in Neon and Grey colors
  • Mumber offers a Zero percent installment plan for up to twelve months. You can pay a minimum of $37.04 per month with its installment plan.

Buy Nintendo Switch From Shopitree

Shopitree is one of the Nintendo Switch retailers on Shopee and Lazada. You can buy Nintendo Switch Singapore, its accessories, and games from this store.

Shopitree- Animal Crossing Nintendo Switch Gen 2 

The Nintendo Switch Gen 2 gaming console system from Shopitree has the following specifications:

  • It is a new horizon limited special edition of the Gen 2 gaming system Animal crossing.
  • Its price on Lazada is $459 with a one-year local warranty.
  • It comes in the European version.
  • Shopitree offers a Zero percent installment plan for up to twelve months. You can pay a minimum of $38.25 per month with its installment plan.

Besides, there are many more options to buy Nintendo Switch Singapore from various online shopping stores and online platforms. Nintendo Switch Lite is the perfect option if you are looking for a portable device, while Nintendo Switch is ideal for those who want to play their games with a big-screen TV or tabletop.

Nintendo Switch Singapore x Atome

All the Nintendo Switch stores mentioned above let you pay for the gaming console with Atome.

If you don’t know already, Atome is an avant-garde application that allows you to pay for your purchases in three interest-free payments.

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First Order Up To $10 Off! Download Atome!

You can shop using Atome at physical as well as online stores. In either case, you need to download the application and create an account on it. This process is free, plus you get a $10 shopping voucher as a sign-up reward.

Once you have an Atome account, you can go ahead and purchase your video game from one of the aforementioned online stores.

  1. Visit a Nintendo Switch online shop in Singapore.
  2. Choose your favorite video game and add it to the cart.
  3. Select Atome to pay for your purchase when checking out.
  4. Log in to your Atome account.
  5. Transfer the first payment then and there and the remaining two at specified intervals.

The parcel will be delivered to your doorstep after the first payment so as to not keep you waiting.

Hurry up and shop for your favorite video game before it goes out of stock! And make sure to use Atome so that you can pay for it rather conveniently. Want Nintendo Switch installments to facilitate your shopping experience? Read more.


Nintendo Switch is one of the people’s favorite choices ever since its release four years ago. It is the best gaming system if you are looking for a portable device. The two versions of Nintendo Switch and Nintendo Switch Lite are available in various colors. You can buy Nintendo Switch Singapore from the different online stores and buy the one with the best offers and installment plans.

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