Best Price Coffee Tables in Singapore

by Starry

Nov 07 2021

If you consider yourself an interior design enthusiast then you surely know the significance of coffee tables. These are the pieces of furniture that most people don’t pay attention to. But these are the ones that have the tendency to make or break your living room aesthetic.

Coffee tables are an essential part of your lounge’s comfort corner. However, unlike popular opinion, the only use of these tables is not holding your beverages. You can place your tv remote and other ornaments on it. This is also where you can have a casual talk with your pals. That is why we firmly believe that no matter what type of aesthetic you want for your house, you need a low desk to truly achieve it.

Loft Home Furniture 

If you are a Singaporean national, we understand your struggle of searching for affordable top-quality furniture pieces. In most cases, you may have to order them from international brands. But then, you will have to deal with the headache of high shipping fees or an extended delivery period.

That is why Loft Home Furniture is here to make your home appliance shopping experience more pleasant. The other thing that has turned it into a top-rated furniture label is its affordability. With Loft Home Furniture, you no longer need to let your budget dictate your choices.

So, if you happen to be looking for a coffee table in Singapore, this is the place you must check out.

Round Coffee Table 

The time when plain rectangular tables were in trend is long gone. Today, in most homes you will find round coffee tables. These are not only stylish to look at but also have their set of advantages.

Round side tables take less room than square ones. Because of this, these are ideal for you if you are low on space. In addition, many people believe that because round tables lack sharp edges, these provide a more friendly and cozy atmosphere.

Asymmetrical Coffee Table 

If you are feeling particularly more adventurous, perhaps you would want to have a look at some unconventional styles of furniture. These days, asymmetrical coffee tables are quite in trend. Many people also consider them as an essential piece for contemporary design houses.

Asymmetrical coffee tables possess the tendency to bring attention to themselves. You can also consider it as a statement piece for your lounge.

Wood Coffee Table 

When choosing a material for your side table, wood is probably the safest option. You can never go wrong with wood. It compliments almost every aesthetic. Since most of the other items in the room are also wooden, these tables will not look out of place.

The other thing is that your table would not experience any wear or tear. The reason behind this is that wood is a sturdy and durable material. This means that wood coffee tables will also last a considerably long time.

Marble Coffee Table 

Imagine this, you enter your friend’s living room and see the light reflecting from every bit of shiny furniture. It would create such an alluring scene. This is the effect marble can create.

Marble is a soft stone that has been in use for its beauty since ancient times. This is the material artisans use to make sculptures. In addition to that, one of the greatest monuments, the Taj Mahal, is also made from marble.

By purchasing a marble coffee table, you will no longer have to worry about stains and rust. Marble side tables are less susceptible to any of that. Though marble looks fragile it is in fact a highly durable and resistant material.

Coffee Table Styles 

Every piece of furniture is not made to fit a single standard. Two of the most prominent styles of coffee tables are traditional design and contemporary design.

Traditional Style

Traditional style coffee tables are present in almost every house. These are timeless pieces that people will continue to adore. These coffee tables are commonly made of wood. You may often see them in square and oval shapes.

These tables can provide your lounge with a warm and cozy atmosphere. On the other hand, traditional-style coffee tables can provide a classic and serious look in offices and institutions.

Contemporary Style 

You will most likely find contemporary-style coffee tables in modern places. With these pieces of furniture, people try to achieve a more minimalistic yet sophisticated look. A visit to a house with a contemporary aesthetic is similar to visiting an art gallery. Every piece will be eye-catching. You will find no element of monotony or dullness.

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