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by Starry

Feb 28 2022

A sofa serves as a focal point in any space, whether at an office or home. A good one balances aesthetics with comfort to create the best effect. People are willing to spend a small fortune on their sofa because it is probably the most important piece of furniture in their living room. The color and style influence the feel and atmosphere of the room; therefore, investing in an attractive sofa is a must for anyone looking to make a statement with their furniture.

When buying a new sofa, the two main aspects to consider are its functionality and the level of comfort. Next in line is its appearance and aesthetics that will affect the look of the room. While a classic Chesterfield sofa would add elegance and sophistication, a colorful sofa with an unusual shape would add vibrancy and life into a room.

You can buy sofas in different sizes and shapes, making them a versatile element that can be utilized around a room in several ways. If you want a modern look for your space, you can mix and match different colors, shapes, and sizes in sofas to add dimension and create an appealing look. For example, you could add a 3-seater or 4-seater sofa in a solid neutral color with two 1-seater sofas in a lively color to make the room interesting and striking.

If you are looking for a 2-seater sofa in Singapore, Loft Home furniture has some good options that you can consider.

2-seater sofas at Loft Home Furniture

Loft Home Furniture is a Singapore-based company that operates as a retailer and wholesaler of furniture, decorations, and other household equipment. You can view their collection at their showroom or buy through their online store.

Let’s tour Loft Home’s online store and find some good options for you.

Fabric Sofa – HENRI 2 seater

This sofa has a sturdy solid wood interior frame, and the seat cushions are made from high-density foam, making it super soft and comfortable. You can customize your sofa in different finishes and over 100 fabric colors to match the interior of your room. This can be pre-ordered with a lead time of 4-5 weeks.

Fabric sofa – Letter

If you are looking for an interesting piece of furniture for your room, this can be the perfect addition. The 2-seater sofa has letters printed on its cushions, and the base is made of powder-coated steel. This Japanese product can be pre-ordered with a lead time of 8-10 weeks.

Genuine leather sofa – REGGIO 2 seater

This sofa is made from 100% genuine cowhide leather imported from Brazil. The leather has natural color and marking, varying from piece to piece. It has a solid wood interior frame making it durable and robust. The sofa is entirely covered with leather, including the back part. Even the cherry wood legs are covered with leather. You can pre-order this German product in custom colors as per your preference.

Jean & leather sofa – Cowboy 2 seater

We love the old-school charm of this cowboy sofa, a fusion of 100% full grain Brazilian leather and jean fabric. You can add depth to the interior of your room with the rustic look of leather and jean. You also have the choice to customize the color of leather while the jean fabric remains dark blue. Made with a solid wood interior frame, this durable product can be pre-ordered with a lead time of 6-8 weeks.

Why Loft Home Furniture?

This Singapore-based company brings its customers high-quality furniture that is impeccably designed and delivered to their doorsteps. They have a competitive edge over other furniture stores in Singapore because they work directly with leading factories around the world, removing the involvement of the middle man.

The team at Loft Home believes that well-made designer furniture is unjustifiably overpriced because of the costs incurred at different levels, such as warehouses, middlemen, and shopfronts.

To overcome this challenge, Loft Home has developed its own supply chain system that enables them to buy from factories that produce designer labels and make the products available to customers with an affordable price tag. Since the role of the middle man has been eliminated, Loft Home offers its customers excellent quality and superior designs at great prices.

Loft Home Furniture is one of Atome’s partnered merchant

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What is Atome?

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How can you pay at Loft Home with Atome?

  1. Add your favorite to the cart, and proceed to check out.
  2. Select Atome as your payment partner and continue.
  3. Enter your Atome details and continue checking out.
  4. Pay the first part of your bill, and the rest of the payment can be completed within the following months.

Final verdict

If you are searching for designer furniture that elevates the aesthetic appeal of your space and adds a new life to its interior, Loft Home offers a wide range of high-quality products that are well worth the money. If you have been putting off a refurniLoft Homeshing project for your home or office, now is the time to go through with it. Shop at Loft Home and pay for your purchase using Atome’s easy monthly payment plans.

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