Beats Shop in Singapore – Upgrading The Sound Profile

by Starry

Apr 06 2021

Are you a fashion-conscious consumer? It would help if you were amazed by the style of Beats. Becoming one of the most recognizable brands, Beats has gained popularity and established itself in the audio industry. Beats, a brand of designer audio products by Dr. Dre, was founded by the hip-hop artist in 2008. Its products include portable speakers, earphones, headphones, and software technology. Are you aware of Beats Singapore? Scroll down and see where you should get Beats products in Singapore.

Beats By Dre Singapore

Beats, the well-known brand for audio products, is rising to excellent success. Dr. Dre., the founder of Beats, created headphones to use with your Apple devices with better sound quality. Besides facing criticism, it proved that its headphones could recreate the excitement and sound more dramatic when you are in the studio recording.

Many new products launch have the potential to rise from the ground and get success worldwide. Beats is an example of this. With significant improvements in the predecessors, wireless performance, and battery life, Beats headphones, and earphones are spotless with great functionality.

Here are a few products with excellence in listening to music with Beats.

Beats Flex

Available Colors: Beats Black, Yuzu Yellow, Flame Blue, and Smoke Gray

The Beats Flex has an Auto-Pause feature and Magnetic earbuds, keeping your music on the deck while you are on the move. Besides, the Auto-Play feature will start them again when you use them back in. It will provide ultra-low distortion and perfect bass with a single-tap audio sharing to sync. You will get around ten hours of listening time when connected through Apple W1chip. Buy your Beats Files from the Beats shop in Singapore today.


Available Colors: Black, Red, and White  

The Powerbeats wireless earphones are water and sweat resistant with secure-fit and adjustable ear hooks made perfectly for movement. Its Apple H1 chip is powered with faster connectivity and voice activation by “Hey Siri.” Besides, these Powerbeats will help you stay hands-free, revolutionizing your workouts with around fifteen hours of listening time.

Powerbeats Pro

Available Colors: Black, Cloud Pink, Glacier Blue, Ivory, Lava Red, and Navy

The Powerbeats Pro are wireless earphones making you move while listening to music for around nine hours. You can connect it through the Apple A1 chip with complete controls on track and volume. Besides, you can play them on both sides or single while working out.

Beats Shops in Singapore

Do you want to listen to music with a unique style? Check out the following stores in Singapore to buy Beats:

  • Apple Store at Marina Bay Sands

B2-06, Two- Bayfront Avenue

018972 Singapore

  • Apple Jewel at Changi Airport

78-Airport Blvd

819666 Singapore

Online Platform of Apple Store Singapore

Beats Studio3 Over-Ear Wireless Headphones

Available Colors: Black & Red, Blue, Matt Black, Midnight Black, Red, Shadow Grey, and White

Beats Studio3 headphones are driven by the Apple W1 chip with fine-tuned acoustics, premium sound, and pure Active Noise Cancelling (ANC). You will get twenty-four hours of battery life and stay connected with the music with around forty hours of battery life. Besides, it has stereo Bluetooth, noise isolation, and inline volume control with a mic and remote. Get home this superior headphone from the Beats shop in Singapore.

Beats Pill + Portable Speaker

Available Colors: Black, Red, and White

Beats Pill+ has a sleek interface, filling your room with a clear and rich sound field. You will listen to the sound more prominent than the sound of Beats Pill+. Besides, it has a crossover active two-way system with around twelve hours of battery life.

Beats Solo-Pro Noise-Cancelling Headphones

Available Colors: Black, Grey, and Ivory

Get the sound inspired by the Beats Solo Pro Wireless Headphones, delivering the sound the way you want. Transparency and Active Noise Cancelling (ANC) modes come with around twenty-two hours of battery life; these headphones will comfortably fit into your life.

Beats Audio Cable

Connecting headphones to your music player, this Beats cable works as the auxiliary cable while you play music in your car from your iPads, iPods, or iPhones.

Beats Shop In Singapore- Online Shopping Stores

Buy Beats wireless headphones at Qoo10 Singapore

If you are wondering where to buy Beats for songs in Singapore, look no further than Qoo10 Singapore. Qoo10 is an online marketplace that offers exclusive discounts on your favourite Beats wireless headphones in Singapore. They have a wide range of Beats headphones, including the Beats fit Pro Singapore.

Qoo10 operates in 7 localized online marketplaces in 5 countries, allowing multiple Beats Singapore distributors to sell their products; hence you get the most competitive prices in the market. Even better is the fact that Qoo10 is a merchant partner of Atome, which means that you can enjoy multiple Atome exclusive deals and discounts when you buy your favourite Beats headphones in Singapore from Qoo10 using Atome. 

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Beats on Lazada Singapore

Lazada Singapore offers many Beats products and accessories, including the following:

  • urBeats3 Earphones with Lightning Connector at S$114.38.
  • Gloss black Beats Solo3 on-ear wireless Bluetooth headphones at S$269.34.
  • urBeats3 earphones with 3.5 mm plug at S$114.38.
  • It Beats on-ear EP wired headphones at S$185.69.
  • Beats by urBeats3 3.5 mm earphones with comfort-fit wire at S$39.92.
  • Beats tour 3 Bluetooth earphones with extra bass experience at S$38.79.

Besides, Lazada Singapore will offer you many other Beats products at discounted prices.

Beats on Harvey Norman Singapore

Do you want to know about the Beats shop in Singapore? Harvey Norman is offering discounts on Beats products. You can buy Beats headphones, earphones, accessories, etc., at discounted prices. Some Beats products at Harvey Norman Singapore include Beats Solo 3 wireless headphones in yellow color not at S$259.00 and many more.

Besides, you can check the following online shopping stores to get home your desired Beats products today:

  • Best Denki Singapore
  • Courts Singapore
  • Hwee Seng Electronics Pte. Ltd.
  • Carousell Singapore
  • Too Singapore

-Shop Back Singapore

Importance of Beats

Beats products are incredibly beneficial for the music quality and make your hands free while you have an important call to attend, are doing workouts, or driving your car. A few of the significant features of Beats earphones and headphones include the following:

  • Better battery life to boot
  • Comfortable to wear
  • Improved noise-canceling
  • Stylish designs
  • Superior sound quality

Furthermore, Beats has positioned itself as a luxury brand with a hefty price tag. This may first put off many people, yet premium pricing signifies a certain quality. Additionally, Beats has been creating customized versions of some of the most costly earbuds for the wealthy. When Lil’ Wayne wore a set of $1 million diamond Beats while watching a basketball game, the brand raised the bar for high-end headphones.

Beats wireless earbuds satisfy their clients not just through the quality of their headphones, but their vibrant colors and fashionable designs help users stand out from the crowd. Beats earbuds Singapore uses relatable concepts like questioning the status quo, gender equality, and overcoming adversity to communicate great brand messages via evocative narratives in their advertising campaigns.

Air Pods or Beats Earbuds, which is better?

Selecting a favorite child is nearly as tricky as choosing between Beats Earbuds or Apple headphones. We’re still making decisions based on technological features, durability and comfort, and—most importantly—how well the sound is. However, both are notable rivals who have released excellent-sounding mid-range products such as the Studio Buds and Air pods Pro. Both devices may use some of the exclusive technology, including Apple’s beloved W1 and H1 Chipsets. Though, the Beats brand is known for other traits, including a focus on thunderous, reverberant bass.

Air Pods vs. Power Beats Pro: a comparison

When you compare Apple vs. Beats earbuds, you find out that the standard Air Pods are an excellent option if you’re still on work from home or like to listen to songs or podcasts in a tranquil environment. However, Power Beats Pro provides longer listening durations and continues to be a need for people who travel frequently or who are serious runners and hard-core music lovers.

Beats Studio3 vs. AirPods Max

The AirPods Max is expensive, but they offer good innovative audio, are easy to use, and feature a straightforward, cozy aesthetic. Although Studio3 headphones have strong ANC, Beats earbuds never fall short of brilliance in high-quality sound.

Beats Studio Buds Compared to Air Pods Pro

The ANC feature of the Beats Ear-buds has some limitations. You won’t be interrupted as much with the Beats Ear-buds as you would be with Air Pods Pro on long flights and layovers or when playing music throughout the day at work. Still, its primary purpose is to keep users comfortable for prolonged periods, not to create the quietest possible atmosphere, though.

Can I use Beats with my iPhone?

Some things, whether a song, a talk show, or even a movie, are better when the audio and video are combined. You may listen to your favorite music and podcast with compatible Beats wireless earbuds paired with your iPhone. By pairing two gadgets, an Air Pods to an iPhone or iPad, you can enjoy premium audio and video by pairing both via Audio Sharing.

How to attach Beats to a Windows computer

Here are four simple steps that will demonstrate how to connect your laptop computer and Beats wireless earbuds:

  1. On the desktop, click the Windows icon. In the search box, type “Bluetooth.” In the search results, choose Bluetooth device settings.
  2. Switch on Bluetooth from the Bluetooth settings and select the option of “Add Bluetooth” or other devices from the given options.  
  3. Choose Bluetooth. Bluetooth readily enables you to see all accessible devices in your area. These devices will appear on your windows.
  4. Select your Beats earbuds once it has loaded. A confirmation notification will appear on your screen when your device is connected.

Connecting Beats to a Mac

Here’s how to connect your Mac laptop to your Beats wireless earbuds

  1. On your desktop, click the Bluetooth logo and choose Bluetooth Preferences.
  2. If it isn’t already, enable Bluetooth on your Mac. Under the Devices tab, you should be able to locate your Beats earbuds. Next to the Beats earbuds, if you wish to link, click Connect.
  3. If the Beats and Mac were linked correctly, the device should display “connected.”

Connecting Beats to an iPhone

The pairing of Beats earbuds with iPhones will be smooth once you’ve connected your Beats wireless earbuds with your iPhone since they should automatically link any time you wish to use the gadgets together in the future.

Notably, the automated pairing option might occasionally fail when using Beats earbuds with numerous devices. If this happens, adhere to the instructions below to manually pair your Beats earbuds to your iPhone once more.

If so, follow these instructions to pair your wireless Beats Headphones to an iPhone:

  1. First, open your Settings and check that Bluetooth is turned on.
  2. Turn on the pairing mode on your Beats earbuds. You should see your Beats earbuds on other devices. To start connecting your headphones with your iPhone, select them.
  3. Your Beats will show up under “My Devices” with a “Connected” status after being correctly linked.

How can I purchase it using Atome?

Customers have alternative payment options with Atome, a Singapore-based firm with over 15,000+ online and offline retailers and successful operations. Scan the QR code on a partner merchant’s in-store shelf or at the online checkout, and use the app to break up their payments into three interest-free monthly installments.

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Beats, one of the well-known brands of audio products, has gained popularity worldwide. The claim lies in the fact that you are picking Beats. Creating better products and justifying its prices, Beats offers unparalleled performance and improved quality. Explore your preferred shopping platform or physical store and get home your Beats today! We have listed Beats shop in Singapore through this blog.

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