Wish Online Shopping – How to use Wish for Shopping – Your Buying Guide!

Apr 20 2021

Even though we know technology is a new era. And having everything a click away is a blessing. But how do you know which site to trust? Lucky for you, we have gone through multiples of reviews, and only the wish online shopping reviews were worth sharing.

Have you ever wished for a site with amazing products, great customer service, and even amazing delivery time? It’s still not late. Wish online makes shopping fun.

Here is how you can use wish to make your wishes come true. It is available on the app store as well for a more customized filtration.

Welcome to wish online shopping

Wish is an online shopping and selling platform. It provides sellers and buyers to unite at an exchange point, providing a safe tool for both parties. It is the US-built shopping site app if recognized in essential characteristics. According to the wish online shopping reviews, you can get almost 60-90% off on all items and have bundle offers. It is a USA situated company but ships globally.

Customer satisfaction

Customers are stunned at how cheap these products are so cheap. Well, the answer is they are. Because these affordable products come directly from the factory or are sold in bulk, their costs are cut down to almost 80% of their make. Also, most of these products are shipped from China, Myanmar, or Indonesia. The labor is pretty cheap there.

Suppose you’re wondering that it might be risky to shop at wish. But it would be a surprise to you that many customers reported as their wish online shopping review that they didn’t have much hope for the quality of products, but their purchase was worth it and even though the prices are fairly low. I wish online shopping is legit.

Getting started

The wish online shopping reviews indicate that it is a very easy-to-use and user-friendly app. Anyone from any age group can easily use it to get exactly what they want.

For starters, if you do not have the wish online shopping app, download it from your app store. It is available on both the apple store and on the play store.


Suppose you choose not to use the app but directly use the desktop site. Just Google with online shopping. And the homepage will pop right up. Now that you are on the site and have the app. Register yourself on site. You can either do it through;

1. Your Facebook account

2. Your Gmail account

3. Or make a separate Wish account.

The registration is simple; it asks for the basic information used for delivery, payment, and filtering out products you might like. Once you are registered with the site, you can scroll through the many categories provided. As Nicole in the wish online shopping reviews says, “they have plenty of amazing options to choose from. And every one of them has great products.”

HomePage fiesta

Here is the basic outlook on the wish home page. Now that you have registered and entered the site. The home page will show your account details that you can edit as per your desire. Also, you will find the major alerts of the day right in the center. That will include:

a. Monthly Sales

b. Daily bundles

c. Clearance sales

d. Daily sales

e. Special day sales

The home page has a separate section for all the categories you would want to look into; it also has specific filtered items for your interest. Like Jeff commented as one of the wish online shopping reviews, ‘It’s like they know what I am looking for.’

Having all the items set out on the homepage makes it easier for you to find what you are looking for. If you don’t find your desired product on the homepage, you can go directly onto the search option. Or you can scroll through the various categories, like window shopping. It’s all up to your preference.   

Top features

If you are working on your wish app, it is pretty simple. Everything is available on the top bar of the app. You can tap on wherever you want to scroll now if you are using your desktop site. On the left corner is your top features bar. It includes;


This includes all the popular taps and clicks in the search for the past 24 hours. It could be popular due to new launches or popular due to high demand.


This includes all the amazing brands, but all the items are almost 60% off. It includes older and newly launched products.


Almost all the customers in the wish online shopping review showed their love and excitement towards this category. You can find popular brands, locals, express, and even other products because these are the ones that have been searched by other buyers recently.

Blitz buy

Keeping it exciting, you can spin and win your product of the day.


It provides buyers the nearby sites where they can shop and get their products. It also shows nearby delivery spots.


All the products can be sent through express mail.


It further has subgroups of:

a. Automotive

b. Kitchen

c. Bottoms

d. Underwears

e. Dresses

f. Pet accessories

g. Tops

A very honest and positive comment by a customer among the comments in wish online shopping reviews stated that these features are highly selective of what they showcase in each. They are named exactly what they are supposed to withhold, and categorizing them makes it easier to use and find your wished product.

Shopping cart

When you have selected your products, it all gathers in the cart where you get to remove the unwanted products or directly go to payment. This can be done through a card such as PayPal, visa, master card, and even cash on delivery in some areas.


Once you get settled on all your products and payments, you can wait for your order to reach your doorsteps in 3-4 business days. The delivery mechanism and duration are applauded by almost all the customers who wish for online shopping reviews.


Having an app o a site that can get you everything you desire is indeed a blessing, and our search has led to wish shopping. A lot of the wish online shopping reviews point out the mere fact that this is a trusted site where you can confidently invest your time and your money. It not only makes life easier but provides you with exactly what you were anticipating.