Support local

Apr 13 2020

The world has taken a hit with the outbreak of Covid-19, and the various industry sectors, from tourism to finance, airlines and schools, have all taken a toll.

With measures in place to help us all #stayhome and only go out to get essentials, local businesses have taken a hit. Unlike larger establishments, smaller local companies don’t often have the luxury to rely on funds or investments during these times, and while they’re doing their best to survive, it’ll only be successful with our support.

During times like this, it’s heart-warming to see that the best of humanity always shines through. There are numerous examples on the web (Beng Who Cooks, Preetipls pooling donations for migrant workers), even as we scroll through social media, we see posts and stories from friends and family members offering to help those who can’t afford to cook or buy groceries due to unfortunate circumstances.

As we all do our part to help each other, we’ve round up some ways you can help support local businesses:

1. Shop online

Due to the various measures in place to help keep us all safe and at home, retail shops are no longer opened, and not all have an online presence or have the ability to transition their businesses online.

For those that do have an online shop, continue to support them by patronising them to help keep them going and come back once it’s over, your dollar can make all the difference to local shops. Head over to Chope and Save to buy a gift card for yourself or a loved one, which is a great way to help inject some cash to businesses to tide through this.

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