The most stylish bar tables to choose from in 2022

by Starry

Feb 08 2022

Bar tables have a long history in the United Kingdom and have extended their roots to Asia as well. Since the Romans introduced the taberna, or tavern, to the shores, they’ve been drinking in pubs and bars for roughly 2,000 years. The term “table,” or “tabula” in Latin, which means “plank” among other things, comes from the Romans.

In the oldest taverns and inns, a bar table would have been a basic wooden plank or board supported by trestles or maybe stone blocks, and later barrels, on which food and drink would be put. The bar or pub table has evolved into a multidimensional monster throughout the centuries: it now has legs, comes in a variety of heights and materials, and is very movable.

Whether you own a bar/pub or looking for some innovative kitchen bar table designs, we have presented some amazing styles in this post, keep reading to learn more!

A brief history of bars and bar tables

The history of bars dates back to Ancient Greece. Back then, men would gather around in the evenings for recreational hangouts enjoying food, music, and theatrical entertainment along with alcoholic beverages being served in the background. Then come the Roman empire, when the pubs and taverns were increasing exponentially by the roadsides to meet the needs of the traversing soldiers, caravans, and other travelers.

Then fast forward to the British Empire, where the English had alcohol as such an integral part of their lives that by the year 1600, it was prohibited not to have a bar in town.

When North America started getting colonized by the Americans, the taverns and pubs were actually established before churches were erected. By the 19th century, bars had rampantly metastasized all across the Western frontier, offering lodgings as well as food and drinks to the settlers, and this led to such a great drinking problem that Prohibition was enacted in the early 20th century to curb the alarming alcoholism. And even through the Prohibition, secret bars called speakeasies continued to operate illegally. The 21st Amendment later re-legalized the sale and purchase of alcohol in 1933.

In the present day and age, the modern bars no longer offer lodgings, but they have largely diversified into different ramifications. Bars are not freely associated with alcoholism anymore since there are so many other themed bars such as comedy bars, karaoke bars, juice bars, book bars, and of course, the Tiki bars and wine bars. So, alcohol is the secondary offering within bars.

As far as the furniture of bars is concerned, they too have substantially changed so drastically over the years, from the rough benches and crude tables and barrel tops to the present-day state-of-the-art and aesthetically pleasing bar chairs and bar tables that are a sight for sore eyes.

Urban mood Singapore bar tables

Urban mood Singapore is the embodiment of flamboyant and premium furniture that is a class apart from its rivaling competitors. Urban mood Singapore is the pinnacle of woodworks and craftsmanship and your go-to location for interior decoration and home furnishing. The Urban mood has entire subsections catering to all the different rooms of the house to style them accordingly. Similarly, it has another subsection where furniture is assorted according to the brand style.

If you’re searching for the pinnacle of perfection and the definition of fine decoration, the Urban mood is exactly the place you should be shopping from. The odds are that you wouldn’t need to search for Urban mood; you’d be redirected to it when searching for the best bar table Singapore. You can search for bar table sets according to the style and the material of the furniture you’re interested in buying, e.g., you can search for bar height tables, bar counter tables, outdoor bar tables, bar top tables, and high bar tables. For an impartial take on Urban mood, search for Urban mood reviews, and bear witness to the thousands of satisfied Urban mood customers’ testimonials.

Urban mood Singapore bar tables

High society table bars

This is the type of furniture that is generally always found in bars. High bar stools are required if your bar has a counter where customers may sit. Sitting on a high seat at the bar, catching the bartender’s attention when your drink needs replenishing, and possibly catching the eye of a fellow drinker, has a very American feel to it.

Trent Furniture’s Monza bar stool (seat height 75cm) or Tall Zeta chrome bar stool (seat height 80cm) with metal frame and pressed plywood seat is suitable for a trendy, modern aesthetic.

Customers can wish to congregate around a high “poseur” table, and there are a variety of stools that would work well in this setting. With a hefty shape and a padded leather top, the Tall Dakota bar stool is substantial and unobtrusively attractive.

Trent’s Pyramid poseur tables, in black or chrome, would look great with this. The Shaker poseur table, which is available in the same selection of wood treatments as the Shaker poseur table, has a more ornamental but still modern design.

Low bar tables

Low tables are commonly referred to as “coffee tables,” despite the fact that they are capable of supporting a wide range of beverages. Although they are not commonly used in bars, they are occasionally utilised in a corner or against a wall with a sofa or chairs; if seating is low, a table will obviously need to be low as well.

Wooden coffee tables, such as Trent Furniture’s Shaker coffee table are more common in dark oak or light oak finishes. These will typically stand between 45 and 48cm tall.

The Pyramid coffee table

The Pyramid coffee table, so named because of its pyramid-shaped base, has a more contemporary style that is wide, to ensure stability. Chrome, laminates, light wood veneers, and powder-coated metal, are virtually usually used in their design, materials, and finishes.

Trent Furniture’s Pyramid coffee tables come in square or rectangular shapes, with steel bases and laminate tops or wood veneer.

The Pub table

This black and chrome pub table stands on x-shaped legs and has a chrome foot rail that adds solidity to the table. The table has two open shelves and may be utilised as a drink bar as well.

Counter tables

Counter tables normally have a fixed top that stays solid when you lay beverages or snacks on it, as well as a choice of stain colours that make the wood stand out, regular table-like legs that are sure to operate well and endure a long time.

This is a crucial aspect for bars and pubs, and it is one of the primary reasons these establishments purchase counter tables.

People normally stand up around a table and eat their beverages and nibbles in bars and pubs, although they can also sit down for more comfort. In any case, the tables must be the proper size and form for the clients’ comfort, as well as durable and able to withstand a lot of damage.

 Counter tables are ideal for this purpose, because even if customers run into them after drinking too much, they may receive treatment and continue working as usual.

Round bar tables

A round bar table’s main purpose is to allow customers to comfortably stand around it without being overly short or tall.

The movable tables accommodate patrons of all heights, and because the comfort of the customers standing around it is so important, it was designed with that in mind.

One of the most distinguishing features of circular bar tables is that they frequently have a swivel top that rotates in both directions, as well as a foot pedal that may raise or lower the table.

They, like other bar tables, are built to endure everything the customers throw at them, and they generally come with great warranties.

Square bar tables

When it comes to square bar tables, there aren’t many other types because the fundamental form consists of a square tabletop and legs. Because they are little, they aren’t always available in more than a few sizes, but their styles can include both traditional and extravagant patterns that serve a purpose while also looking wonderful.

One of the most appealing aspects of square pub tables is that they are simple to mix and match so that they complement one other no matter where they are situated or how many you have.

Ikea bar table

Ikea is another great alternative for individuals who want to go easy on their pockets. It is globally renowned for being the cheapest furniture brand, selling quality products worldwide. If you’re not really investing in a bar and just need bar tables and bar chairs for recreational purposes, Ikea is your go-to brand. Not only is Ikea cheap to purchase, but it also comes with user manuals to assemble the furniture yourself, so not only does the Lego-loving kid in all of us gets elated to join the furniture together, it’s cost-effective, cutting the additional labor cost that would have been used for the transportation and the assembly.

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