Pay Monthly Strollers: Mobility For Your Tiny Tots!

May 24 2021

Are you tired of carrying your little ones around? Often parents get tired while taking their children to events or crowded areas. The right stroller is the ideal option for you to get a perfect companion to carry your tiny tots while you walk or shop in the market. Besides, it will give you peace of mind when you buckle you buckle your child in the stroller, making them secure right in front of you. 

However, at times it becomes difficult for parents to buy the finest-quality stroller. Today, we inform you to buy the right companion for your child and pay monthly strollers in Singapore. 

Strollers- Making Life Easier For Parents

To all those looking for strollers, it is a perfect solution to make your child sit on the wheels and move them along. You can fold and carry it easily from one place to another. It is essential for all the parents to quickly go out for a walk with their little ones by taking off the weight from their shoulders to a handy stroller.

Pay Monthly Strollers

Pay Monthly Strollers means that you can purchase a stroller for your baby and pay in Equated Monthly Installments. You will have to pay a minimum amount initially, and the rest of the amount is divided into monthly installments and some additional interest charges. Thus, it is a relief for the Singaporeans looking out for easy payment methods to avoid the burden of paying for the stroller at once.

This plan about pay monthly strollers is widely opted by the citizens, as they have found it easier and cheaper than complete their payments in EMI’s.

Online Platforms Offering pays monthly strollers:

Many online platforms provide strollers for babies with flexible payment options for the ease of customers in Singapore. Get the details of all these online platforms in the sections below!

Mothercare Singapore

Mothercare is an online retail shopping platform specialized in products for expectant moms and available products for babies for their daily requirements. The online shopping platform of Mothercare also offers a pay monthly strollers plan, where its customers can get the Stroller only by paying a minimum amount initially. This payment option from Mothercare allows you to complete your due payment in the tenure of 6 months-18 months and get the benefits of taking your child in the stroller.

 A few strollers from Mothercare Singapore are the following:

-Mimosa Cabin City Stroller @ S$179.00

-Cybex Melio Carbon B @ S$999.00

Uberkids Singapore

Uber kids are also an online shopping platform specializing in baby products. It allows customers to pay for the stroller price in equal monthly installments. You can add your desired Stroller to the cart and check out, opting for the flexible payment option. It will then ask for some personal details and will approve your purchase for the Stroller. A confirmation e-mail will be sent to you at your provided e-mail ID to manage the payment methods and opt for a pay monthly strollers option. Uber Kids uses Klarna App as the option for Equated Monthly Installment based option.

A few strollers at Uber Kids are:

-Cybex Balios S Pushchair Denim Collection @ S$389.29

– Cybex Eezy S+ 2 Pushchair Magnolia Pink @ S$593.12

Amazon Singapore

Amazon is one of the largest shopping platforms and is known by all. It has many payment options you can opt for while buying a Stroller to carry your babies. Having a large customer base, Amazon also offers to pay monthly strollers to its customers for their feasibility and hassle-free shopping experience. Singapore citizens also have access to the platform, and they can get their strollers with easy payment options. This online shopping platform offers six to twenty-four months installments, where the customers can opt to get their strollers without paying the complete payment at once. Besides, it provides a no-cost EMI option, and you don’t have to bear extra charges as interest.

Hoolah Singapore

Hoolah is also one of Singapore’s renowned shopping platforms, widely known by its customers for easy payment methods. It allows its customers to pay for the strollers’ price in three installments, without any hidden charges or additional interest rates. Besides, they promote the scheme to receive their products first and pay the amount later.

Lazada Singapore

Lazada is a Singapore-based online platform and claims to be the multi-technology firm launched back in 2012. It is owned and operated by the Alibaba Group and has its headquarters based in South East Asia.

This platform is also offering pay monthly strollers plan to it, customers. It mentions that customers can clear their dues at 0% installment plans, where they do not have to bear any additional interest rates and charges. It offers EMI plans for 12 months, and you can make the payment for the same through Mastercard, JCB Credit Cards, AMEX, or VISA.

A few best strollers at Lazada Singapore are:

-Joie Evalite Duo Stroller @ S$543.02

-Cabin Size Strollers @ S$141.13

Benefits of Using Stroller For Kids

There are so many payment options provided only for a purchase of a stroller. There are some significant benefits of the Stroller, including carrying your child on it with all the essential items for your baby, walking around with them easily. They are also ideal for baby’s comfort with its safety features, and also you can easily monitor your kids’ activities.

That is why the Stroller is also one of the essential baby items, and the pay monthly strollers plan will allow you to get this product without the extra burden of payment in one go. 


Do you want peace of mind while shopping with your tiny tots? It would be best to buy Stroller, making you do your shopping, or walk peacefully with this effortless companion. Besides, it provides emotional support to the parents as your baby will face you when they are in the Stroller. Buy this ultimate mobility option today with pay monthly strollers in Singapore.

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