Are Chanel Espadrilles Worth Investing In?

by Starry

Oct 14 2021

Are you interested in owning a pair of Chanel espadrilles but are confused as to whether you should invest in these shoes and whether they go with your personal style? This article aims to help guide you about the sizing and fitting of these shoes and to let you know whether their comfort level, durability, aesthetics and if the Chanel Espadrilles is a worthy investment.

Fit and Sizing

The fitting of espadrilles is a little tight compared to the other Chanel shoes; your feet might feel rather snug while trying them on, as the size you are used to wearing won’t fit you in the espadrilles. However, these shoes are made up of lambskin that stretches after wearing the heels over time. So, while you might struggle while wearing them initially; ultimately, they will stretch and fit on your feet nicely. Wearing espadrilles won’t remain a struggle after wearing them a few times, and they also don’t slip easily.  These shoes are designed in a relatively tight-fitting fashion because they are made up of soft lambskin. Thanks to the supple leather that has been used in the manufacturing process, once they fit well on feet, your feet will feel extremely comfortable. Eventually, the leather would stretch and be molded according to your feet’s shape and for the perfect fit.

Are Chanel Espadrilles Comfortable?

Even though Chanel espadrilles are not meant for day-long hikes, this does not mean that wearing them causes discomfort. To avoid any painful experiences while wearing these shoes, you can start by wearing them for short sessions to get used to their thick sole that is approximately 2cm, in the case of espadrilles. If you are only wearing them for short periods, it is unlikely for you to experience any blisters or discomfort. Hence, you can wear these shoes either on the beach or while on a city outing in summer with proper care. The sole of Chanel espadrilles is different from other espadrilles as it is flat and does not offer heel support. Hence, to get additional help, it is recommended for you to insert heel cushions that may elevate your feet a little. Moreover, it can also prevent your knees and feet from aching, especially after wearing them for a long time. 


The popularity of Chanel Espadrilles is continuously elevating because of its chic appearance, first introduced in 2013 by Chanel circa. There are many options to choose from the canvas, suede, tweed, lambskin, mesh, and many more.  People usually love to have light-colored lambskin leather espadrilles because they can be easily styled with almost everything.  Chanel espadrilles in light binge color with the interlocking logo in almost the same color and contrasting toe cap in jute sole is the most stylish wear which does not look overly flashy.   Wearers typically love to style the all-black lambskin variation with the office outfit to have a more elegant look.

How Durable are Chanel Espadrilles?

Chanel Espadrilles is not the kind of shoe that will stay forever in your wardrobe; still, their quality is amazing, and if taken proper care of, they can last for a couple of years to come.  The element that is prone to wear and tear in this shoe is its jute sole that may become fuzzy and stitching that may tear or get loose for many reasons.  Keeping the shoes away from rain and wet areas is very important despite its outer sole being lined with rubber; its jute may get permanently damaged due to the soaking up of water in them. Moreover, its upper leather layer may also get shrank or misshapen due to damping in water. Therefore, you should take proper care of these shoes to keep them lasting. You are required to keep them in dust bags with shoe filler or in some box with paper inserted inside shoes to retain their original shape. 

Good investment?

Another important concern that you might have was whether it provides good value to money or not.  These stylish, luxurious, and dream espadrilles would definitely make a good investment that covers both form and function, suitable for most occasions.

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