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Jun 03 2021

Looking for lighting options for your home? Do you want your house to have a little more homey and comforting aspect to every room?. Lightings can change the outlook of your room and even your mood. Light psychology is a very different subject and can be incorporated into the ambiance of a home.

Siok Lighting is an online store that does its business in lights. This store aims to provide you the type of lighting you desire for both home and office. There are plenty of options you can choose from.

Brand Story of Shiok Lighting

Founded in 2013 by a pair of interior designing enthusiasts in Singapore, Shiok Lighting is a lighting boutique incepted with the innovativity of blending in the balance of aesthetics and practicality. Previously known as Victor Alpha, the brain behind the brand is the co-founder of Shiok lighting, who was a stewardess by profession, and thus voyaged the whole world, curated different inspirations from the world, and amalgamated them all together into the brand that is Shiok. The brand initially began as an online business specializing in home décor pieces.

The brand got renamed to Shiok Lighting Shop Singapore in 2017. Due to the phenomenal success and overwhelming customer response, the brand stepped from an online store to a physical store. This proved to be a cornerstone in our exponential growth shortly after, since more customers got the opportunity to view these lighting and décor pieces without the filter of an online screen, and Shiok kept expanding its lighting stores. So, now when you search for lighting Singapore, your top results include Shiok.

Shiok believes that a home can only be as beautiful as its accessories, and good lighting is vital in enhancing how alluring your house can look. And Shiok strives to work on this philosophy so that you can have beautiful home accessories at an affordable price tag.

What to consider before installing lighting in your room?

Everyone can’t have the luxury of affording an interior designer to guide you about the plethora of factors that you should keep in the back of your mind before choosing and installing your room lights. But there are certainly some factors you should consider before hasting towards a purchase:

Durability and rating

All that glitters is not gold. We are often tempted to go after the shining and shimmering things that we don’t consider how fragile they are. The biggest example of this is your living room ceiling lights. It is imperative that you keep an eagle eye for the ratings of the products you’re about to purchase, especially the bad reviews. Because neither the installation nor the replacement of ceiling lights or wall lights comes cheap, and let’s say your ceiling lights break down after a while, it will cost an arm and a leg to replace them!

Another reason to look out for reliability is the fire hazard of poor lighting. The last thing you’d want from your lights would be electrocution from the fairy lights in your room or fire from your ceiling lights.

Energy efficiency

Energy and cost efficiency are important factors to be equated in selecting lighting. Though obsolete, incandescent lightings have the charm of keeping your houses warm and cozy while cheaper than LED. But if they are to be bought in any hot/ arid climate, the cheap incandescent lights turn out to be a penny-wise pound-foolish decision because they shoot the electric bills through the roof.

The impact of color

The different light hues have different physiologic roles on our performance and generalized well-being. For instance, illumination meant to mimic the natural daylight lighting has the same benefits as exposure outdoors, which is why they are more fitting for offices and workplaces, which require the employees to be alert and awake, boosting their serotonin levels and, subsequently, their productivity. The warmer hues of light have the sunset color, making people eat more and are thus suited for restaurants and breakrooms.

Bring ambiance to your home now

Thanks to Atome app, being in the spotlight can bring the entire ambiance to your home. The app’s head in Singapore and is available on the play store. Atome app brings all the brands that one can use for fashion, beauty, home care, health, travel etc all to one platform. The motto of the popular app is “buy now, pay later,” which is why it is already fully functional in Malaysia, Indonesia, and Singapore.

Lights at shiok lighting

There are plenty of categories to choose from according to your home decor and requirement. I also doe depend on the need for lighting. You can scroll into the variety of

1. Spotlights

2. Downlights

3. Ceiling lights

4. Track lights

5. Pendant lamps

6. Wall lamps

7. Table lamps

Though these lighting accessories are in different styles and colors, you can use different bulb hues to create a difference in ambiance.

Ambiance setting at homes

You can use different hues in lights to manipulate the ambiance and moods of a significant person in the room

Here is a guide to how you can use different lighting to enhance your home ambiance.

1. Firstly understand that yellow or orange hues in light can be very comforting and peaceful while on the contrary, the white light or lights with blue hues have a very bright as a daylight effect that adds energized moods to the person in the room. That is why different lights are used in different rooms of a home.

2. Lights can manipulate and motivate emotions and strong feelings. That is why you should choose lighting according to the size of the room, the walls of the room, and the color of the room. It helps give an illusion of a bigger and more roomy space.

3. Dim lights are a better way to feel relaxed even at night. When you use bright light at night, it activates your cerebellum, and the body is the inactive mode. But dimming the lights adds a more relaxing element to the room. Therefore the wall lamps are an excellent idea for bedrooms with yellow bulbs.

4. On the contrary, if you add dim lights to a room with no window, that limits the external light. Which will make the room more claustrophobic, stressed, and suffocated.

5. There are plenty of windows or a big window for a room where there are plenty of windows, a smaller lamp on the opposite side of the room to balance the natural and synthetic light.

Lighting in a living room and Bedroom

It should be both comfortable and energy-inducing when it comes to the living room, depending on the use at the specific moment. For example, you can use a big yellow bulb lamp in the corner by the telephone and have two small dim wall lamps or dim lambs in areas where sufficient lights do not reach efficiently. It helps promote a better ambiance that makes the room look big and gives a relaxing effect to those who use it for relaxing purposes.

Using the color red adds more color and elegance to the room. Other than that, it would be helpful if you have a high ceiling, then you can use the high ceiling lights to add white light in the living rooms. The living room is the most diverse part of the house. Unlike other rooms of the house where you could predetermine a particular genre of lighting, living room lighting is subject to a lot of variation, depending on the type of the person, their activities in the living room, their general personality (that is, do they like a very bright and well-illuminated room, or prefer a dimmer shade of light, etc.) So, in essence, there is an ocean of possibilities when it comes to lighting in the living room. But based on data about the top-selling items for the living room, you will have no trouble navigating through the website to choose appropriate lighting for your living room, when you search for track lighting living room and living room ceiling lights and wall lights.

Coming to bedrooms, the lighting can vary from person to person. Some people light it dim while others like it bright. So it depends on the personality of the person owning the room. Bedrooms are more private areas than living rooms which means they have to be decorated according to your desire. Adding a white main light and a few side table lamps can make a basic bedroom vibe but adding a few wall lamps that dim with a switch can add comfort and relaxing elements to the room.

There are plenty of options to add to your bedroom;

Lighting in the dining area

For a very modern setting, you can add ceiling lamps and a main white light source. It would be better to make the dining area in a room with more natural light, such as near a window. It helps create a very appetite-pleasing ambiance for the dinners. Having some dim lights by the dining area can add a little romantic or evening touch to the room’s overall ambiance.

Atome and Shiok lighting go hand-in-hand.

Lighting, fittings, and interior designing, on the whole, don’t come cheap. That’s where Atome comes to the rescue!

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Scan QR to download the Atome app

Your step-by-step guide to paying through Atome

· First, when you proceed to the checkout after selecting the items you want to purchase, you will be displayed with the options to pay. Amongst those options, select Atome.

· Next, you have to sign in to your Atome account using your log-in credentials.

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The use of light can always alter emotion, and that psychology can be used in decorating your home. It helps add color and friendlier ambiance or energy to a room, depending on the lights you choose. This online website has been termed as the best and most trusted lighting website.

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