What Is The Fair Electronic Door Lock Price?

Home safety is mandatory, whether you trust your neighborhood or not. Locking your doors while you sleep or out of the house should be a very important instruction given to everyone. The electronic door lock price at HOZ is an online shop known for its amazing digital locks that are 100% guaranteed to keep your home secure. There is no doubt about that.

Your home is your bubble, it is your personal space, and you wouldn’t want anyone invading your personal bubble in your absence or even without permission. The HOZ electronic door locks are made for the very same reasons. Though there are many types of door locks that can be availed, on a general note, every kind of security is better than no security. But with fair electronic door lock price you can be sure that our homes are secure.

For the doubtful minds

Though the traditional lock and key have been trusted since the 18 century, it is strong and easy to operate. But a master key can ruin it all for you, no sound, no squeak, and the whole place will be swept clean. Now with the use of electronic door lock price to get the best electric door locks, you can have extra security with combinations and the type of locks you avail.

Also, it gives you an insight on who enters your house and at what time; you can easily keep a check on your house from miles away. With emerging technologies and increased smart locking systems, you have a variety of electric door locks, which you can avail of at the online store for the best electronic door lock price.

1. Code entry

The most common and easily available at any electronic store. The key to these locks is a combination of pins that only the owner and the family are aware of; this keeps all the suspects in line and helps keep a check. At the electronic door lock price list on the online store, you can avail yourself of such an electronic door lock for almost $400 – $800 depending on your price range, the company you like, and the features you want to add. The lowest price of these locks is $405.

2. Smartphone operated

With different varieties of locks being presented, the most liked design at HOZ for affordable electronic door lock price is the smartphone operated. For such locks, an app is required that is on the owner’s phone; it allows pre-locking and unlocks from anywhere. It helps keep a record of who enters the house or not. These are wifi-enabled and Bluetooth-enabled electric door locks that can be bought from the best and affordable electronic door lock price store for almost $700 – $1,170.

3. Biometric

These HOZ electronic door locks are amazing technological artwork. These locks have voice recognitions, eye scanning, and even face recognition in their lock system. To lock or unlock, all you need to do is put your fingerprint from the lock to accept a command. It will only work with recognized fingerprints, faces, voices, and eyes. You might think these HOZ locks are going to be very expensive, but you can buy them for around $800- $1,170.

4. Key card operated

These Hoz locks have a specific FOB card, or you can download it on your smartphones from Google play and for IPhone from the apple store. These electronic door locks work only when proper authorization is made after analyzing the card. It is a type of wifi operated, and Bluetooth operated electronic door lock and can be availed from HOZ for around $700 – $999.

HOZ door locks

The HOZ site is known for its amazing electronic door locks and has been trusted for home and even hotel room security. These electronic door locks are trendier than the traditional lock and key, but in all honesty, they are more practical as well. Now you do not have to search your pockets, bags, and the car for your key. Your key is the pin in your head, your fingerprint, and even your phone. HOZ made sure that these electronic door locks are highly practical and easy to operate.

At the online HOZ store, you may find;

1. Brands

There are different companies that make their own signature electronic door locks, and the best ones can be found at low electronic door lock price.

a. Kadaas

b. Samsung

c. Schlage

d. Irisys

2. Lock types

It is known that there are plenty of electronic door locks at the amazing electronic door lock price, HOZ store you can find;

a. Push-pull

b. Handle

c. Rim lock

d. Deadbolt

3. Filtration system

Different companies have their electronic door locks showcased at the store and the  electronic door lock price, and they have plenty of characteristics; you can filter out your desired electronic door lock by using the filtration system;

a. Pin code/ Password

b. Face and palm recognition

c. Master key

d. RFID card

e. Wifi-enabled

f. Bluetooth enabled.

Buy these locks through Atome

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With the collaboration of HOZ with mind blowing electronic door lock price, Atome now allows its customers to get their desired electronic door lock and maintain their home security now. While they can pay back in three easy installments. It is like a dream come true; now, there will be no compromises made on things you like.

Pricing at HOZ

With a variety of electronic door locks, HOZ has a very fair range of electronic door lock price for all its locks. It starts with $400 at its minimum, and you can buy the most expensive one at $1,170, which has the best features and is 100% guaranteed to keep your homes safe.

Though the prices are not very high, it all comes down to your preference. IF you think that a spy cam at your front door or in a living room will be sufficient. You can buy that door lock for an electronic door lock price of $89.

It is amazing how many home care products can be bought at a fair price; at other electronic stores, you will be charged more than the costs shown for an electronic door lock price. It is because HOZ plays it fair.


Home security is a very important element of being careful with your belongings. Hoz understands this responsibility and therefore has provided a wide selection of amazing and trusted electronic door locks that will not only appear trendy but will guard your homes at an amazing electronic door lock price. Electronic door locks are of different types, and it all depends on the customer demand.