Top 6 Branded Bags to look out for in 2022

Jun 17 2022

Where to find the best branded bags in Singapore? Women (and men) can’t get enough of luxury handbags from elite companies, which continue to dominate the fashion sector. Handbags from high-end companies such as Chloe, Addidas, Fendi, and many others have emerged triumphant in their styles and are available in a wide range of patterns and colours to suit the demands of a traditional or modern fashionista. Every event features some of the world’s most costly handbags and bags. It might be tough to choose a favourite or determine which one to invest in because there are so many handbag brands and designs to choose from.

To ease your pain, we have listed the top 10 branded bags here, so you can check out their stuff and pick up your favourite bag without any stress.

1. Marc Jacobs

Marc Jacobs’ huge success may be due in part to a unique invention — the Carolyn Crocodile purse, which cost $50,000 and was made of purple crocodile leather. Customers continue to desire the fine, high-quality item despite its exorbitant price tag. Following his success with Louis Vuitton, American fashion designer Marc Jacobs launched his own line of fashion accessories and rose to become one of the world’s top fashion designers. His company now has over 200 retail locations in more than 80 countries.

The Delray, a gorgeous and eye-catching pink leather purse with gold trim that costs roughly $2,000, is another well-known design from the firm.

2. Fendi

FENDI was founded in Rome in 1925 by Adele and Edoardo Fendi and has since grown to become a Maison famous for its craftsmanship and inventiveness, which is strongly rooted in its Roman heritage. FENDI is now linked with tradition, experimentation, and bold invention after more than 90 years.

The Fendi Baguette is said to have sold over 100,000 pieces in its first year and has since been recreated in over 1,000 different variations. Every season brings new variants, but the demand for classic styles is just as strong.

3. Adidas

Adidas bags provide the flair, excellent design, and security you want in a travel companion. Whether you’re looking for a gym bag or a street bag, you’ll find it here in a variety of classic and cutting-edge styles.

They’re the ultimate bag for transporting your Adidas stuff and more, and they’re both stylish and useful. Simple features, excellent closures, and, of course, the trademark tri-stripe emblem distinguish Adidas backpacks. While Adidas backpacks are commonly utilised by sportsmen, they’re as popular for commuters and students.

4. Michael Kors

Michael Kors bags have surpassed the likes of Coach and Louis Vuitton in terms of ubiquity and fame. Their success may be ascribed to a number of things, the most important of which is Kors’ understanding and control of his brand’s place on the global fashion scene.

The Michael Kors brand is becoming more well-known as a result of its functional design and high-quality materials. Selma, their main product line, is quite successful in terms of design and is also very functional.

5. Chloe

Many people all around the globe love Chloe, a premium French fashion brand that embraces free-spirited femininity. It not only gave women the choice of wearing ready-to-wear clothing, but it also fundamentally revolutionised the face of fashion. The company began in Paris, France, and has since evolved to become a global bag icon.

6. Burberry

Burberry is a London-based luxury brand with a global presence. We create and manufacture high-end apparel, beauty products, leather goods, accessories, and fragrances that combine the highest levels of workmanship and design with cutting-edge technology. Burberry bags are a good choice if you want to have long-lasting clothes from a luxury brand. Burberry pieces have an uncanny eye for detail and quality, which is a hallmark of the brand. Burberry bags are the type of thing you’ll treasure for a lifetime.

Burberry’s bag collection includes everything from classic leather backpacks to futuristic ECONYL crossbody bags.

What to look for while buying a branded bag?

  • Everyone has a favourite designer brand, but unless you’re positive that this is the only one you want, it’s worth checking into all of the possibilities accessible in Singapore to see what you can discover.
  • Don’t choose a designer brand because it’s popular right now unless you’re lucky enough to locate a bag that fulfils all of your requirements.
  • You could only want a bag that you can set apart for special occasions, in which case this isn’t as vital. However, if you want a bag that you can use every day, think about how well it will fit into your lifestyle before you buy it.
  • If you want an everyday designer bag, think about what you often wear and how well your bag will go with it. If you prefer to wear plainer, a brighter, more interesting purse, monotone colours to provide a burst of colour to your clothes can be a good choice.
  • What are your plans with your bag? The size of your bag will be important if you wish to carry your laptop, wallet, keys, water bottle, ID cards, and other items with you on a regular basis.

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