Step-by-step guide on how to check out on IUIGA with Atome

Feb 10 2021

Always wanted to buy everything you love, without having to make a large upfront payment? Well with Atome, you can seamlessly check out and split your bill into three easy payments, each due a month apart with no interest.

There’s a wide array of brands that you can shop with on Atome – from fashion, beauty, to electronics and even home and living stores such as IUIGA. So whether you’re looking for a new mattress, a humidifier, or luggages, IUIGA has everything you need, so now all you need to do is add everything you want to cart!

With Atome, you can buy everything you love, and only pay ⅓ of the price and the rest later! There are no strings attached and sign up is a easy, breezy experience. Plus, Atome and IUIGA will be having an exclusive day on Saturday, 24 October, with $10 off with a minimum spend of $50 in store, and $20 off with a minimum spend of $150 online, not sure how to use Atome or use the vouchers? We’re here to help!

Checking out at IUIGA retail stores:

  1. Download the Atome App
    Head over to either the AppStore or Google Playstore to download Atome (to link to the stores)
  2. Register for an Atome account
    Open the app and create an account by entering your mobile phone number.
  3. Verify your Atome account
    Once that’s done, verify your Atome account by logging into Singpass or scanning your IC! This step takes less than a minute and is crucial in verifying your profile.
  4. Download IUIGA App
    To complete your purchase with IUIGA, you have to download the IUIGA app. Head over to the AppStore or Google Playstore to download!
  5. Register for an IUIGA account
    Sign up with either your mobile number, Google, Facebook or Apple. Once that’s done, tap the Retail+ button on the bottom on the screen and show the QR code to the friendly IUIGA cashier to collect points from your purchase!
  6. Scan Atome QR code at counter
    To complete your payment, open the Atome app, click on the scan button on the top right corner to open the camera and scan the QR code at the cashier.

7. Enter total amount advised by cashier and click ‘Next’

8. Click ‘Add promotions’

Once you enter the amount, the payment will be automatically split into three equal parts, illustrating the breakdown and the dates each payment is due. Before confirming payment, click on ‘Add Promotions’ to use the Atome exclusive voucher with IUIGA

9. Select ‘IUIGA (In-store)’ voucher

Click on the voucher that you’ll be using to redeem and it’ll automatically be added in and deducted from your bill!

10. Add credit card/debit card

Finally, add either your debit or credit card of your choice – this will be the card that will be charged each time

11. Confirm payment!

And you’re done! Bring home everything you love from IUIGA

Checking out at IUIGA online:

  1. Download Atome App on your mobile phone
  2. Register for an Atome account
  3. Verify your Atome account
  4. Download IUIGA app/visit IUIGA website and register for an IUIGA account
  5. Add to cart as usual
  6. At checkout, select Atome as payment method
    When you reach the checkout page, select Atome as the payment method and you’ll be redirected to the Atome page

A. (Desktop) Scan QR Code using your Atome App. Do not checkout via browser.
Open your Atome app on the phone, and scan the QR code on the right!

B. (IUIGA App/mobile) Select ‘Download’. Note: Pay via Atome App only!

7. Click ‘Add promotions’

8. Select ‘IUIGA (Online)’ voucher

9. Add the credit card or debit card of your choice

10. Confirm payment and wait for your items to arrive!

Download the Atome App

Download the IUIGA App for: Android | iOS

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