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Nov 02 2021

ESTEE LAUDER has the broadest range of Advance night repair skin essentials, with impressive visible results in just seven days. ESTEE LAUDER Advanced night repair serum, Advanced Night Repair Serum with Pink Ribbon Sleeve, Advanced Night Repair Eye Concentrate Matrix, Advanced night repair serum Duo, Advanced Night Repair Eye Supercharged Complex, Nightly reset, repair + Renew Night-time experts, and much more in advance night care routine. 

Skin experts recommend using Advanced night repair creams at night to make your skin calm and smooth while sleeping. The advanced night creams have many exceptional outcomes. Our skin efficiently absorbs the ingredients while sleeping and gives a more amazing skin glow. 


ESTEE is the founder of the ESTEE LAUDER beauty brand. In 2021, the brand celebrated its 75th anniversary in the world of beauty. 

ESTEE LAUDER is a well-renowned brand with which every beauty lover is familiar. A name ESTEE is printed on the jar is enough for its worth. The brand has many beautiful memories, stories and has an emotional place in the hearts of people. They are limited to skin care creams and have the vast capacity of makeup, fragrances, gift sets, and much more. Discover the new experienced range of ESTEE LAUDER products and enjoy your beauty. 

Featured products of ESTEE LAUDER: 

There are thousands or millions of skincare brands available globally. Still, ESTEE LAUDER Advance night repair, ESTEE LAUDER perfumes, and ESTEE LAUDER eye cream are consistently popular in Singapore.

ESTEE LAUDER Advanced night repair 

The advanced night repair serum (synchronized multi-recovery complex) is the number 1 serum in Singapore. It is suitable for all skin types. The latest revolutionary formula brings an all-new fascinating experience of enjoying a younger skin ever. The new technology of “Chronolox power signal” absorbs in the skin and fight against the signs of wrinkles, aging, and lines. The serum gives you the all-new look of beautifully smooth skin. Only one drop is enough to hydrate your skin all night. 

Moreover, the serum provides 72 hours of hydration after serum application. It recovers all skin barriers in less than 4 hours. The ESTEE LAUDER, Advanced night repair serum, has an oil-free texture.

Why choose ESTEE LAUDER Advanced night repair serum in Singapore? 

There are multiple reasons to choose this brand serum. Some of them are listed below. 

1. Reduce multiple aging signs: The ESTEE LAUDER, Advanced night repair serum, is ideal for removing many upcoming skin challenges like wrinkles, dryness, patches, and more. One serum brings multiple benefits. 

2. Aging prevention: The ESTEE LAUDER Advanced night repair serum visibly prevents the aging process as 88% of women agreed that their skin aging process is stopped after using the serum. 

3. Skin tightness and toning: This serum in Singapore is also helpful in skin firmness and skin tightening. Moreover, the serum also provides a consistent skin tone experience. 

4. Hydration: The serum is very helpful in skin renovation as well as it moisturizes and nourishes your skin to the core. 

5. Oil-free Formula: This is one of the best features in that it gives a 100% oil-free anti-oxidant look to your skin. Moreover, the serum is fragrance-free and commits to providing the best. 


ESTEE LAUDER has a massive collection of men women perfumes and musk in Singapore. They have a perfume range for every occasion. They featured many sharp, calm, mild, and breezy perfume collections. Their rich, romantic, and luxury perfumes are very popular in Singapore. They have something for everyone. ESTEE LAUDER perfumes are considered one of the highly recommended and exceptional perfumes around the island. 

Beautiful aromas, classic designs, and misty fragrances make it worth selectable.

Collection of ESTEE LAUDER perfumes are: 

  • Beautiful
  • Beautiful belle
  • Beautiful Magnolia
  • Bronze Goddess
  • Modern Muse
  • Pleasures
  • Sensuous
  • White linen
  • Youth Dew
  • Luxury Collection
  • The House of ESTEE Lauder
  • Private collection
  • AERIN Fragrance Collection
  • For men

ESTEE LAUDER eye cream 

Eye circles are one of the 1st skin parts that affect the aging process at the earliest. However, the ESTEE LAUDER eye cream range has the solution for all your aging problems. Advanced Night repair eye supercharged complex synchronized recovery, advanced night repair eye serum are the best eye creams in Singapore. The eye creams give rapid results and visibly repair your crow feet like lines. 

The ultra-moisture eye cream demolishes every corner of the eyes. The eye care range is suitable for all ages and all skin types. It wins the trust of 91% of women around the globe. 

Some key variants of ESTEE LAUDER eye cream are: 

1. Eleven lines protection: The eye cream helps remove 11 lines between your eyebrows, under-eye, eye corners, wrinkles, dark circles, and tired eyes. It Gives a new younger look to your old watches. 

2. Hydrate your dull skin: The product gives life to your light and dehydrated skin as the skin around the eyes is quite dry and boring. 

3. Fast action results: The ESTEE LAUDER eye cream turns out to be excellent rapid action results within three weeks. It provides visible skin repair quickly. 

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