Add Versatility To Your Official Tasks With ErgoWorks Moving Desk

by Starry

Nov 02 2021

Prolonged sitting can cause many serious ailments. However, ERGOWORKS has a solution in the form of a moving desk. The moving desks are adjustable, and one can easily set the table according to their ease. ERGOWORKS has a range of customized moving desks in Singapore.  

ERGOWORKS furniture Singapore is very popular around the island. They have comfortable, stylish office furniture—a collection of office chairs that is a masterpiece of craftsmanship. The tabletops are 100% made up of premium quality plywood.

About Ergoworks 

ERGOWORKS offers 90% of Singapore-made furniture with high-quality plywood and laminate finishing. Plywood is durable, solid, and has waterproof features. The brand creates furniture with many color options. They also offer surface textures like concrete, stones, metal, or woodgrain laminated designs. ERGOWORKS chairs are certified by BIFMA. So let’s find out your perfect match with ERGOWORKS ergonomic chairs and moving desks.  

ERGOWORKS moving desks 

ERGOWORKS has a range of moving desks with electric features. Ideally, create for your office environment. The tabletop is 6mm with tempered glass. The height range of moving desks is 70cm to 119cm. The desks are noiseless. There is also a touch control system in tables for adjusting their heights. The desks can bear a load capacity of almost 50KG to 70 KG. The collection of electric desks are: 

  • Tempered glass top electric standing desk
  • Single motor electric standing desk
  • Electric standing desk
  • Dual motor electric standing desk 
  • Aero L-Shaped dual-motor electric standing desk 

Features of ERGOWORKS moving tables  

High adjustment: The one suffering from backache or neck pain issues can use this desk to cure their sitting position. The height adjustment option gives you extra comfort while you sit on a chair or work while standing.  

LED display: There is an LED screen fitted in the table which displays desk height, and now you can adjust your desk easily.  

Child lock: There is a child protection lock for safety measures of any sudden change. The glass tabletop can get damaged, or the things you placed on the tabletop if your naughty little one presses the button and destroy your work table. So, this is a very fantastic feature to stay away from such mishaps.  

Charging ports: In this modern era, every laptop, mobile phone, mouse, or keyboard needs a port. It is tough to bring several USB ports to your workplace. So, enjoy the easy solution of built-in charging ports in your moving desks.  

Drawers: A tabletop is not just enough to handle all your work shores for the working environment. But it would help if you had some compartments or drawers to save your important files or hide your USBs. ERGOWORKS knows your problems and has a drawer option on your working tables for your convenience.  

All in one package: ERGOWORKS is responsible for providing a complete table set including table frame, tabletop, and all the compulsory things for your moving desks.  

Customized products: Now, you can get your customized moving desk according to your requirements. Choose a portable desk, select your favorite color, and size can also be customized according to your space and adjustments.  

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