Why Is BNPL Proving To Be A Great Option For Big-Ticket Purchases Like Macbook?

Mar 12 2021

Across the e-commerce industry, players are embracing alternative payment options. Businesses are increasingly tilting towards BNPL(Buy Now Pay Later). Easy installments are fast replacing full payment benefits. Looking at the Macbook pro price in Singapore, it seems like a nice move to attract a larger audience that may find it difficult to pay the entire sum upfront for big-ticket items like Macbook. A closer look at this growing trend sheds light on certain macro trends that are likely to shape the market in the near future.

Interest-free installments are the talk of the town

An increasing number of retailers, including industry leaders like Lazada, have joined hands with several banks and financial institutions to shape a seamless BNPL payment route for their customers. By collaborating with the big names of the banking industry, e-commerce platforms like Lazada are committing towards adopting and integrating BNPL payment methods in their business model. Loyal online customers of Lazada are now finding themselves able to split the product price and pay through easy, interest-free installments. Not just that, with the plans being integrated into the platforms, the payment process has become even more seamless and hassle-free for the users.

MacBook Pro price in Singapore

Given the Macbook pro price in Singapore, which is at around SGD 1,849 or US$1,379, it makes sense why regular customers who live paycheck-to-paycheck might find it difficult to afford a Macbook in a single payment. When it comes to big-ticket purchases like Macbook, a customer has to consider multiple variables.

Is it worth it to buy this product over other versions or upgraded models?

Does the pricing of the product make sense in terms of the features being offered? Many other such questions arise when one tries to put together a logic for buying something like a MacBook pro. The price in Singapore for Apple products like the Macbook is among the cheapest in the world. Still, it’s a hefty investment and therefore warrants the clients to be diligent in their buying decision.

How does BNPL(Buy Now Pay Later) works?

Let’s say you are thinking about buying a base model of the new MacBook pro. The price in Singapore will probably be around SGD 1849. Not irrespective of whether you are studying or working and earning a decent enough income, you would probably find this amount to be a pretty big financial commitment. On top of that, the current pandemic has further exacerbated financial uncertainty for many and probably you are one of those people who are feeling the brunt of it.

By opting for a BNPL plan, such as one offered by Lazada, you will be able to buy a Macbook for your immediate use without having to pay in full. You will be able to pay for it over an extended period of time. Given how many of these plans are zero-interest installments, means that you won’t have to pay any additional interest. You would be paying only the cost of the product, along with the processing fee, if the payment process is being undertaken via credit card.

Therefore, with a plan like the Lazada installment plan, you would be able to pay Macbook pro price in Singapore over a three or six-month installment, without any interest or hidden costs. BNPL essentially makes big-ticket purchases much more affordable for customers. Nowadays, some big brands like Sephora and Zara are allowing their customers to buy products costing as little as SGD 10, on three, zero-interest installments.

An e-commerce boost in the times of COVID

The fact that e-commerce markets are not able to just survive, but thrive in the current scenario seems like a miracle. Especially considering the economic turmoil that COVID bought with itself. The reason why some of the major players like Lazada have continuously managed conversions during this period is their adoption of BNPL.

Integration of flexible and easy payment methods like BNPL has ensured a more seamless and convenient customer experience. This has stimulated sales even during this economically fraught period. Instead of leaving items in their cart, clients are choosing to check out their cart and pay via BNPL.

BNPL is also enabling customers to buy more, further fuelling sales. With a better buying experience, seamless payment process, and easy zero-interest installments, BNPL is helping businesses to attract Gen Zs and Millennials to their online and offline stores. Customers are also experiencing an elevated level of trust and reliance on these platforms, as they are being able to pay flexibly, without any difficulties or elaborate formalities.


BNPL is helping customers buy big-ticket items like Macbook. As a buyer, you now have to only think about the utility of the Macbook and its features. You do not have to give much thought to the current Macbook pro price in Singapore. Despite having less disposable income, the millennial and Gen Z buyers are making bold consumer choices because of BNPL plans and e-commerce businesses are reaping the rewards.