Rely Installment: Effortless Control On Your Spending

May 24 2021

Rely Installment stands to build rely on its customers, giving every customer the power to hold and control of their expenditure and spending. It helps you avoid wasting your money on compound interests and confusing or complicated financial argots. Its payment options are transparent, enabling you to shop now and pay for your shopping later. The payment is without any hidden fee or implication of compound interest.

Today, we are providing you with the complete details of rely Installment plan and its benefits.

Rely Installment Plan

Rely provides its customers with three months installment plan, which is free from interest. It will help you pay for your purchase in three monthly installments. It is the most preferred and the best choice of payment plan.    

Benefits of Rely Installment Plan

Rely Installment plan is the best choice for those shopping fanatics who want to make their purchase now but want to pay for it in installment without paying interest. The benefits of choosing rely Installment plan are the following:

  • Maximizing Rewards: If you link your debit card as your payment option with rely Installment, you will consistently earn rewards across your cards.
  • No Hidden or Interest fee: With rely Installment plan, you will not have to pay any additional charges, if you make the timely payment. However, a late fee is applicable for delayed payments.
  • Approved Instantly: By choosing rely Installment plan, your application will get approved instantly. There are no lengthy forms that customers need to fill. Is an effortless purchase process, like you do with other card purchases.

How does Rely Installment plan work?

The working of rely Installment is easy-to-understand and effortless. You can follow the steps mentioned below to see the simple process:

  • In the first step, you need to add the products to your shopping cart.
  • The payment method selected should be rely Installment while you checkout.
  • Enter the details of the payment of your debit or credit card.
  • You can easily divide your amount of purchase into three equal monthly installments.

By following these steps, Rely will approve your purchases instantly and automate your payments through your card each month.

Supported cards for Rely Installment plan

Rely Installment provides you with an opportunity to help you enjoy and make your installments free from interest. It will also make you earn rewards from various major bank debit/credit cards. Rely Installment supports Singapore-issued Visa and Mastercard debit and cards.

The supported banks’ credit and debit cards are the following:

  • Bank of China
  • CIMB Bank
  • Citibank
  • DBS
  • HSBC
  • OCBC Bank
  • POSB
  • Standard Chartered Bank
  • UOB

 Eligibility of Using Rely Installment plan

The eligibility criteria to use rely Installment plan is mentioned below.

  • He / She must have a residential address in Singapore.
  • He / She must have a debit or credit card issued in Singapore.
  • He / She must be 21 years old.

If you have all these, you are eligible to opt for rely Installment plan and avail of the associated benefits. However, rely Installment does not accept and support foreign debit cards or prepaid cards. Besides, you are not eligible if you are purchasing gift cards.

Limitation of Rely Installment plan

 There is a limitation on choosing Rely as your installment plan. The limitation varies according to individual customers and orders. If you make timely monthly payments, and the more orders you have repaid successfully, you are more likely to spend more through rely Installment plan.

The new shoppers will have lower limits, and as you make your timely payments, Rely will increase your limits. The maximum limit offered on debit cards through rely Installment plan is $1000, and for credit cards, the limit is $4000.

Exchange and Return Policy in Rely Installment plan

The exchange and Return policy depends on the policy of the store through which you purchased a product. Rely is not responsible for returning or exchanging the products. Customers must follow the exchange and return policy of the respective store through which they made their purchase.

Once you are eligible for your refund, Rely will adjust your payment according to the payment plan with Rely. If a customer has paid more than their adjusted money, Rely is responsible and will arrange a refund amount to be paid to you.

Payments of Rely Installment plan

If you have selected Rely Installment plan during the checkout of your shopped items, you will get an opportunity to pay the full amount in three monthly-installments without interest. Once, Rely approves your installment plan; your first installment payment will be at the time of purchasing your items. Subsequent two payments will be charged automatically to your selected debit or credit card.

Rely will send you a notification and e-mail for your payment schedule to make your payment timely. It does not hide any cost. Hence, the rely Installment plan’s transparency makes it the best choice for the customers who want to do shopping now but want to pay for the shopping amount in installments.

Delivery of the products

If a customer has made an order with rely Installment, he/she will get their orders delivered at the set timeframe or standard timeframe as is done with other orders. You can select your preferred stores by exploring the complete list of Rely’s partner stores. Rely also provides you with an option to search your desired product by category and buy them using rely Installment plan. You can discover Rely’s featured merchants with their trending products.

 To Sum Up

Rely gives you an opportunity or freedom to pay later for the purchases you made now. It makes your shopping experience free from the stress of paying the full amount of your purchase. The three installments make customers pay it effortlessly. You can also partner with Rely to introduce “buy now pay later” to your users and drive your sales.

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Elevate and boost your shopping experience today with Atome and rely Installment plan!